Future Shot 5: Simon

Dedicated to my favorite Sister-in-Law who is celebrating her 35th birthday. Again. I was up until 3 am working on this last night…what I do for you!


Standing just to the left of the front door, Simon waited patiently. Timing was important: he needed to get to the door before the dude rang the bell, but not so quickly that he would realize he was being set up. It was a skill he'd honed; Wyatt had coached him, having practiced on his own sister.

A new silver Honda sped up the drive, the dude had either borrowed it from his parents or it was a graduation gift…guys that age wouldn't buy that kind of car for themselves. Simon watched as a tall thin boy got out, straightened his shirt, checked his blonde hair in the car mirror, then headed for the front door. Before he could press the bell, Simon pulled the door open.

Always make the other guy speak first, Simon remembered, so he stood with his arms crossed blocking the way into the house.

The blonde haired guy looked down at him. "Hey Buddy, is Esmeralda home?"

"I'm not your buddy, I'm Simon."

The guy crossed his arms and stretched up to his full height. "Uh, okay, Simon, is Esmeralda home?"

"What's your name?"

"I'm Liam."

"How old are you?"

"I'm eighteen."

"My sister is only fifteen. She's too young for you." Simon raised an eyebrow, and held his stare. That always worked for his mom.

"She's going to be sixteen in two weeks."

"Come back in two weeks." Simon started closing the door, but Liam put his arm out to hold it open.

"Give me a break Simon. She's expecting me."

They stood, staring at each other.

Liam put his hands on his hips. "How old are you?"

"I'm eight."

"So you were the surprise baby."

"I'm not a baby and my father says I was his anniversary gift."

"Okay." Liam looked past Simon, but there was nothing to see but the unoccupied great room behind him. "If your sister doesn't want me to stay, I'll go, but I'm pretty sure she'll want me to stay."

"Fine." Simon stepped back, allowing Liam inside the house but pointed at his feet. "My mom doesn't allow shoes in the house."

Liam stood, wriggling his sneakers off and leaving them side by side on the mat.

"You could sit in there." Simon cocked his head towards the great room. Liam walked over and started to sit in the armchair facing the stairs.

"Not there, that's my Dad's favorite chair."

Liam moved over to the love seat that was cattycorner to his first choice.

"That's my Mom's favorite."

Liam cleared his throat, and before sitting on the sofa that faced the fireplace, looked at Simon for approval. The younger boy gave a quick nod, so Liam sat.

Simon settled on the large ottoman, directly in front of Liam. Over the teen's shoulder, he could see Wyatt moving stealthily out of the coat closet.

"My aunt and uncle are orthopedic surgeons. My Uncle Emmett taught me how to break someone's knee with one kick."

Liam's hands moved from the top of his thighs to cover his knees. "That sounds painful."

"I won the fourth grade spelling bee. My favorite word is exsanguinate. It means draining a body of blood. Aunt Rose says it can be done in less than ten seconds. It's spelled E-X-S-A-N-"

Leaning forward, Liam interrupted. "That was on the fourth grade spelling bee?"

"No, I just like the word." Behind Liam's head, Wyatt slipped a tube into his pocket then gave a nod and walked quietly into the kitchen. Simon waited until his cousin was clear of the hall and said, "Do you want me to call my sister or what?"

Before Liam could say anything, Simon shouted, "MAY-MAY! MAY-MAAAY!"

A girl with long wavy red hair and bright green eyes, still buttoning her top, came out of her second floor room and shouted back over the railing. "Stop yelling pest! I told you not to call me that. What do you want?"

"Okay, Esmeralda Hayleigh Cullen. Some guy is here for you."

"What?" She jumped back, turning around so she could finish buttoning. She spoke over her shoulder in a sweet voice. "I'll be right down Liam."

Liam sat with his knees apart, hands clasped. He looked around the room, obviously trying to avoid looking at Simon, who kept staring at him. There was a trophy case across the room filled with gold and silver cups, soccer balls, tiny figures in karate stances as well as basketball and volleyball players, forever holding their poses.

