So I'm back :D I know I haven't posted anything in forever…but that's because I sorta managed to injure both my wrists while taking my CPR test (I got really into it, okay?) and typing/writing was absolute torture.

Anyways, I know this is really short, but the chapters will probably be a little longer once it picks up a little bit. This takes place at the end of volume 10.

The silence seems to last an eternity.

Like the calm after a storm, there's a moment when the world seems to absorb the impact of the explosion. I freeze for a split second, too shocked to move. Then the adrenaline kicks in, and I start pull myself off the ground. I can feel something hot run down my face; I must be bleeding. Still, aside from a throbbing pain near my left temple, I don't think there's anything else that's wrong.

Accept for the fact that there was a bomb. A bomb in Mal's apartment.


That name seems to stir something inside of me, something that doesn't feel pain. Something that want nothing more than to make sure he's alright.

I open my mouth to call out, but before I can even form the first syllable I feel a hand clamp over my mouth. I reach up to fight, nails digging into skin as I try to get away. I try to kick them, but by the time the thought even forms in my mind they grab me by the hair and slam my head into the sidewalk. My vision flashes red for just a moment as the wind is knocked right out of me, but adrenaline keeps most of the pain at bay. Quicker than they probably expected, I frantically try to scramble to my feet, scrambling for purchase in the rumble-covered sidewalk.

That's when I feel a second pair of hands grab me from the side. I don't even look at them before I try and push myself away, but within seconds I can feel the cruel coldness of a needle just above my elbow. The effect is almost instant. I try and call out one last time, but my jaw feels so tight that I can barely open it. I fight to keep my eyes open, but before I know it my vision is blurring and my eyelids are drooping.

Then there's the feeling of darkness engulfing me, squeezing as tightly as a boa constrictor. At first, I think there's something wrong with the lights.

But as soon as I feel myself fall, I know that the darkness is inside of me.