Chapter 3: Eulogy of the Hunt

A helicopter flew through the air, en route to the Sunken Grid. The four passengers were quiet as they were preoccupied with different things. Alisa was double checking her inventory of items she brought along. Kuro was fast asleep with her God Arc on her lap. Kira was staring at the brooding white haired boy he saw the other day, wondering what his problem was. The homunculus' mind drifted off, reminiscing what happened after he awoke.

Three Hours Ago

Kira groaned as he came around. He opened his eyes, only to be blinded by the lighting briefly. Raising a hand up to shield his eyes until they adjusted, he sat upright and noticed that he was in a different room.

On the left of the bed he was in was an elongated nightstand with a space in-between it and the piece of furniture to allow him to get out. Behind him was a shelving unit with the drawers were to the right. he noticed a computer terminal with a circular display with two slots underneath the screen. Nearby it was a large television screen built into the wall. There was also a kitchenette area as well as a scarlet couch fastened to the cerulean blue walls with a glass table nearby it .

"Where am I now?" he groaned weakly.

"Oh.. You have finally awaken." Erena said flatly from the couch that she was occupying in.

"Erena… how long was I out?" he asked.

"I was told it has been one day since your examination." the half-Aragami replied. "The doctor instructed me to inform you that once you've awaken, you're to report to the director for orders. Kurobawa Mayumi and Alisa Ilinichina Amiella have also given you a change of clothes." the red-eyed girl pointed to a pile of clothes on the table.

Kira nodded before getting out of bed. He went over to the table and picked up the article of clothing that was on top of the pile. It was a violet jacket with a pewter colored Fenrir emblem on the upper back with an adornment that resembled a spine below it. He smirked a bit before scooping up the pile of clothes.

"Erena, do you mind stepping outside for a moment, I'd like to be alone to change." he requested.

The former Ogretail nodded in understanding before raising to her feet and walked to the sliding metal door that opened for her, allowing her to step outside before it closed behind her. Kira stripped out of the hospital outfit before changing into the new clothes.

Erena waited patiently before the door opened a few minutes later.

Kira was wearing a white sleeveless undershirt with matching pants. Gray belts that were part of the pants were positioned like a harness used for rock climbing. In addition, there were a pair of violet pouches, each one fastened to a leg above the knees with black bands. The white pants were stopped mid shin, giving way to a pair of boots that was black down towards the ankles, where it became violet, done in a way that they could be mistaken as sneakers. His left hand was wearing an arm sleeve that reached up to his elbow, also doubling as a fingerless glove. The homunculus slipped on the violet jacket and nodded in approval. The sleeves covered most of his arm, only stopping a little past the elbow. The fabric stretched to allow the armlet to slip through with little difficulty.

"I better get going." he said before noticing the elevator that was at the other end of the corridor he now stood in.

Director's office.

Kira walked inside and stood in place.

"Masamune Kira reporting." he announced.

The director, who was sitting in a black office chair, smiled as he leaned forward.

"I have been expecting you, Kira." Johannes said calmly. "As you are now a member of the Anti Aragami Punitive Force, aka the God Eaters, you are to be assigned to a unit. Until further notice, you shall be assigned to the First Unit. Head to the Entrance to meet your advisor and to receive further instructions. She will be at the mission counter. Understood?"

"I understand sir." the homunculus said while nodding.

"Very well. You are dismissed." the director said.

Kira nodded once again before leaving the room.


The Elevator opened for the homunculus as he stepped out of it. He walked past fellow God Eaters, but didn't pay any attention to them. He headed to the counter and noticed a woman standing nearby, looking from a light brown colored notebook briefly before closing it. Her outfit consisted of a white jacket that was open at the top, showing her cleavage, as well as the lower back exposed with string crisscrossing, giving it the appearance of a corset. Above it was the Fenrir emblem. Her bottoms clung to her curves as the sides of her thighs were exposed in a similar fashions as her back, complete with the string.

She had long black hair that curled slightly at the end as well as covering her right eye. Her fingernails were covered in red nail polish. Her face had a stern, no-nonsense look with piercing emerald green eyes. Completing her outfit was a pair of black stiletto heels. Attached to her right arm, just above the wrist was a gold armlet.