Simon commented, "See that cup on the top right? That's when my mom won best in state for three position rifle. She shot a guy once too."

Tilting his head, Liam asked, "Is she like a cop?"

"She's a nurse. My Grandpa's a police chief; he won Police Chief of the year twice." Simon nodded, "But he says Mom's a better shot."

The teen sat digesting the information. There was also an arrow, decorated with feathers and leather strips.

"See the arrow? My oldest sister Mackayla was kidnapped when she was a baby. She's half Quileute Indian, but the rest of us are just honorary members of the tribe. Our Grandpa Billy is the Chief."

Shaking his head, Liam pointed a finger at the boy. "Look, Simon, don't bullshit a bullshitter. I know you're making this stuff up to chase me off. It's not going to work."

"I just thought you might want to know our family better." Simon pushed Liam's hand down. "Mom says it's rude to point."

The door upstairs opened and Esmeralda appeared, walking gracefully down the stairs in dark jeans and a tight lavender sweater with pearl buttons down the front. She paused on the last step, pushed her hair behind her neck on one side, and said, "Hi Liam. Want to come up to my room and watch a movie?"

Liam popped up quick as a jack-in-the-box, his eyes on her chest. "Hi Esmeralda. Nice sweater."

Simon cleared his throat. "No boys allowed in bedrooms, MayMay."

Tossing her hair, she walked into the room and stood in front of her brother. "But mom and dad aren't here."

Reaching into his pocket, Simon pulled out a crinkled ten dollar bill. "Dad gave me this to hang out with you and your friend til they were done with their 'discussion' in the guest house."

Rolling her eyes, the girl reached for the money, but Simon pulled it away. "I'm your chaperone. C-H-A-P—"

"I know how to spell chaperone, dufusmonkey." With a huff she sat on the sofa, a foot away from where Liam reseated himself, and reached for the remote. "Fine, we'll watch a movie in here."

"Okay." Simon, still looking at Liam, shouted, "HEY WYATT, DO YOU WANNA WATCH A MOVIE?"

As though he was waiting for his cue, Wyatt stepped out of the kitchen with a bowl of tortilla chips and another of salsa. "I'd love to watch a movie with you Simon." He purposely walked to the sofa, wedging his skinny butt in the space between Liam and Esmeralda.

In disbelief, the girl hissed, "Really Wyatt? There are other places to sit."

He turned to her, his blues eyes set off by his almost black hair, looking deep into her green eyes. "Don't be like that Esme. I'm your favorite cousin; I just wanted to share my chips." Wyatt drawled a little, turning on the charm in imitation of his father.

"Oh, cousins." Liam sat back, relaxing now that he knew the other teen was a relative.

There was no trace of the drawl in Wyatt's answer. "Not cousins by blood. Our moms were roommates in college. Our parents all work for the same company. We call them aunt and uncle."

Liam looked less relaxed.

"Esme and I used to take baths togeth—"

"OH MY GOD, that was ONE time Wyatt! When are you going to stop bringing that up?" Esme slapped his leg.

"Hey, I was one, you were two. Aunt Bella says you climbed in with me." Wyatt put a chip in his mouth and chewed. He turned to Liam. "She used to make me wear a black tuxedo tee-shirt and she'd get dressed up as a bride. My mom has a ton of pictures."

Esme looked up at the ceiling, grabbing her hair in both hands. "Why are you here anyway?"

Wyatt looked back to Esme. "My parents took Wendy to F.I.T. for some high school program." He scooped up some salsa. "Like I was going to spend the day at the Fashion Institute—no thanks."

Simon interrupted. "Do you think we could pick a movie?"

Esme scrolled through the selections. The boys grunted or jeered at each title. She clicked on a preview for an old film, 'Pride and Prejudice'.

Simon said, "Not again."

Liam groaned, "This movie sucks."

"It's Esme's favorite." Wyatt looked at Liam. "Didn't you know that?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Liam just chuckled. "I learned a lot from Simon here. Esmeralda, you can't believe the stories he made up."

