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For the prompt 'Telling the family'

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Riker smiled when he saw Curt stood in the front row. They had been seeing each other in secret for a few weeks, and they were very happy together. Riker hadn't yet told his family that he was gay, and Curt was supportive of it, as long as his boyfriend was happy. Riker barely took his eyes off Curt for the whole concert.

When Riker got off stage, he went straight to find Curt. "Hey." He said, a little breathlessly.

"Hey, you were amazing tonight, baby." Curt replied with a smile, pulling his boyfriend in for a hug.

"Thanks." Riker smiled. "Do you wanna come backstage for a while? I think we need to talk to my family." He reached out and took Curt's hand.

"You're ready to tell them?" Curt asked.

"As ready as I'd ever be. They deserve to know." Riker replied, leading him down to the dressing room. He let go of Curt's hand as he opened the door. "Hey, guys." He said a little nervously.

"We were wondering where you'd gotten to." Rocky replied. "Oh, hey, Curt."

"Hey." Curt smiled.

"I need to talk to you guys." Riker said, scanning the room to confirm everyone was there.

"What is it, sweetie?" Stormie asked.

"I- I'm gay." He mumbled.

"Oh, it's ok. Why didn't you tell us any sooner?" She questioned, going to hug her eldest child, while a call of "Dude, you owe me 20 bucks. Pay up Ry."

"Ross." Riker called. "What on earth? You bet on my sexuality?"

"Whatever you say, it was damn obvious." Ross replied.

"And why is Curt here?" Stormie asked, frowning at Ross.

"Well, uh, we've been seeing each other for a few weeks. He- he's my boyfriend." Riker smiled.

"Really? That's so cute." Rydel grinned.

"Ok, Rocky. Pay up." Ross' voice came again.

"I will, as soon as Ratliff pays me." Rocky replied.

"Guys!" Riker groaned.

"Me, Ross and Rat were all pretty certain that you're gay. Rat thought you were single. I thought you were in a relationship, but I didn't know who. Ross thought that you and Curt were seeing each other, and he was right." Rocky explained.

"And this is my family when they're acting normal." Riker whispered to Curt.

"I trust that you will take care of my son." Mark said to Curt.

"I- of course, sir. I could never hurt him. He means the world to me." Curt smiled.

"Good. Welcome to the family." Mark held his hand out. "And none of this sir crap."

"Riker, you know that now the rule for you is no boyfriends on the bus." Stormie warned.

"Yes, mom." Riker replied quickly.

"And Riker, son, I hope you're being safe." Mark added, as Riker turned bright red.