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First Devour: The Confused Symphony.

Sunken Grid

The abandoned power plant known as the Sunken Grid was filled with the cries and roars of different monsters as they moved around, devouring everything they could find, from the rusting metal to other monsters. Aside from the unusual creatures, the only other living organism that could be found was the plants and grass that covered the ground, a increasing rarity to find.

This was the case all over the world ever since the Aragami first appeared twenty years ago. Monsters that devour everything on this planet… They are driven only by the sole instinct of devouring. A single Aragami is in fact a Colony of thousands of life forms known as Oracle Cells, Cells that think and preys on all others. The Aragami quickly diverged into a variety of different creatures, and due to them being impervious to all forms of conventional weaponry, the majority of humanity was wiped out in a short period of time.

A small, bipedal blue Saurian like Aragami lacking forearms, known as an Ogretail to humans, was busy consuming a corpse of another of its kind. Its large gray-blue tail sported the shape of what looked like an ogre's face, hence the name it was given. its armored head, the same shade as the tail, rose up as it heard something while revealing to the world its sharp tusks that protruded upwards from its lower jaw. The wind blew through its white fur that covered its neck and back as it began walking away from the partially devoured corpse to investigate the disturbance.

A young man with jet black hair broke through the surface of the water, coughing up water from his lungs. Once he could breathe properly, he shook his head, trying to shake his banes away from his emerald green eyes.

"What… the hell… just happened?!" he asked to no one in particular as he floated in the water. The boy swam to dry land and pulled himself out of the water. His outfit was a pair of extremely ragged denim shorts, and the shredded remains of a violet tank top.

He tried to recall what happened. Several moments passed before he couldn't recall anything other than his identity and necessary knowledge to survive in society.

"Okay…why am I drawing a blank?" he asked himself. "Except for me falling face first into that pond… I can't remember anything else just before that… Well, at least I can still speak and know who I am."

The boy looked around , gathering his surroundings before sighing.

"Boy… sure is quiet here… Is this place abandoned?" he asked. However the boy heard a low growl coming from behind him. Slowly turning his head to look over his left shoulder, he was staring directly in the face of a creature he never saw before. The monster was slightly taller than him, but was intimidating with the curved blade like tusks that protruded upwards from its mouth.

The Ogretail stared at the boy. Normally it'd just attack without a second thought as dictated by its bias, but it sensed something different about the human that stood before it , something that made the Aragami pause.

The boy remained as calm as he could while looking back at the monster. He could tell that the creature before him was obviously a predator, but yet it hadn't attacked. The black haired teen leaned to the right, and the creature moved its body in a similar motion by moving its head in the same direction. Intrigued, yet still nervous, he took a slow step forward.

The Aragami just stood in place as the human came forward, each and every Oracle Cell in its body were screaming to either run away or to devour him. Unable to make a decision, the monstrous colony just quietly remained in place.

The boy slowly raised a hand up, risking his limb to touch the monster's tusk. He retracted his arm when it growled again, this time more softly. He waited for a moment before realizing that the beast wasn't going to lash out. Once again, he raised his hand out, this time reaching for the nostril-less snout where the nose should be.

The Oracle Cells were becoming more and more agitated sending mixed messages to each other, except for one cluster, the ones that formed the Aragami's Core. The Cells within the Core contemplated what to do. The human before them was giving off a scent that was soothing yet non-appetizing, something the Cells never experienced before. The Core made its decision before relaying the message to all the other Oracle Cells within the colony that composed the Aragami's body.

The boy carefully placed his hand onto the monster's snout and rubbed it gently.

"That's a good girl." he said softly, feeling more at ease. "Not as scary as you look."

You are unusual… he heard a voice inside of his head. We never encountered such an unusual scent…

"We?" the boy asked in confusion.

We act as one being, the one before you right now.

The boy's eyes widen in amazement as he understood what the voice meant, as well as where it was coming from.

"Wow… I didn't think you were more than just one organism…" he said. "Do you have a name?"

What is a name? the voice asked while the Aragami tilted its head to the left slightly.

"It's something that you're called by, especially amongst others of your kind."

We never had a need for this thing called a name

"Interesting… My name is Masamune Kira. " The boy introduced himself. " I get the feeling that you're a girl, so I think I will call you Erena."

Erena? Is that this name you speak of? The Aragami asked.

"Yes. It is a name. It's your name now." Kira said with a smile.

