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Maybe I Don't Want You to Go

James opened the door to Apartment 2J and found "the love of his life" awaiting him on the other side of the threshold. He wrapped his arms around her in an overly enthusiastic embrace.

"You came back for me!" James commented.

Lucy pushed him back, holding him at arm's length. She had an expression on her face that was hard to read, but may have held a hint of disgust.

"James, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't like you like that?" Lucy replied.

James folded his arms over his chest, and flipped his hair without using his hands as it fell over his eyes.

"Right, because you like Kendall," James said.

James didn't understand why Lucy didn't like him, yet she liked Kendall. James thought he was way better looking than Kendall. For that matter, James never understood it when any girl wasn't into him. Have they seen him?

Lucy faltered a bit at the mere mentioning of Kendall's name. It was stupid though! How could the sound of his name reopen her wounds? Lucy faced a bit of a dilemma; should she tell James about her and Logan? Was there even anything to tell? Sure, they shared a kiss, but ever since then, she hasn't seen hide or tail of Logan.

"May I come in?" Lucy asked.

James stepped aside, letting Lucy into the apartment. She noticed that Carlos was seated at the kitchen island eating cereal out of his hockey helmet. Lucy found her eyes drift to the bedroom that Kendall and Logan shared with one another.

"Lucy? What are you doing here? I thought you were leaving The Palm Woods?" Carlos asked, a piece of cereal stuck to his chin.

"Carlos!" James scolded.

Carlos shrugged his shoulders innocently. What did he say that was so bad?

"I changed my mind," Lucy answered, that statement having dual meaning.

"Kendall's not here right now," James announced. "Why do you even want to get back together with him after he picked Jo over you?"

Carlos narrowed his eyes at James. The way he saw it, what James said was far worse than what Carlos had said earlier. Yet that was okay? Why? Because James said it? Carlos returned his focus to wolfing down his breakfast.

"You wouldn't understand. You may have been on tons of dates, but you've never been in a serious relationship," Lucy responded.

"But you and Kendall only dated for like ninety-six minutes! How is that a serious relationship?" Carlos chimed in.

"Carlos! Eat your cereal!" James reprimanded.

Carlos did as he was told, but not because James told him to. Carlos only ate his breakfast because he just so happened to be hungry. It had nothing to do with James!

"For what it's worth, I would have never picked Jo over you," James stated.

"Nice try, James, but it still ain't happening!" Lucy retorted.

James was flabbergasted. Was he losing his touch or something? How could anyone resist the infamous James Diamond charm? Up until Lucy, it never failed! James didn't see why they couldn't work though; he was single; she was single.

Lucy wondered why Carlos wasn't still crushing on her like James was. Of course, not that anything would ever happen between her and Carlos even if he was crushing on her. She wanted to have intelligent conversations with whoever she dated, and with James and Carlos, that was highly unlikely.

"Do you want us to give Kendall a message?" James asked begrudgingly.

Lucy didn't know why she didn't just come clean to James and Carlos about who she really came to Apartment 2J to see. They were bound to find out sooner or later anyways. The more she thought about it though, the more she came to the conclusion that there was something exhilarating about sneaking around with Logan. Granted, she hadn't exactly been sneaking around with Logan at all. But what business was it of theirs what she and Logan did or didn't do? So what if she had a little secret?

"No, I'll just try again later," Lucy said, maintaining her ruse.

James closed the door behind Lucy. When she was on the other side of the door, Lucy allowed herself to frown. It was bad enough that Kendall had hurt her, but now by ignoring her, Logan was hurting her too, and the worst part was that he probably didn't even realize it.


Kendall and Jo were having a picnic in the park. Picnics were one of their favorite things. But this particular picnic was more than just a couple thing. Kendall felt obligated to warn Jo about Lucy.

"This is nice," Jo commented.

"What? Yeah! It's nice!" Kendall said, distracted.

Jo gave Kendall a quizzical look. Why was he behaving so weirdly? It was almost like he was nervous or something, but that couldn't be it, could it? Kendall never got nervous. He was Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected. So what could he possibly be nervous about then?

"Okay, what's going on?" Jo asked.

"Lucy never left The Palm Woods!" Kendall blurted out.

Jo couldn't believe her ears. She didn't exactly feel comfortable with Lucy still living at The Palm Woods. She didn't really know Lucy that well. Heck, Jo didn't know Lucy at all, but Lucy didn't strike her as the type that would just roll over and play dead when it came to Kendall.

"I thought she was going to leave if you didn't pick her?" Jo remarked.

"I thought that too!" Kendall responded.

Kendall felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders now that he had told Jo about Lucy. Honesty was crucial in a relationship, and he couldn't go one second longer without coming clean to Jo. And so far, she didn't seem to be mad at him, which was a huge relief.

"Then what is she still doing here? Does she want to get back together with you?" Jo asked.

There was unmistakable jealousy in Jo's voice. Kendall couldn't really blame her either. The first time Jo saw Kendall after returning from New Zealand, he was locking lips with Lucy.

"Yeah, I really don't think she wants to get back together with me," Kendall commented.

"Why would she want to stay then?" Jo inquired.

