E/O Challenge WoW (Clip) "Clap" Spoiler Alert: S6 Ep9

A.N. Today's my birthday (gawd, another one) so, here's my pressie to you all. I know we have had "clip"before and, because I decided to break all the rules anyway to do this drabble ficlet, I gave myself "Clap"(as it were). Just to say how much I love being a part of this gaggle of disparate folk, hope you enjoy.

Chick xxxx


A little birthday gift from me to all my fellow drabblers!

Dean turned away from the microwave, a smug smile on his face...which rapidly disappeared when he spotted a second bright ball of light spark into existence. He dodged to one side as the sphere shot towards him. It hovered for a couple of seconds in front of the microwave, before zipping upward and coming to a full stop right in front of Dean's face. A surprisingly deep voice snarled at Dean from within the light,
"You are sooooo going to pay for that, Winchester."

Dean took a step back from the angry fey and closed his eyes.
"I don't believe in fairies. I don't believe in fairies. I really don't believe in fairies."
Opening his eyes again, Dean watched as the brilliant ball immediately moved away from him, weaving from side to side.
"Arrgh! Ya got me!"
The fey light finally fell onto the bed where it flickered, grew dimmer and, finally, snapped out.

Dean waited...

When nothing else happened he, hesitantly, walked over to the bed. Bending down he stared at the tiny naked figure of a male fairy laying on it's side; unmoving and eyes closed. Not trusting the little creature, Dean tried blowing on it. When there was no response he tentatively reached out with one finger, intending to give the critter a prod. The fairy's brilliant orange eyes flashed open.
"I really wouldn't do that mate, not if that finger wants to live to poke another day."

Startled, Dean jumped back, then gave a huff.
"I'm guessing Peter Pan's* a pile of poop then, or you'd be dead."
Still laying on his side, the fairy glared up at Dean.
"Hey! Don't diss the Pan, man! You ain't seen the stack on his bitch!"
"Why're you still laying there?"
The fairy sighed.
"I'm waiting for you to clap…you moron!"

Dean glowered,
"Not till Hell freezes over."
Dean's hand was a blur as he reached out and grasped the fairy's wings between his finger and thumb. The fairy immediately began to fight, struggling like a frenzied and extremely angry wasp.
"Ghaarghput me down Fuckwit, before I kick seven barrels of the brown an' stinky out your fat ass!"

Dean smiled broadly as he opened the microwave door.
"Sure mate. No problem."
Dean peered inside the microwave and grimaced. It was sure going to take a lot of scrubbing before it could ever be used for heating food again.


*All things "Pan" are owned by Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, London, UK.