WOW - clip: A special moment for the brothers after a remote hunt.

I'm posting from Reykjavik, and I couldn't help but indulge …

Disclaimer: want but can't have!


Softly glowing lights flickered and shimmered across the Impala's hood as the Winchesters leaned against her, ankle-deep in virgin snow.

Above them, dancing auroras played and rippled silently across the night sky, glimmering and soaring in endless ribbons of green and silver.

Dean turned to Sam, glistening emerald reflections sparkling in his excited eyes, and grinned to see his brother's mouth hanging open in fascinated awe.

"Hey Sammy, remember you told me it was stupid to come all the way up to Alaska just to hunt a wendigo?


"Dude," he playfully clipped Sam upside the head; "you so owe me pie."