I see… do you have more "name" for the rest of us then? I am only just one amongst many.

Kira blinked in mild surprise before laughing softly.

What are those sounds you're making? Erena asked while tilting its head again.

"It's called laughter. It's something humans do, Erena." he explained. "And I think it'll be easier if all of you share that same name."

Very well… we shall all have the name Erena.

Kira nodded and attempted to remove his hand from the snout, only to find it stuck in place. He gave a few gentle tugs before looking at the Ogretail.

"Um… do you know why I can't remove my hand from you?" he asked.

We are confused… some of us are now confused what our roles are. The voice said before falling silent for a short period of time. Your Cells… They are starting to change us… Masamune Kira .

"Change you? How exactly?" Kira asked.

Your cells are making us not wanting to consume you.. Specifically… our hunger is… vanishing… and those of us that form the body… they're… changing…

"Erena… are you alright?" Kira asked in concern.

We that form the center are unaltered at this time… but most of us are becoming confused, unbinding from our specific roles…

The Ogretail only screeched loudly before its body began cracking, starting with its snout where the boy's hand was. The Aragami began crumbling, revealing a glowing red layer underneath the skin and fur. Kira screamed in pain as his hand was being pulled into the glowing red snout. The pain he was feeling was like something was slowly dissolving his arm with a thin layer of acid. Soon, the entire arm was pulled in, forcing the boy's head to make contact with the glowing red area.

"Erena, please… tell them to stop! IT HURTS!" he cried out. That was the last thing the boy said before he was pulled into the red mass of the Aragami.

The cracking Ogretail tilted its head up and screeched before the glow of the red layer gave way, the red becoming stone gray as the Aragami became a silent statue with a few remaining pieces of the outer layer remaining.

Inside the Aragami

Kira floated within a black void filled with countless yellow dots of light swirling around. All traces of his clothes were missing, as well as almost the sense of him having a body.

"Wh-What happened?" he asked.

"We are not sure ourselves… but we have apparently became one…" a feminine voice said from behind him.

Kira blinked for a moment before noticing one of the yellow lights stopping in front of his face.

"Erena?" he asked. "I mean the first one I named."

"Correct. It is I." the light said.

"Well, since we all don't know what's going on. Mind telling us what's going on exactly?"

"As mentioned before your Cells are changing us all… Most of us have became silent. Those of us who remain are now resonating with your own. We are learning from them about your kind… we will reform into a new body by using this information, however… this will also change your own cells, as we shall also create a new body for you by reformatting and reorganizing your own. Normally we'd assimilate whatever we devour over time, but you intrigue us greatly… Now… your cells are telling us that your kind has these things known as sexes… which one do you wish for us to assume?"

"Umm… female, since Erena is a name for that gender." Kira said.

"Very well then… We shall begin the construction of our new bodies… It shall take time for them to be completed. Please wait till then Masamune Kira." Erena said before Kira saw only blackness as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Outside of the Ogretail body

A Russian girl of fifteen years noticed the Ogretail she was sent out to exterminate. , wearing a flannel patterned berate and matching miniskirt that had thin suspenders to keep them up, yet one of them was hanging down at the side. Her top consisted of a short, sleeveless black shirt with a dull violet trimming and folded over collar. It was opened at the bottom, exposing part of her breasts as well as her stomach. She wore a black see-through sleeve on her left arm that went up to her shoulder and down to supposedly her wrist, as the rest of it was hidden underneath a jet black glove. She wore black high heeled boots that covered up to midthigh, the rest of her legs were covered in black pantyhose that went under the skirt. Finishing the girl's outfit was a large red armlet with a fingerless black glove that went to the wrist. Within her grasp was a large red sword with two halves of a red circle on each side, as well as what looked like a Gatling gun barrel that was folded up and compacted underneath the halves of the circle that apparently formed the guard of the sword.

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella slowly approached the abnormal Aragami Statue with extreme caution. She then stopped and waited silently, watching for any movement. The blonde stayed put for several minutes before she crept forward from behind. Once close enough she swung her sword at the Aragami's tail, only to stare in shock as her sword cleanly cleaved through it without any difficulty. The severed portion of the tail fell to the ground before disintegrating into an ash like substance. The girl held up her right arm and pressed a button , activating the communicator.

"Alisa reporting in… I've discovered the Ogretail. However, there's something abnormal about it… It's like it's petrified… I attacked it and my God Arc's blade sliced through its tail like nothing's there, and even more alarming is that the Aragami didn't even move a single centimeter…" she reported. "What should I do?"