The well endowed woman turned her attention to the homunculus before speaking up.

"Are you Masamune Kira?" she asked.

"That's correct, are you the advisor I was told to meet here?" Kira replied with a question of his own.

"Indeed, I am Amamiya Tsubaki, your advisor as well as supervisor of the First Unit. Now that introductions are out of the way, Here is your itinerary. You will start with basic combat training followed by firearms. Later you will attend a weapons clinic. Do you understand?"

Kira nodded before groaning.

"No offense, but I am quite experience in combat already." he said.

"You don't know how to properly wield your God Arc, correct?" Tsubaki countered.

Kira grimaced before slumping his head.

"I'll start right away, ma'am…" he said.


"Hey, are you even paying attention?" Alisa asked, causing Kira to snap back to reality.

"Huh? Oh, gomen… I was lost in thought. " he apologized while scratching the back of his head with a grin.

"Please focus, we're about to land. Anyway to recap, we are assigned to track down and take down a pack of five Ogretails and eliminate them." Alisa said. "Get ready everyone. Kira remember, you'll be leading the team this mission."

Kira nodded and gripped his God Arc before looking at it.

"To think that you are made of Oracle Cells…" he said to the weapon in a low voice. "Wonder if you're like an Aragami…"

The helicopter arrived at its destination and descended to the ground slowly. The Four God Eaters went to the open door before leaping off and quickly poised themselves for combat.

"Okay, Let's go guys." Kira said before he ran forward, holding his God Arc like a sword. The homunculus briefly noticed that Kuro had the exact same blade equipped for her God Arc.

Kira was surprised at how long the place was abandoned, based on the amount of vegetation he saw. However, he immediately noticed a familiar creature that was unaware of the group that was behind it.

"That's an Ogretail?" Kira asked in a whisper to the Russian girl. "That's the Aragami Erena was…"

"I see… well, don't expect them to be friendly." she replied.

Kira nodded before he got up and walked towards the unsuspecting Aragami. He held up the God Arc horizontally before the weapon's components began moving. The end of the blade was retracted inside as the shield halves opened up at an angle as an organic gigantic black maw with matching black needle like teeth grew from within the God Arc, with the blade within both halves of it, acting like a stiff tongue. The upper half of the maw had a row of glowing yellow eyes. The maw twitched as it waited impatiently to strike. Kira aimed the maw for the leg before grinning.

"Devour him!" he commanded the weapon, which happily obliged by stretching forward and sinking its jaws into the Aragami's left ankle. The Ogretail screeched in pain before turning around to see its attacker.

The maw of the God Arc held on with a vise like grip as its wielder pulled back with all his strength, tearing a chunk of flesh off the Ogretail. The maw retreated back into the weapon, reverting back to normal. The Aragami immediately collapsed to its side, unable to stand due to the crippled ankle.

Kira stared at the Ogretail in the eyes, noticing that there wasn't any sign of intellect in them, like Erena was when he first met her as an Aragami. The crippled monster snapped its jaws at Kira in an futile attempt to bite him.

"Alisa's right… you're not like Erena at all…" he said before he swung the God Arc effortlessly, easily decapitating his enemy as the sky suddenly rained crimson. The head rolled a few feet away before it began snapping its mouth again while its eyes focused on the homunculus.

Kira watched with a pitying look. He once again summoned the maw before having it devour the head in a single move. The God Arc chewed its meal briefly before returning to normal. Kira immediately went to the body and plunged the sword blade into the side several times. The body flailed a bit in response before it became limp.

The homunculus nodded in approval before turning to look at the others.

"Thanks for the help…" he said dryly. "Maybe we should split up…"

"Fine with me…" the white haired boy said coldly while shouldering his God Arc. " You all would just get in my way."

Kira's eyebrow twitched before looking at the girls.

"Is that guy always like that?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

Kuro nodded while Alisa sighed.

"Unfortunately he is. Soma has always been a loner." she said. "But he isn't heartless. He saved Kuro when she started. "

The black haired girl nodded before she pointed in Soma's direction. Alisa turned to her friend and nodded.