Kendall had a disturbing thought. Was this what it was going to be like from now on? He and Jo were supposed to have quality time together just the two of them, but now they were discussing Lucy and trying to get to the bottom of why she's sticking around.

"I think she's staying for two reasons; one, to make me pay for not picking her; and two, because someone got to her before she left and convinced her to stay," Kendall answered.

"But who would do that?" Jo replied.

Kendall didn't like how Jo phrased that; like no one in their right mind would even want Lucy to stay; like she had no friends here.

Suddenly, Kendall's face took on a serious expression. He remembered how Logan was in a really good mood. He never said what had caused him to be in a pleasant mood though. The next day, Kendall saw Lucy in the lobby. It couldn't be, right? Was Logan the one who convinced Lucy to stay? Why would he do that though? Didn't he know how awkward that would make things for Kendall? Did he even care?

"You know, don't you?" Jo asked.

"Not for sure, but I have a pretty good idea who it was," Kendall said.



None of this made any sense to Jo. Logan and Camille were dating. Kendall was Logan's best friend. Lucy and Kendall used to date. So why would Logan want Lucy to keep on living at The Palm Woods? Here Jo thought Logan had more sense than that.

Jo suddenly felt really bad for Camille. She probably had no idea that Lucy was still even at The Palm Woods. Not to mention how she probably had no idea that Logan was the one to convince Lucy to stay. Jo realized that Camille and Lucy had become best friends while she was away, but now that she was back, she and Camille could pick up right where they left off.

"So does Lucy want to get back together with you or break up Logan and Camille?" Jo asked.

Honestly, it was the same question that Kendall had been wondering himself. But maybe they were getting ahead of themselves here. Just because Logan apparently convinced Lucy to stay didn't mean that there was anything romantic going on between them, right? That would just be all sorts of weird. How would that even work anyways? Logan and Camille were an item!

Kendall knew that Lucy had no desire to get back together with him, so maybe it was the second one. Kendall couldn't believe that Logan would throw his relationship with Camille away after everything the two of them had been through over the years. Or maybe he wasn't. Maybe Logan wasn't interested in Lucy at all. Maybe Lucy was the one interested in Logan.

Kendall started to have second thoughts about even being friends with Lucy now. She had tried to come between him and Jo. Now she was trying to come between Logan and Camille. Well, Logan was Kendall's best friend, and he wasn't about to let that happen! Not if he had anything to say about it!

The more Kendall thought about it though, the more he started to think that Lucy being interested in Logan all of a sudden had nothing to do with Logan at all. Maybe it was just her way of getting back at Kendall. After all, Logan was Kendall's best friend. Yeah, maybe Lucy was just using Logan to make Kendall jealous.

"What? What are you thinking?" Jo asked, curious about Kendall's prolonged silence.

"Lucy's using Logan to get at me. She's trying to get revenge on me. She's trying to come between Logan and Camille. She's trying to make you jealous. I think she's sticking around just so she can stir up some trouble and make everyone's lives miserable," Kendall explained.

Jo felt her protective instincts start to kick in. She had no doubt that Kendall was having similar instincts. They both felt protective of Logan because they both saw Logan as their little brother of sorts.

Now that Kendall had given it some more time to digest, he wasn't really all that surprised anymore that Logan wanted Lucy to stay. Logan wasn't one of those people who had tons of friends, but the ones he did make he wanted to hold onto. He wasn't a people person like Carlos. He wasn't a ladies man like James. He wasn't popular like Kendall. It wasn't even about making things awkward for anyone; it was just that Logan didn't want to lose one of his friends.

"Wait. Does Camille know what Logan did?" Kendall asked Jo.

"I don't think so. Should we tell her?" Jo replied.

Kendall shook his head. As much as Camille deserved a heads up, it wasn't Kendall and Jo's news to share. If anyone was to give Camille a fair warning, it should be none other than Logan himself.

Jo frowned. The more time that went by without Logan telling Camille, the angrier she was bound to become when he did tell her. Ideally, he should have told her as soon as it happened, but that obviously didn't happen. The more Logan keeps it a secret, the more Camille will believe that he's trying to hide something.

"Do you think Logan and Camille will be okay?" Jo asked.

Kendall wished that he had an answer for Jo, but he didn't. At least, not the answer she wanted to hear. But even if Lucy managed to come between Logan and Camille, they would get back together again. That's what they did. How many times have they broken up and got back together? This time would be no different, right? This wouldn't be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Jo started to think that was exactly what Lucy was trying to accomplish; break up Logan and Camille so she could have Logan for herself. Dating your ex-boyfriend's best friend is certainly a huge statement. There might not be a bigger statement to be made. But Logan deserved better. He was a sweet guy. He deserved to be with someone who actually wanted to be with him; not someone who was just trying to get revenge on their ex.

Kendall had a feeling that it was only a matter of time until Logan and Camille broke up. Only this time, they might not get back together. He would comfort and console Logan just as Jo will comfort and console Camille. But they shouldn't have to. Why couldn't Lucy have just left like she was supposed to? Logan had a good heart, but he should have left it well enough alone!

"Logan, what have you done?" Kendall pondered out loud.

To Be Continued…