"I'll get an extraction team be brought in to secure it. Untill then, make sure that no other Aragami devour it." a man said, " And make sure you don't die, that's an order."

Alisa rolled her eyes before sighing. "Understood." she said before removing her finger from the button, cutting off the transmission.

? ? ?

Kira groaned as he awoke to a bright light. The boy groaned in annoyance before opening his eyes.

His eyesight was blurry at first, however, when the eyes began to adjust themselves, he managed to make out that he was what appeared to be a doctor's office or sick bay. The walls and ceiling were bleak and sterile looking, befitting the room. He noticed several curtains hanging from the ceiling. Obviously they were used for privacy, yet the boy didn't hear a thing.

"What the?" he asked weakly. " What happened?"

The black haired boy sat upright, holding himself up as his body felt weak.

"Ahh… so you've awakened at last." a spectacled man with unruly gray hair said with a smile. " About Ten thousand seconds longer than I thought, but better late than never."

The white skinned man was wearing a black coat with what appeared to been a skirt with stripes of multiple patterns that went down to his ankles underneath. Dangling from his neck were two more pairs of glasses, his eyes appeared to be closed at first glance, but the boy noticed that the older looking man was a natural squint-eye.

"Where am I?" the boy asked.

"You're in the sick bay of the Fenrir Far East Branch. I'm Dr. Paylor Sakaki, pleased to meet you." the man said. "You mind telling me your name?"

"I'm Kira Masamune." Kira said with a nod, making sure that he said the name in the western order. However when he looked up, Sakaki moved right up to his face, startling the boy.

"Good. Your reflexes still behave within normal parameters." the scientist said, smiling still. "I am really quite surprised that you survived being eaten by an Aragami."

"Aragami?" Kira asked in confusion. "Mind telling me what's that?"

Sakaki raised an eyebrow but kept the smile on his face.

"Interesting. Do you know what the date is by any chance?" he asked.

Kira thought for a moment before shaking his head. "Sorry I don't. I'm coming up with a complete blank. I can only remember only my name as well as what I am." he explained.

"Really? What about that girl you were with?" the gray haired man asked.

"Girl?" Kira asked before his eyes widened, memories flashing in his mind of the monster that he managed to communicate with. "ERENA!"

"So.. That's her name huh?" the eccentric doctor said in amusement.

"Can you please tell me where she is, Dr. Sakaki?" Kira asked politely.

The doctor chuckled before pointing towards a curtain.

"She is right there, she's resting, but you can go see her." he replied.

Kira immediately scrambled out of his bed and stood up, immediately losing balance and collapsing face down onto the ground.

"Oww! Stupid gravity…" he cursed under his breath before briefly glanced "down" and noticed he was wearing one of the hospital outfits that patients had to wear during extended stays.

Sakaki couldn't help but laugh.

"Gravity is unforgiving on us all." he quipped as the boy rose to his feet.

Kira took a few uneasy steps before he slowly walked over towards the curtain. He reached a hand out and pulled it to the side. His eyes widening upon the sight before him.

Sleeping within the bed was a pale white girl with black hair. From what he could make out of her figure underneath the covers, he could tell that the girl must have a well developed body. A perverse grin formed on his face before remembering that he wasn't alone. He turned to look at the smiling doctor and cleared his throat.

"Um, Doctor, I don't mean any disrespect, but would you mind leaving the room? I wish to spend some time alone with Erena." he said respectfully.

"Very well, I will be back within 360 seconds." he said before exiting the room through a sliding door that opened for him.

Once the door closed, Kira immediately closed the curtain and looked at Erena.

"Erena, are you awake?" he asked.

The girl immediately opened her eyes, revealing blood red irises. She sat upright and nodded in confirmation.

"I have been feigning your condition so that I wouldn't appear suspicious, but now that we are alone, we must discuss what happened." Erena explained.

"Hang on. before you start… you said 'I' instead of "We". mind telling me why?" Kira asked.

" I was chosen by the others to be the Primary Leader, Operator and Communicator of this new body… The cells that compose this body are a fusion of your cells and the others…" Erena explained flatly. "They have all become silent since fusing, leaving me the only one left active."

Kira nodded before smiling. "Well, how is it like being in a human body?" he asked.