"Alright, I'll go with Soma, You'll look after Kira, right?" she replied.

Kuro nodded before walking in the opposite direction.

Kira shrugged and quickly had the God Arc bite into the corpse before following the girl.

Hiding from a perch were a pair of cautious Ogretails as they observed the humans. The pair weren't part of the pack that the humans were searching for. The leader of the pair hissed softly at the other one and looked over towards the direction Soma went, and the second one obliged with a nod, a notion it learned from the Vajra that recruited them. It turned and walked after the pair, keeping its distance. The leader trailed after Kira and Kuro.

Kira and Kuro

Kira and Kuro noticed their quarry as they peered from behind a broken piece of rubble.

"I see there's two of them…" the homunculus said before looking at Kuro. "They seem to be keeping watch… what's your suggestion Kuro?"

The girl thought for a moment before a sadistic grin formed on her face. She switched her God Arc from blade mode to gun mode before firing a few shots at them.

"Let's kill the armless bastards!" she cried out in a disturbing singsong voice as she ran towards them.

Kira chuckled before following close behind her as the Ogretails got up and fled, both of them screeching out.

"Oh hell no you're not!" Kira cried out as he ran forward as an faint violet aura began radiating from his body. The homunculus quickly noticed that he quickly caught up with his teammate in only four steps, even though she had a fifteen second head start. Kuro looked in amazement as Kira took the lead with a smirk.

"Let's get 'em dead!" he quipped as the aura dissipated.

"Agreed." Kuro acknowledged gleefully as she focused in the fleeing Aragami.

Soma and Alisa

Soma trekked forward with Alisa following behind him. He constantly surveyed his surroundings, keeping an eye out for his quarry.

"What do you want?" he asked while briefly glancing over his shoulder.

"We thought it would be safer to go in pairs." the Russian answered.

"Do whatever you want, just don't get in my way." the white haired teen said in an uncaring manner.

Alisa sighed while shaking her head before noticing something from the corner of her eye to the right.

"I see something." she reported.

Soma turned his head in the direction to see a pair of Ogretails feasting on a fallen Vajra carcass.

"Same here. I see two more of the targets…" he said before holding his God Arc which was a large saw blade that curved slightly inward before elongating at the tip with a row of serrated teeth.

Alisa held her God Arc, which was in Gun mode, and aimed at one of the unsuspecting Aragami.

"I'll fire on your mark." she stated.

"Whatever, go ahead then." Soma said before he charged forward, running without any fear towards the Ogretails.

One of the two raised its head up and screeched before a blue laser struck it in the face, causing it to stagger back. The other one became alert and noticed the incoming God Eater before unleashing a defiant screech. It raised its tail up and fired several spikes at Soma. The white haired boy sidestepped easily to evade and closed in on the Ogretail as the other one ran towards Alisa.

Soma swung his God Arc downwards, the saw colliding with the armored face and digging into it with little difficulty. The Aragami screeched loudly in pain as blood sprayed from the wound. Soma immediately withdrawn the weapon before half of the saw blade retracted in as a black maw appeared. Without saying a word, Soma thrusted the God Arc forward as the jaws clamped down on the Ogretail at the side before he pulled it back, tearing a piece of flesh off in the process. Upon the God Arc returning to normal, Soma's body began emitting a light blue Aura.

The Ogretail screeched in pain before it charged forward, snapping its jaws at its foe. The white haired boy leaped up into the air before focusing the overflowing energy downwards, resulting in him jumping a second time midair in time to dodge the Aragami. He immediately twisted in midair and pointed the God Arc downwards as it entered Devour Mode again. He landed ontop of the Ogretail's back before plunging the weapon at the monster, the jaws grasping the Ogretail at the base of its neck as it crashed into the ground chin first. He gritted his teeth as the Aragami rose up and began flailing the best it could, trying to shake him off.

"You're a tough bastard…" he muttered in annoyance before he had the God Arc return to blade form, tearing more flesh off of the Ogretail.

Meanwhile the other Ogretail chased after Alisa as she fell back to keep her distance while firing at the Aragami on occasion. The Aragami took each shot and only shrugged it off as it pressed on, roaring in an attempt to unnerve its adversary. The girl pulled the trigger but no projectile came out.

