Chapter 1

Tequila had been a bad idea.

Drinking alone, bad idea.

Drunk dialing her ex, bad idea.

Going home with him…

Letting him go bareback after he'd been with that skank Leah for the last six months. Really bad idea. Bella squirmed out from under Jake's heavy arm. So romantic, she still had her tank top on.. It, and her bra, were shoved up under her armpits. She pulled them down and started picking through the blanket and sheets, looking for her panties.

Jacob lay face down on the bed, big arms spread edge to edge of the queen sized mattress that took up most of his room. His big muscles, tan skin and long wild black hair- she had to admit, he was kinda beautiful. He finally stopped snoring, and now his hips were humping his mattress. Judging by the spunk running down her thighs, they'd done it at least twice. What the boy lacked in finesse he made up for in stamina. The room stunk of sex and beer and his boots, which at least he'd taken off and were by the door. There, under his chin, she could see the corner of her red thong. She climbed back on the mattress and tried pulling it out from under his face.

He was really getting into his dream now. "Yeah, baby. Feels so good."

She felt a little smug. The long distance thing had been too much for Jake, or maybe it was Leah who let it be known that she was happy to take care of his needs while Bella was across the country at college. Maybe she should wake him up for a repeat performance, he'd obviously missed her. He'd said he'd had a fight with Leah. Maybe…

He groaned, "Baby, I love you. Leah, I fucking love you…yeah."

She ripped the panties from under his face. She grabbed his teeshirt from the chair and wiped the mess from between her legs and threw the shirt on the bed. It landed on his face. She saw her shorts on the floor on top of her flip flops. She dressed herself, peeked out into the hall, then scooted into the bathroom to do some damage repair.

She splashed her face with water, put some toothpaste on her finger and rubbed around her mouth. Luckily she had a hair tie in her pockets and finger combed her hair back until she no longer resembled Big Foot. There was a clean face cloth so she got rid of her raccoon eyes. Now, figuring out how to get back to the bar and her truck.

Before she made it to the kitchen, she heard Jake's dad, Billy. "Bella, you want some coffee?"

She rounded the corner into the little kitchen. Billy was pouring a second mug from the pot. He rolled to the fridge and got out the half and half. "You still take it light and sweet?"

She slid onto the orange vinyl covered seat she'd sat in a million times before. "How did you know it was me?"

He smiled, rolling over to her and handing her the mug. "Daughter, my son is not so delicate in the bathroom. And Leah called looking for him three times last night."

She blushed, sipping at the coffee, trying to cover her face with the mug.

Billy drank then held the mug between his hands. "Daughter, you know I love you as if you were my own, but do think this was a good idea? He's been very serious about Leah. And you have your own life in New York."

Bella shook her head. "No, Billie. Not a good idea. I was stupid and..."

"Young," he added. "I was young once too. If this was a mistake, let's forget all about it. I'll drive you back home, and I will be surprised and happy to see you at the barbeque tomorrow. Deal?"

"Deal." She reached over and hugged Billy. She loved him like a second father.

They drove in the secondhand wheelchair equipped van that had been donated by the former owner's family. It was the only one like it on the reservation or in town. When Bella saw Leah's little gold Honda coming the other way, she ducked down in her seat. She watched in the sideview mirror as the other car drove towards the house they'd just left.

Billy chuckled in the driver's seat. "Are you sorry you missed your old friend? Should I turn around?"

"NO!" she shrieked.

He laughed and she slapped his arm.