"It feels quite strange having extra appendages, but otherwise, I feel no different." Erena said. "I also somehow don't feel as driven to devour…"

Kira nodded. "I see… you've become more human than I realized… but remember this, I'm not a real human…" he explained.

"We all assumed as much. Before the center made its decision upon our initial encounter, we were… confused…" Erena stated.

Kira nodded before sitting down on the bed.

"Masamune Kira… your cells taught me everything biological about humans. As such, if you wish, we could perhaps do what humans call mating…" the black haired girl offered bluntly.

Kira snorted and collapsed to the ground upon hearing that.

"Y-You're serious?" he asked dumbfounded.

Keeping a straight face, the transformed Aragami nodded.

"I can sense that your body desires my own. That's why I suggested it." she explained. "Since our bodies are similar in many ways now, we share a link similar to how I had communicated with the others in my old body. Shall we mate or not?"

Kira quickly got to his feet and rubbed away the small trail of blood coming from his nose.

"I-I appreciate the offer, but I'm a little concerned that your body might try to eat me again…" he said weakly.

"Our bodies are from the same source, therefore, such a thing will not occur again. Regardless, the cells that make up the bodies will not devour anything unless they are part of the organs used by humans to digest whatever they devoured."

Kira nodded before holding out his right hand. Erena raised her own right arm somewhat clumsily and placed it against the boy's for a moment before removing it. "Is that satisfactory enough for you, Masamune Kira?"

Kira looked as his hand before flexing it a few times before nodding.

"Works for me, Erena. By the way, You can just call me Kira." he said. "It'll be faster to call me that way, understood?"

"Command acknowledged." Erena said.

"Eh? Command?" the boy said in disbelief.

"Correct, Even though I am in absolute control of my body, I am to follow whatever command you give me, as I currently am lacking a primary function."

Kira's eyes bugged out upon hearing that.

"Y-You're saying that you'll do anything I tell you to do?" he said.


"While I am glad to see that the two of you are now up, I believe you two have something to explain to us." Sakaki said as he reentered the room, followed by a blonde man with gray eyes. He was wearing a white overcoat with a black scarf around his neck. Underneath the coat was a pair of dark violet slacks . He had a serious, yet composed demeanor as he walked into the room.

"I am grateful you are both alive. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Johannes von Schicksal. I am the Director of Fenrir Far East Branch, which is where you're both currently at." the blonde man said.

"I'm Kira Masamune, and this is my friend, Erena." Kira replied, making sure to once again to switch his name around.

Johannes nodded once before looking at Sakaki.

"Paylor, once again, thank you for telling me that they were awake." he said.

"It's nothing really, Johan." the doctor replied with a smile. "Just remember, they're both interesting specimens."

" Specimens? What is a 'specimens' ?" Erena asked in confusion while keeping a straight face.

"Don't worry about it right now, it'll take to long to explain." Kira said before looking at the Director, "Since I have a feeling that he wants to know more about us."

"Very Perceptive, that is indeed the reason why I came here. While the both of you were unconscious, we've taking some blood samples from you both, and the good doctor found something quite unusual about it."

"I found cells that appeared to be a hybridization of both human and Oracle Cells in composition. This isn't possible, as Oracle Cells will consume the human ones instead. However, each of you had more of one kind than another, which raises the question. Are you human or Aragami?" the doctor explained.

Erena tilted her head while Kira just stared in confusion.

"Umm…what are Aragami and Oracle Cells?" the boy asked.

"I told you Johan. This kid either has lost part of his memory, or hasn't been told about the important stuff." Sakaki stated. "And apparently his friend just isn't aware of a lot of things. Just like an infant child."

"I believe the Oracle Cells are what you call my kind, and Aragami is the name for the forms we take on." Erena explained. "That is my assumption based on what I have listened to."

Johannes and Sakaki both tensed up while staring at the girl, one mainly in interest, the other more cautious. The director began to slowly back towards an alarm button.

"Do not be alarmed. I am no longer what you call an Aragami. Masamune Kira's cells have changed me into what you see before you. Besides, you two appear to be unappetizing… just like Masamune Kira…"

Johannes stared at the girl a bit more and went to arms length to the alarm, but didn't press it.

"I overheard her saying that she'll listen to any command you'll give her, is that actually true?" Sakaki asked in curiosity.

"That is correct, as my original function was to relay commands from the center." Erena explained. "As my new body was reconstructed through the information that Masamune Kira's Cells supplied, as I was the one who communicated with Masamune Kira first, the others decided for me to be the primary."