"Damn… I'm out…" she said as she looked at a gauge located on her armlet. She took out a small transparent ampule with a translucent green liquid inside from her left sleeve . She broke off the tip and quickly swallowed the contents before tossing the container away. She felt an slight tingle as the green bar that was the gauge increased to about half capacity.

The Aragami stopped to tuck its tail underneath downwards and leaned back on it, causing the tail to arc as tension was built up. The Ogre then pushed with the tail, lunging at its opponent.

Alisa didn't react in time as the Aragami slammed its hardened head into her chest, sending her flying backwards, the impact forced her to relinquish her God Arc. She bounced once before rolling on the ground, groaning weakly as she laid on her side.

The Aragami walked over towards the down girl before releasing a triumphant roar. It closed the distance and stood above the God Eater, who looked up in terror as she saw it open its mouth with the intention of devouring her.

"Somebody… help me…" she said weakly as tears began to form in her eyes.

"GET YOUR COLLECTIVE FUZZY ASSES BACK HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!" Kira's voice screamed out as he chased after a pair of fleeing Ogretails. Kuro was following behind him with a crazed smile on her face as she fired multiple glowing blue projectiles from her God Arc, who's gun barrel looked similar to Alisa's but was a deep blue with a black barrel. One of the shots struck Alisa's Ogretail before it could deliver the finishing blow, forcing it to stagger backwards.

The fleeing Aragami screeched at the other one as they kept on running. However, one of them were knocked to the ground courtesy of Soma's God Arc.

" Idiots…" he muttered before plunging his weapon into the downed Ogretail, silencing it with a single slice to the legs. The other one stopped and tried to attack, only to be shot dead by Kuro.

The Ogretail Alisa fought turned its attention towards Kira and the others before it looked down at Alisa, who was starting to rise from the ground. The Aragami placed one of its two toed feet onto her back, pining her in place as it screeched threateningly. It opened its jaws and lowered its head, positioning its maw above Alisa's head , perilously close that the fangs almost touched her cabbie hat.

Kira and Kuro immediately froze in place while Soma watched quietly. Alisa looked at the others with pleading eyes

"Alisa…" Kuro whispered weakly as she looked at her friend.

"Clever bastard… taking a hostage…" Kira said with a growl as he carefully placed his God Arc on the ground and stepping back. "Everyone, put down your God Arcs and stand down… that's an Order…"

"Are you insane?!" Soma asked incredulously. " We'll be easy prey to the bastard without the God Arcs."

"I know… but I can tell this Aragami is smarter than the others. I can see the intellect in its eyes." Kira responded. "Besides, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. Trust me."

Soma grunted before dropping his God Arc and kicking it away.

"Your plan better work, otherwise I'll kill you." he warned.

Kira nodded in understanding before looking at Kuro who gently placed her God Arc down to the ground and stepped back a bit as she smiled slightly.

The Aragami's eyes darted as each God Eater dropped their weapons. It knew from experience that humans worked together and would protect their comrades at any price. The Ogretail raised its head before it carefully slide one of its rounded tusks underneath Alisa's top. Alisa shivered involuntarily before the Aragami lifted its head up, lifting her up from the ground as well. The captive girl shrieked as she slipped down slightly in her shirt, immediately covering her chest with her arms to preserve her modesty while grasping the shirt to prevent herself from slipping down any further.

"Please get me out of here!" she said as she blushed furiously.

Kira reached for one of the pouches against his legs and pulled out a cylindrical canister.

The Aragami eyed Kira in weary caution as he slowly reached for a pin attached to the object.

"Everyone, cover your eyes on my mark…" the homunculus instructed. "Alisa, please hang on, I'll get you to safety."

Alisa recognized what the canister was and nodded as she blushed deeper.

Kira pulled the pin of the canister and threw it.

"NOW!" he said before covering his eyes with an arm.

Everone followed suit just before the Stun Grenade exploded, unleashing a blinding light that disoriented the Ogretail. It staggered a bit, causing Alisa to swing in place as ripping sounds were heard as the fabric began to tear.

