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Garfield was sitting by Rita's bed side in the medical bay, waiting for her to wake up. She had been shot in the chest trying to stop Shadow Walker from taking Anna. It missed her heart by about 3 centimeters. She was lucky to be alive. He heard footsteps and saw Mento walk into the room with two cups of coffee.

"Want some?" he asked, his son.

"No. It's my fault this happened to her. I should've stayed with Anna." Gar explained.

"Gar, it's not your fault. Everybody thought Shadow Walker was dead." Steve comforted, sitting in the chair next to him.

Garfield looked at her torn teddy bear and started to weep. Steve pulled his son into a hug and rubbed small circles on his back. The thought of this monster having his daughter made him sick. Anna was only 3 years old, a baby. She was his baby.

"Don't worry, We'll find her."

"I hope so." Gar said.

Suddenly, they heard a soft moan from Rita. She slowly wrapped her fingers around her husband's hand and opened her hazel eyes.

"Hey, she's waking up!" Garfield yelled, to the others.

Larry and Cliff rushed in and went to her bedside.

"Hey honey." Steve said, brushing some hair from his wife's face. Rita groaned as she felt the throbbing pain in her chest.

"W-what happened?" she asked, trying to sit up, but was pushed back on the bed gently by Larry and Cliff.

"You got shot trying to save Anna from Shadow Walker." Gar explained.

"What?! Where is she?"

" We don't know. We're trying to find her."

Rita looked at her son wide eyed before grabbing him tightly.

"I need to get up. I need to help too." Rita said, as she started to take the wires off her.

"No way. You got shot in the chest. 3 centimeters away from hitting your heart. You need to rest." Steve said, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Steve, you know that I'm not going to listen to you, so move now." Rita ordered.

As she was about to get up, she suddenly felt extremely tired and let her head fall back onto the hospital pillow. She tried to move her, but her arms felt like they weighed a ton.

"W-what did you do to me?'

"Morphine. Sorry, but I know from personal experience how stubborn you are." Cliff said, as he held to morphine button in his hand. With that, the heroine drifted into a deep sleep. Steve gave her a kiss on the forehead and then Gar's phone went off.

"Hello?" he said.

"Daddy!" a soft voice said, over the phone.

"Anna! It's her. Raven get in here!" Gar yelled, as he put his phone on speaker. Raven flew into the room just in time to hear her daughter speak.

"Daddy, I'm scared." the girl cried.

"It's ok Anna. Mommy and Daddy are here." Raven said.

"Mommy, I want to go home."

"I know you do. We're going to find you, just be brave."

"Hello Raven. Hello Beastboy. You have a very pretty daughter. She's so innocent. So precious. She's like a little princess."

"What do you want?!" Gar yelled, at the villain.

"I want to play a game of hide and seek. I hide, you seek. It'll be fun, right Anna?"

"I-I w-want my mommy!" the girl cried.

"Don't cry, you're to pretty to cry. I'll make you feel better."

"If you touch her I'll kill you!" Gar yelled.

"It's not very nice to yell." Shadow Walker teased.

"Where is my daughter!" Raven yelled, as her eyes started to turn red.

"Like I said, it's a game. You have 48 hours to find your daughter. If you don't, I'll kill her and let you find the body parts one by one."

"MOMMY! DADDY!" Anna yelled, with fear in her voice.

"Say bye- bye Anna. Your time starts now."

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