Hey everybody! This is my last story for the Shadow Walker series! Hope you enjoy. Set 3 years after Return of the Shadow Walker!

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Garfield woke up to the sun shining in his face. He looked over and saw his wife of 3 years sleeping next to him. He smiled and brushed a piece of purple hair out of her face. Beastboy got out of bed and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. He left the room and walked down the hallway. Gar stopped at a door with princess and unicorn stickers all over it. He opened the door slightly and smiled at his sleeping daughter, Anna Marie Logan. She had very light gray skin with purple eyes and light green hair that came down to her shoulders. She had adorable pointy ears and had a purple bow in her hair. The 3 year old was sucking her thumb as she slept. Gar's heart melted as he heard his daughter mumble in her sleep.


Beastboy felt arms around his waist. He turned around and saw Raven standing behind him. She was wearing a white tank top and pajama shorts.

"Hey you." She said, giving him a kiss.

"Hey. Look at her. She's beautiful."

"I know. She's growing up so fast." Raven said.

"Do you want to wake her up or should I?" Gar asked.

"Let's do it together."

The couple walked into the little girl's room and stood by her bed. Then they started tickling Anna for all it was worth. The little girl laughed uncontrollably and turned on her side to try and stop the attack. Once she started to have trouble breathing, they stopped and let her catch her breath.

"Morning mommy! Morning daddy!" Anna yelled.

"Morning princess." Gar said, kissing her on the cheek.

"It's time for breakfast." Raven added.

"Yay! Daddy, carry me."

He did as told and picked up his daughter. Raven followed them as they went downstairs to breakfast. Cyborg was cooking breakfast for everybody and a vegetarian breakfast for Garfield and Anna. Nightwing was making out with Starfire, but stopped when Anna came in. The little girl jumped out of her father's arms and sat in her pink chair next to her mother.

"Hi uncle Cyborg!" Anna yelled.

"Hi Anna. Do you want Apple Jacks or peanutbutter and jelly?" Cyborg asked.

"PB and J!"

He made Anna her sandwich and placed it in front of her with some soy milk.

"Hey Anna." Nightwing said, waving at her.

"Hey Uncle Nightwing. Hi Auntie Starfire."

"Hello little one. You are most happy today." Starfire said.

"Anna is always happy." Cyborg stated.

"Just like daddy." She said, with jelly all over her face.

Everyone laughed at the scene. Raven got a towel and wiped her daughter's face.

"You eat like him too." Raven added.

"Hey! I do not!" he said, with tofo on the side of his mouth.

Raven licked her thumb and wiped it from the corner of his mouth. Anna giggled and finished drinking her milk.

"Doorbell." She said.

Right after that, the doorbell rang. Raven and Gar looked at her shocked while Nightwing got the door. Anna looked down at her feet.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No sweetheart. How did you-" Raven was cut off by Nightwing walking back in.

"We have guests."

Rita, Steve, Larry and Cliff walked into the kitchen. Anna's face beamed and she jumped out of her chair.

"Grandma! Grandpa!"

She ran and hugged them both.

"Hi Anna, you got big." Rita admired.

"I'm a big girl now."

"Yes you are." Steve said.

"Hey Anna, I got you a cookie." Cliff said, waving it in front of her.

"Can I have it?" she asked, sweetly.

"Who's your favorite uncle?"

"You are."

He handed her the cookie and she ate it happily. Garfield glared at Cliff.

"Cliff, we don't need her bouncing off the walls." Garfield said.

"That's strange coming from the green energizer bunny." Cliff teased.

Anna giggled at his nickname. Gar just rolled his eyes.

"What are you guys doing here anyway?" Cyborg asked.

Before they could answer, the alarm went off and Anna hugged her dad's leg.

"City Hall's being attacked." Nightwing stated.

"Anna, stay here." Raven said.

"We can't leave her by herself."

"I'll watch her. You all go without me." Elastigirl said.

Mento nodded and everyone ran out of the building. Garfield looked back and said.

"Love you princess."

"Love you too daddy."

Then they were gone. Anna whimpered and hugged Rita tightly.

"Don't worry Anna. They'll be back soon."


"Want to watch the Teddybear Show?"


The two went to the livingroom and turned on the tv. 5 minutes later, Rita finished doing Anna's hair while they were watching tv when the alarm went off.

"Intrudor alert! Intrudor alert!"

Before they could even react, a figure came up behind them."

"Hello Rita." A deep voice said.

Rita turned around and her eyes widened.


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