Kira immediately charged towards Alisa and immediately grabbed her and pulled down, causing the back of the shirt to tear off as the pair landed onto the ground.


Soma and Kuro didn't reply as they went to their respective God Arcs. Kuro immediately switched her weapon to blade mode before she and her teammate charged forward to the dazed Aragami. Kira looked at Alisa with a concerned look.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I- I'm perfectly alright. Thank you Kira…" she said as her blush lingered while averting her eyes.

"I'm pleased to hear that." the homunculus said with a sigh of relief. Alisa looked up and gasped upon seeing Kira's eyes.

"Y-Your eyes… they're different!" she announced.

Kira blinked a little.

"What do you mean?" he asked in confusion.

"They're just like the Ogretails!" she said.

"Really?" he said. "Never mind that now, I better get you to safety before the armless bastard recovers."

"Oh, okay."

Kira immediately rose with Alisa in his arms bridal style before he began running away from the Aragami as it finally regained its senses, heading towards Alisa's God Arc. However, he grimaced in pain as he felt several spikes hit him in the back. The homunculus immediately fell to a knee as Alisa looked at him. Unbeknownst to the pair, the Aragami that held Alisa hostage a moment ago was slain by a synchronized assault from Kuro and Soma to its head.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I got hit…" he responded before carefully setting his teammate onto the ground. "I'll be fine though, they didn't hit me anywhere vital." he twisted his body and shoulders as most of the spikes popped out of his back, he reached behind him to pull out the ones that were embedded too deep.

Kuro immediately went up to the pair and looked at Alisa.

"You okay?" she asked softly.

"I am thanks to Kira." Alisa said with a slight smile.

However, before anything else happened, Kira was knocked to the ground on his side by a punch. Before he got a chance to get back up, the blade of Soma's God Arc was held at his neck. Kira looked up at the white haired man with his all yellow eyes that lacked any irises.

"Soma! What are you doing!?" Alisa demanded. "He's our teammate!"

"Then explain why he has a tail." Soma pointed out bluntly.

The two girls looked at Kira before their eyes widened.

"Oh no… he's turning into an Aragami…" Alisa said as she immediately backed away from the homunculus. Kuro aimed her God Arc at the boy.

Kira looked to see that the mentioned tail was sticking out from underneath his jacket, its appearance similar to that of an Ogretail's, only thinner. he immediately held a hand out in a non threatening display.

"Woah, Woah, WOAH! Calm down everyone! I think I know what's going on. I can assure you, I am not a threat!" he pleaded.

Soma only glared at the homunculus before he raised his God Arc above his head to strike.

"Sorry, but I can't take any chances." he said remorselessly.

The white haired boy swung his weapon down with the intention of killing Kira. However, he was intercepted by two blades, each belonging to the girls.

"What the hell are you two doing?! He's a danger to us all now!" he said in anger.

"Soma… he's not like us..." Kuro said as both she and Alisa forced Soma back.

Soma growled as he looked at the pair.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"Alisa… Kuro… why are you two helping me?" Kira asked in disbelief.

Kuro looked over her shoulder as she smiled at him.

"Alisa and I know what it's like to be alone… and I can further relate with you being seen as an outcast." she replied.

The homunculus closed his eyes while smiling a little.

"You're willing to stand up for a monster like me?" he asked.

"No you're not a monster, you fool." Alisa blurted in response

Soma's eyes widened slightly upon Kira calling himself a monster but kept a straight face as he listened to the trio.

"Soma, Kira is not really human… you see, he claims to be what is called a homunculus. He's not like you or me…" the Russian girl explained.

"Why should I believe that?" the white haired teen asked skeptically.

"I don't expect you to, Soma… but keep in mind that the Director and Dr. Sakaki knew all about what I truly am even before I became a God Eater." Kira said as he rose to his feet while opening his eyes. The tail whipped in the air a few times as he went to his God Arc and picked it up. "If you want to strike me down still, feel free to, but remember, I will not go down without a fight."

"Kira…" Alisa said softly while she and Kuro looked at Kira in concern.

