It seems I'm a terrible self-promoter. I have been writing other stories, but people who only follow Tequila Sunrise don't know because I've never told you.

I am currently working on Trichophilia, a story about a brilliant Edward who seemed to have an unusual interest in girls with long hair. Find it this site at: s/11522885/1/Trichophilia

While you're at it, I also wrote a story about finding love while in quarantine. In 21 Days, Doctor Bella Swan, and Pediatric nurse Edward Cullen return from separate stints with Doctors without Borders fighting Ebola, only to be forced into military quarantine. s/10838989/1/21-days

The long awaited final, final epi of Tequila Sunrise was half written when my computer died and I did not have a backup. I will try to redo the epi, but my energy is currently on the other two active stories. Thanks for reading, I'm sorry for the fake out. Hopefully next time you see something in this space it will be an actual last chapter


PS: And no, I don't plan on pulling Tequila Sunrise