"Amazing… you're an Oracle Cell that was part of an Aragami's core." Sakaki said in awe. "Aragami never cease to amaze me with what they can do."

"I agree, it is indeed something quite interesting, but it's irrelative if you two are a threat to humans." Johannes said while looking at the pair.

Kira smiled a little before holding his hands up like he was surrendering. "Relax, Director, I will not sic Erena on anyone, not without a really good reason first. But as for Erena's change, I think it might be due to my own nature playing a role. He explained before stopping, looking at the older blonde.

"Please, continue. " Johannes said with a nod. "If you wish for it to be confidential between the four of us, I'll make sure to that. You have my word."

Kira nodded back in acknowledgement before taking a deep breath.

"You see, I may look like I'm sixteen, but I'm over eight centuries old. That's because I was created as what was known as a Homunculus, an artificial human. I'm no geneticist, but maybe my composition is what triggered Erena's change in appearance and behavior. I mean, hey, she was a bipedal lizard monster with no arms. She was obviously a predator, yet she didn't attack me. Erena herself stated that the reason why was she and the other… Oracle Cells was it?… that made up the body were confused towards me, which was unusual to even them." he explained. "But it was the very confusion that caused Erena's old body to crumble, reveal

Sakaki's normally almost closed eyes opened up slightly. "Oracle Cells being confused about something? That is very interesting…" he said in amazement.

"Agreed, that is something worth looking into. " Johannes said in agreement. "This would possibly grant us more options while fighting the Aragami."

Kira frowned a bit. "Sounds like you're at war with these Aragami things…" he said.

"We are actually struggling to survive. The Aragami have consumed the majority of humankind within a brief period of time. Almost all forms of life that aren't Aragami are either already extinct or critically endangered." Johannes said sternly. "Each and every single day, around ten thousand people are devoured by Aragami."

"Okay… who was stupid enough to press the Doomsday button ?" Kira quipped dryly. "I know humanity had a variety of weapons. Guns, swords, even nukes! Why didn't you use those to fend off the Aragami?"

"It's because Aragami can't be killed with conventional weapons, as they are not like all other forms of life. Each Aragami is a colony of tens of thousands of Oracle Cells, which each one able to independantly think and devour anything, and they're not restricted to just organic matter like plants and meat. Aragami can also consume synthetic material like concrete and plastic. There are reports of Aragami consuming nuclear waste without any complications on their end." Sakaki informed the homunculus. "Plus Aragami take on traits of whatever they consume. The Oracle Cells stay the same, they just learn from what they eat.

"I see now… that also explains why Erena and the other Oracle Cells of the Aragami she was part of were able to create her new body using my cells." Kira said while crossing his arms in front of his chest. "So… if these guys are able to devour anything, why isn't everyone already eaten?"

Johannes gave a ghost of a smirk before he stepped towards Kira.

"Have you ever heard the term, 'fight fire with fire?' That because of Fenrir. It has developed weapons that can actually defeat the Aragami, The God Arcs." he answered. "The God Arcs are made up of Oracle Cells, which are the only things that can actually harm Aragami."

Kira raised an eyebrow as he realized something.

"That makes sense, but if the God Arcs are made out of Oracle Cells, wouldn't they also consume the user?" he asked.

"Very perspective, Kira. That's correct, however, there is a way to allow someone to safely wield a God Arc: The P73 Bias Factor. With that injected into your body, you are able to wield a God Arc, if you're compatible of course." Johannes explained. "During the time you were both unconscious, I also had taken the liberty of seeing if you're capable of becoming a Gods Eater."

"God Eater? As in I am to devour omnipotent entities?" the homunculus asked wryly.

The Director shook his head while smiling a little. "Not exactly, a Gods Eater is a soldier who keeps the Aragami at bay while scavenging for supplies." he clarified. "Anyway, Despite your…unique nature…the tests we've run have come up with a result. It appears you're both able to become Gods Eaters. And Kira, you're actually what we refer to as a New-Type, while your friend is still undetermined which Type she is exactly."

"New-Type? Can you please elaborate on that?" Kira requested while raising an eyebrow.

"You'll find out later when you'll take the Aptitude Test." the director replied.

Chuckling at the homunculus' groan, Sakaki couldn't help but be slightly amused.

Final Thoughts: Devouring Edition.

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