Soma fell silent as he thought to himself. He tightened his grip on the God Arc's handle. After a few moments of consideration, he sighed and placed the back of his weapon against his shoulder.

"Fine… but if you show any intentions of attacking us, I will strike you down without hesitation." he warned.

"Okay, now that's taken care of, we can get back to how come Kira has an Aragami tail." Alisa said, trying to switch the topic as quickly as possible.

"I think it's because I had my God Arc devour that first Aragami… since I'm connected to it though my armlet, it could've been possible I assimilated some of the Oracle Cells and transformed as a result. This isn't anything new to me, as I was able to do such things before. But still… I never was able to absorb any living organisms before… let me see if I can change back first." Kira said before he closed his eyes to focus. The orange core of the God Arc what was close to the handle flashed a few times before pulsing black veins appeared on the back of Kira's hand as he focused on transforming back. The tail began to shrivel up as it retreated back into the body as he grimaced in pain. Two minutes passed before the tail vanished from view. Kira opened his eyes, revealing them to have reverted back to normal.

"So... Did it work?" he asked

"Looks like you are not human after all…" Soma remarked dryly. "but what I said still stands."

Kira smirked and nodded his head before looking at the two girls.

"Thank you both." he said with a heartfelt smile. He then set his God Arc down to the ground in order to take off his jacket and place it onto Alica's shoulders.

"Huh? What are you doing?" she asked in confusion.

"Didn't you notice that the back of your top was torn off when I rescued you? I noticed you don't anything underneath it, so… wear that until we get back home." Kira explained nervously while blushing a bit.

Alisa blushed furiously and immediately dropped her weapon to hastily close the jacket up.

"T-Thank you…" she said while once again diverting her gaze from Kira.

Kuro chuckled at the display before she went up to the blushing pair.

" Like that I care, bur are you guys coming? We need to get back to the Den." Soma said as he began walking away to the extraction point.

Kira and Alisa snapped back to reality before they picked up their weapons and ran after Soma.

Kuro giggled at the pair as a slight blush appeared on her cheeks.

"Kira's quite considerate towards others…" she said to herself before she ran to catch up with the others.

From behind a pile of metal beams, the two spying Aragami looked at each other as they conversed amongst themselves about what they just witnessed. They both agreed that their Vajra leader needed to know about the one who grew their kind's tail.

Two hundred Kilometers away.

"Retreat!" a God Eater said to his teammate as they ran for their lives. The cores of their God Arcs were shattered, making the weapons inoperable. The team of four were sent out to eliminate several Ogretails. Instead, However, they were ambushed by the very Aragami they were sent out to kill. It wasn't unheard for a God Eater to be caught off guard by an Ogretail and be devoured by it, but the way the attack was orchestrated was done strategically. . The Aragami kept their range as they picked off the pair with the shooting God Arcs first. The remaining two were pressed back as the Aragami fired from multiple directions before they had little choice but to flee when their cores were struck by two precise shots from an Ogretail.

However, the survivors were further rattled when a scarred Vajra appeared with a Sariel, blocking their means of escape.

The Vajra glared at the pair while releasing a deep growl as the Sariel crooned softly. The two God Eaters stopped and looked on in fear. Without the God Arcs operational, the two were helpless against the beasts that stood before them.

A group of five Ogretails slowly came up from behind the two humans. they eyed the humans hungrily as some of them growled softly.

The leader of the two looked at his teammate before he smiled.

"Run. I'll distract them as long as I can." he said before he ran towards the Vajra and Sariel.

The larger Aragami didn't budge as one of the Ogretails used its tail to pounce onto the man. The small Aragami opened its jaws and closed them upon the human, ending his life in one swift moment.

The lone human trembled in fear as she witnessed the pack of Ogretails swarm the corpse.

Her emerald green eyes were welling up in tears as she fell to her knees, all hope leaving her. Her grayish- blue hair was disheveled from all the running. Her pale white skin was covered with beads of sweat. Her outfit consisting of a black bikini top paired with black slacks. Attached to her right wrist was a red armlet.

The Ogretails dispersed, eyeing the girl hungrily. One of them charged forward with its mouth already opened to bite down on her. The girl lowered her head with her eyes closed and awaited death.

