A simple Happy B-day fic for them!

~Happy Birthday Tsuna and Reborn!~

A small teen was walking with Reborn. Nana, and the girls kicked them Tsuna saying it's only girls time!

"Sorry Tsuna!" Kyoko replied.

"But it's only for girls!" Haru added.

"Come back home before 6!" Nana waved.

"Reborn?" said the 16 year old Tsuna.

"What Dame-Tsuna?" replied Reborn.

"Why did they kicked us out?" Tsuna asked. He was wearing simple, blue jeans and orange shirt with a white jacket, while Reborn was wearing the same thing as usual.

"Who knows." Reborn answered. "It's 5:30 pm. We should start walking home."

"it is!" Tsuna gasped. "Lets go!"

They two quickly walked back home. The house was silent… to silent.

"I'm hom-"


"Bi-birthday?" Tsuna stuttered. "I forgot it was my birthday!"

"Dame-Tsuna, don't you remember we celebrated mine just yesterday?" Reborn smirked. His hands was in his pocket, holding something.

"T-thank you everyone…" Tsuna blushed.

"Juudaime! I hope you like my present!" Hayato grinned.

"Before we open them, it's time to eat!" Nana pushed everyone to a seat. "I made a HUGE feast! Happy birthday." She handed Tsuna a white box with a green ribbon.

~After the huge feast and who knows what~

"Tsuna, happy birthday!" Takeshi came up to Tsuna and handed him a present. "Time to open the presents!"

The group all sat in Tsuna's room. The large pile of presents, given by all the guardians, arcobaleno, and more was piled up.

"First… is.." Tsuna grabbed a random one. "Dino-nii!"

The first present was from Dino, it was a jacket that looked like his green one but it was orange. "It's so warm!"

The second presents was from Hibari, it was the infamous armband. "Thanks H-hibari-sempai."

The next one was from Kyoko and Haru. The present was wrapped in rainbow ribbons. He opened the present, it was a 3DS and a couple of games. "Woah! Thank you Kyoko and Haru-chan!"

Next to Hibari's gift was Takeshi's. It was a stuffed lion with a white collar. "I love this!"

Hayato's gift was huge, it was a lot of things. Candy to clothing. "Wo-wow, that's a lot."

Ryohei and "Lambo's" gift was boxing gear and a eaten candy. "…"

Enma's gift was gamestop gift card. "I could now by that game! Thanks Enma-kun!"

The shimon famiglia's gift was a couple of box weapons. "Cool."

Mukuro, Chrome, and the gang's present was a their uniform, both girl and boy version. "T-thanks?"

Nana's and Iemitsu's gift was a new computer, and some money. "Windows 8!"

The Arcobaleno's gift was all these random things packed in one box. "Eh?"

Spanner, and Shoichi's gift was a new invention. "I wonder what this does…"

"Thanks for all the gift guys!" Tsuna smiled. It was 9:20. Everyone had to leave. "I'll see you on Monday!"

"Yeah! See you tomorrow!" Everyone… ish… yelled back .

"Dame-Tsuna." Reborn grabbed Tsuna and threw him on the bed.

"Hiee!" Tsuna cried. "Wha-MMF!"

His lips were locked with Reborn's. "Happy 17th Birthday Tsuna." He slipped on a orange ring on Tsuna's left ring finger. You better not leave me for another man.

"R-Reborn… This is?" Tsuna blushed.

"Oh You know what this is." Reborn smirked. "You won't be going to sleep tonight."

"Oh great…" Tsuna rolled his eyes. "Who would want to with you?"

"Get ready…"


Randomly done in 20 mintues before I left to shop for stuff! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE TUNA AND REBORN!