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Then I felt really dizzy and nauseous.

"Jack… I don't feel… so good" I barely said before I started to pass out

"KIM! KIM!" Jack barely caught me before I hit the ground. I saw his eyes, his chocolate pools were filled with worry.

Then I blacked out…

-Jack's POV-

I saw Kim's beautiful brown eyes flutter close. I searched quickly for my IPhone. Never mind the hospital is just by the mall! I grabbed Kim's car keys. I scooped Kim up bridal-style and carried her out and placed her in the car. Kim's car is awesome! I ran back inside for her crutches and put them in the trunk. It was hard to fit the crutches in the trunk. It's a mini cooper so the trunk is even minier! Poo that's not a word! FOCUS! I mentally screamed/scolded myself! I drove finally reaching my destination. I pulled under the emergency awning. I unbuckled my seatbelt and rushed over to the other side of the car. (A/N if you still haven't seen what Kim's car is here's the link:


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I unbuckled her seat belt and scooped her up bridal style. I carried her to the entrance where a group of paramedics awaited.

"What's wrong with her?" One of the paramedics asked taking Kim and placing her on a gurney

"She said she wasn't feeling well and she passed out" I said worried

Another paramedic pulled me aside.

"Wasn't that the girl who was brought in a few days ago?" He asked

"Yeah Kim Crawford" I replied trying to keep calm

"How has she been feeling since?" He asked

"Well lately she's been nauseous and dizzy and she's been throwing up since she left" I said remembering the past few days

"Okay thanks" He said leaving me outside.

I went inside and called Hannah.

"Hannah! It's Kim she's at the Hospital again!" I said

"I'll be right over!" Hannah said

~10 minutes later~

Hannah came rushing in. Hannah:


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"This is so Da-ja-voo!" Hannah complained

"Completely!" I agreed

~Hannah's POV~

Finally Kim was allowed visitors! We walked in not knowing what to see. But Kim didn't look pale or weak. Maybe a tiny bit weak.

"Hey" Kim said happily

"What happened?" I asked

Then Jack explained what happened.

~Kim's POV~

The doctor came in and asked Jack to come back later.

"See ya" Jack said leaving

"Okay so the blood test results came in today. And the reason your feeling this way and the reason you passed out is because. Kim your pregnant" The doctor said

I turned as pale as snow, and my eyes were as big as the moon.

"That's all" The doctor got up and left

"Kim? It's alright" Hannah said soothing

I broke down and started crying.

"It's all his fault!" I whispered angrily

Jack started to come in but before he got a foot in Hannah stopped him and told him to come back later.

~A couple hours later~

Finally I was released from the hospital. Hannah brought me some sleep shorts and a easy fit top. Hannah drove off somewhere and Jack drove me home.

As we arrived at my house Jack got out my crutches making me groan. He opened up the door, helped me up, and I slipped the dreadful walking sticks under my arms.

"Jack, please stay with me over night" I pleaded with my puppy dog face on.

Jack opened the door and let us in.

"Whatever you want Kimmy bear!" Jack said while pecking me on the lips.

"Yay!" I cheered like a little girl on Christmas Morning!

"Carry me to my room please!" I told Jack playfully

"Okay" Jack said as he lifted me up two flights of stairs.

He let me down on my couch.

"Jack? I need to tell you something" I said looking down

"What Kimmy?" Jack asked

"I-I'm pregnant" I mumbled looking down

Although Jack being next to me heard what I said

Jack jumped his fists clenched. His face was a mix of anger and shock but softened when he saw me sobbing.

"Do you know who it was? The guy who you know?" Jack asked

"N-No" I lied

Luckily Jack bought it.

"It's okay Kim, I'll be here for you always" Jack said soothing

"Promise?" I asked like a little girl

"I promise" Jack agreed planting a soft warm kiss on my lips.

Jack carried me to my bed and tucked me in. He got up but I grabbed his hand.

"No. You stay and cuddle" I told him firmly

He did as I said and I fell into a deep sleep…

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