A loud roar filled the air as the scarred Vajra leaped in front of the girl, swatting the Ogretail away with one of its paws. The pack stared at the tiger like Aragami before each of them released a challenging screech. The larger Aragami roared in response before it conjured a horizontal line of siz orbs of electricity. The Vajra fired at the pack, forcing them to disperse to avoid getting struck. However, one was unfortunate and was downed immediately by one of the spheres. The remaining five surrounded the larger Vajra and the human before each of them raised their tails above their heads, preparing to fire their spikes.

The God Eater opened her eyes as she heard the commotion. She stared in disbelief at her unlikely savior as it roared once more, this time with more fervor. The Ogretails were momentarily stunned by the deafening noise before five beams of light struck each of the opposing Aragami, knocking all but one off balance and to the ground. The one that endured the hit roared loudly as the Sariel joined the fray.

The feminine Aragami looked at the Ogretail before landing in front of it and holding its wing arm out. The Ogretail stepped back and fired at its larger foe. The Sariel screeched as it was knocked onto its back as the spikes struck it in the skirt.

The Vajra roared and immediately pounced onto the Aragami, sinking its teeth into its body. The Ogretail screeched as loud as it could before falling silent. It swung its head and released its grip on the corpse, sending it flying towards a lake, only for an Aragami with a large toothy maw and a cannon sticking from its forehead to catch it and retreating back under the surface with its prize.

The remaining four rose to their feet before they backed away in fear. However, they were stopped by the Sariel, who quickly flew up and created a prismatic pillar of light to block off their escape.

The girl watched in a mix of confusion and awe at what she was witnessing. The Sariel landed again and immediately touched one of the Ogretails, one whose left tusk was missing, and made contact with one of its wing arms.

"We advise you to have you and your brethren to stop attacking us. You are not in any position to fight." the feminine Aragami advised.

The Ogretail fell silent briefly before it screeched loudly, telling the others to stand down.

"What do you want?" it replied bitterly.

"We observed your hunt. None of your brethren have performed such strategy before…" the Sariel commented.

"That's because we observed our prey closely. We learned how they fight. They fight one of two ways, one from a distance, and the other is direct. Why are you not devouring us right now?"

"We request your assistance." the Sariel said, getting straight to the point. "Assuming that you are the leader."

The Den- Kira's Room Five hours Later

The Homunculus laid in his bed, staring up at the ceiling while wearing nothing more than his white pants.

"How did I grow an Aragami tail without realizing it? And so painlessly? He asked out loud to no one in particular. The homunculus got up and closed his eyes breifly. " It doesn't matter right now… there's a lot to this new body that even I don't know about. I better check on Kuro and Alisa…"

The homunculus went to the couch to pick up his white shirt before putting it back on. He mentally reminded himself that the Russian girl still had his jacket. As he went to the door, it opened to reveal a familiar black haired girl standing in the hallway.

"Kuro… what are you doing here?" Kira asked in mild surprise.

"I need to speak with you." Kuro said as she stepped into the room as the door closed behind her.

Kira nodded before heading to the kitchenette area.

"Thirsty? I got some beer rations…" he offered.

"I'll pass." the red eyed girl declined politely while shaking her head.

Kira nodded before taking a glass that was next to the sink and turned on the faucet.

"So, what did you want to talk about Kuro-chan?" he asked while filling the glass with water.

The girl smiled a bit before she sat on the couch and sprawled out lazily.

"I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about yourself…" she explained. "and I don't mean just you being a homunculus."

Kira nodded as he turned off the faucet and take a sip from the cup.

"I see… well… for starters, I actually came from Europe, specifically somewhere around where Germany would've been. The name Masamune Kira is actually an alias that I go by…but don't bother asking what my real name is… it's been so damn long that I can't remember it at all." he said casually. " I was created with the intention of granting the king of the kingdom I lived in at the time the chance to achieve his dream of becoming God."

Kuro chuckled upon hearing that. "A god? Please… no one believes in any omnipotent deities of any kind these days. The Aragami have adopted appearances based on the Gods and other divine beings. For example, there's this one Aragami that has what looks like an angel trapped to its face…" she replied. "Unless they're insane, no person would believe in such things."

