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When La'gaan smacked against the floor of the bio-ship with Blue Beetle the pressure changed in the room, far more than it did when the ship had gone from the surface to the bottom of the ocean.

Nightwing broke the silence and got all the teenagers into the other room of the bio-ship. He showed them to medical supplies and food. He said that he'd be there shortly to explain after they sorted everything out. The kids just nodded numbly.

When Nightwing returned, Conner was at the helm. Blue Beetle was propped up in one of the seats, Bart by his side and Cassie slowly lingering closer and closer. La'gaan had his arms around M'gann who had a blank expression on her face. Karen and Barbara sat on the other side, Beast Boy sat perched in front of his sister.

The numb feeling was consuming them all.

Robin let out a pained sigh as he pulled himself off the floor, using a control panel for support.

"So... we're all here now?" His voice sounded soft and wispy, like from a dream.

Nightwing's eyes grew wide. "Robin!"

Nightwing reached a hand out as he went over to him, Robin looked lost.

Robin looked down in the direction that Nightwing was pointing. The rest of the team followed suit, a collective breath taken.

A circle of red was getting large and darker on the left side of Robin's abdomen. Robin reached a hand into the blood and brought it up in his fingers. He wiped it off on his cheek.

"Nightwing... this is bad, isn't it?" Robin lost his balanced his feet fumbling as Nightwing rushed to grab him.

"Batgirl, medbay - now!" He just as stunned Robin was, Barbara and the team even more.

They rushed into the other room - dammit, he forgot that's where he sent the others.

Barbara shooed them out of away to make room for Robin they set him on the table but he wouldn't lie down.

"Get the anesthesia!" Nightwing called to her.

"Look at him! He can't feel a thing! Putting him under is only going to make it worse!" She called to him, shoving other supplies into his hands instead.

"Hey... hey Nightwing... hey..." Robin pulled on suit wobbling back and forth on the table.

"Robin!" Nightwing snapped and grabbed his shoulder.

Robin gave a weak laugh, sending more blood out every time his abdomen contracted. "Just don't die, okay?" He laughed again blood spatting against Nightwing's face, "I suck at being Robin don't I? I can't even do any-" The rest of his speech incomprehensible through the blood flowing from his mouth.

Nightwing finally got him to go down. Barbara and him worked quickly, the teens were watching with wide eyes backed up against the walls or pushed deep into their chairs.

That was Nightwing. And- that girl must have been Batgirl. A-and the boy, the boy delirious on the table...

That was Robin.

In case you are still living in the rubble of Mount Justice and haven't heard, Before the Dawn (2x10) is on itunes.

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