One day when Aaron and Emma were out fighting The Omega, Emma gets knocked unconscious and then after Aaron is done fighting, he runs to Emma and picks her up and runs out just in time as the building blows up. He takes her back to the lab until they can figure out how to bring her back to reality.
But instead of bringing her back, she comes back as the evil Emma. But, Charlie/Aaron soon finds out that something went wrong while trying to bring Emma back to reality. He even finds out something much more shocking to him as it is to Stan and Mr. Hall. He learns that his dad did't die and that Emma was the one who put his dad in the cells. But, they end up catching her and taking her to the lab. Then, once again, Emma is brought back to reality. Where Charlie, Stan, and Mr. Hall question her about Charlie's dad's disappearence. But Emma does not remeber joing the dark side because she was in another town at the time of his dad's disappearence. But they still run a lie dectector on her and she is telling the truth. Then, its back to normal until the next time.