Esme looked an awful lot like her mother at that moment, with one eyebrow raised as she glared at Simon. "Like what?"

Liam laughed. "He said you had a grandfather who was a police chief, one who was an Indian Chief, that you were members of some weird tribe, that your sister was kidnapped, that your mother was some rifle shooting state champion, that your Uncle can break someone's knee with one kick, your Aunt can drain someone's blood. Oh, yeah, and that your mother shot someone. Crazy shit."

"My mother only came in third place in the state championship."

Liam sat with a big grin, as if he was waiting for a punch line. After a few moments of silence, he stopped grinning. "And the other stuff?"

"All true." Esme was showing her temper. "And there's nothing weird about the Quileute Nation. And I prefer to be called Esme."

Esme clicked the remote and the movie started. She sat back with her arms crossed. Wyatt sat back, his arm behind her on the sofa.

Liam looked around then stood. "I think I'm going to get going."

Wyatt smirked, "So soon?"

"I'll walk you to the door." Esme paused the movie and crossed the room to the front door.

Liam was struggling to get into his sneakers. He hopped on one leg as he pulled and pulled, finally forcing his foot in. "What the hell, these were never this tight."

"My other grandma and grandpa are doctors. Maybe you have edema in your lower extremities." Simon spelled it for him. "E-D-E-M-A. You may want to tell your doctor about it."

Liam rushed to his car and took off. Esme closed the door, stalking back to the great room. "Well that wasn't very nice. What did you do to his shoes?"

"They looked a little loose." Wyatt snorted. "Get over here and sit down. What are you doing inviting some guy over anyway?"

"Wyatt, don't start." She sat down next to him anyway, grabbed the remote and clicked play.

"Me, start? You're the one causing the problem. You propose to me, I accept, and here you are dating."

"I was five, you were four."

"My mom has it on video. It got over a million hits on Youtube back in the day. You're the one who wants to be a lawyer; I'd say you're in breach of contract."

"Uggh! You're infuriating."

Wyatt stretched his arm around her."Come on."

She scooted next to him and put her head on his shoulder, folded her legs under and leaned into him. "You can't make a contract between parties who are underage."

"So in a couple of years you get to propose again." Wyatt squeezed her gently. "I'll say yes."

Esme shook her red head and turned the volume up.

Simon glanced at his cousin and sister on the sofa, then to the movie. "Dad didn't pay me enough for this. I'm going upstairs."


In the guest house, Bella fastened her bra. The sight of her husband, still in very fine shape as he sprawled naked across the bed propped up on his elbows, tempted her. If they hadn't made very good use of the bed for the past forty minutes, she would have climbed back in instead of slapping his yummy ass.

"Come on big boy. Stop watching the security feed."

Edward held his phone in front of his face, squinting. "I may have to up Simon's pay."

Bella stopped in the middle of pulling on her jeans. "You paid him to chase off that boy?"

"No. Yes. Kind of."

"That's not right."

"What's not right? Me paying him or him chasing the boy off? Frankly, if 'Liam' can't stand up to Wyatt and Simon…can you imagine him meeting Emmett and his boys? He'd be headed for the hills."

"Your logic, while twisted, makes sense." Bella tried to finish putting on her pants, but Edward's long arm could reach her panties, and he trawled her back to the bed,

Kissing her spine just above her clothes, he started to slide her underwear back down. "I paid Simon for a full hour. I think we have at least fifteen minutes of 'discussion' time left."

"Shouldn't we be keeping an eye on those two?"

"Your daughter is going to resist her attraction to him. Just like you resisted me. Besides, he knows Jasper, Emmett and I would whoop him from here to Sunday if he tried anything."

Edward's big hands were pulling her back onto the bed. Hiding out in the guest house was her ultimate guilty pleasure. With four kids, their cousins and their friends always around, running people to school, jobs, sports and dance, left very little time or place for privacy in the big house. She kicked off her jeans and rejoined her husband on the bed, kissing his plush lower lip as he unhooked her bra. "Fifteen minutes. Show me what you got Mr. Cullen."



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