Kira chuckled a bit as a smile crept onto his face. "Really now? I finally don't have to worry about people trying to burn me at the stake for being a demon." he said sardonically.

"Why do you say such a thing?" the girl asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Well… most religions from my world would see me as either a demon or an abomination of nature. Several times I was captured, tortured, or something really morbid happened to me. Trust me… the middle ages up to the late Eighteenth Century were a bitch…"

Kuro stifled a laugh before patting a spot next to her.

"Come join me Kira." she requested.

The Homunculus chuckled and obliged, sitting right next to her while setting his glass on the glass coffee table that was in front of the couch. Kuro smiled before resting her head against his shoulder.

"So.. If you lived for so long, why do you look so young?" she asked in a whisper.

Kira blushed a little before clearing his throat.

"It's because I was able to regenerate at an inhumanly fast pace…fast enough that I could shrug off every physical causes of death, granting me pseudo-immortality. However… ever since I wound up here… my body is healing very slowly… as slow as a human… I still have the bruises from our mission earlier." he said as Kuro closed her eyes. "Before hand… bruises like mine would've went away within seconds."

The black haired girl only nodded as she snuggled against Kira.

"Arigato Gozaimasu, Kira-kun…" she said in grateful voice while closing her eyes.

"For what exactly?" the homunculus asked.

"For saving Alisa. You don't know how much it means to me…" she explained. "You see… Alisa and I both have tragic childhoods… I was abused and abandoned, and Alisa lost her parents to an Aragami… we were both alone… and she was transferred to the Far East Branch not long after I became a God Eater… At first we were weary of the other, but eventually we became the best of friends… possibly as close as you could without becoming lovers…"

Kira smiled sadly before wrapping his arm around the black haired girl to give her a hug.

"I understand where you're going… you weren't sure what to do if you lost Alisa…" he said. "I know firsthand what it's like to lose a loved one all to well… "

Kuro smiled and relaxed in Kira's one armed embrace

"I'm really grateful you understand…" she said while opening her eyes slowly.

"Kira, I'm grateful that I've met you… " her cheeks blushed deeply as she spoke.

"Same here Kuro…" Kira said while smiling. "The same goes to Alisa."

Kuro giggled a bit before closing her eyes again.

"Thank you… for being my friend." Kira said to her before he closed his own eyes and rested his head ontop of Kuro's own. The pair drifted off to asleep soon after. They didn't stir as the door opened as an exhausted Alisa stepped into the room late within the night, carrying Kira's folded jacket in her arms. The Russian saw the pair and smiled at the sight. The blonde yawned before setting the jacket on the coffee table before going to the bed to pull off the outer blanket from it. She returned to the couch before sitting next to Kira opposite of Kuro while draping the blanket over the three of them. She yawned once again while resting her own head against Kira before joining them in sleep. They remained that way for the rest of the night. However, all wasn't as it seemed at first glance.

Kira's mind.

Kira walked within the black abyss again, looking around as he heard the sounds of two sobbing girls.

"Alisa! Kuro!" the homunculus cried out as he ran.

"Mommy… Daddy… I didn't mean to… please don't get angry." Alisa's voice whimpered with a hint of fear in it.

"I am not a demon child!" Kuro cried out in protest, yet the sound of her voice said that she was afraid and panicking.

"Alisa! Kuro! Speak to me!" Kira cried out as loud as he could.

"They're trapped within nightmares formed from their most painful memories." a familiar voice explained.

"You… what do you want this time?" the homunculus spat in anger as he saw the familiar pair of glowing yellow orbs looking down at him.

"You seem somewhat distraught by what you're hearing." the creature said. "You should just ignore them, they're only pathetic humans."

" Listen here you bastard… I told you this already, but I won't accept you. And those so called pathetic humans I'm hearing are my friends!" Kira declared as he clenched his fists. " They are also the first people who've accepted me as an homunculus in a very long time!"

"Heh… are you claiming them as your mates, Kira?" the creature taunted. "For humans, they are both quite attractive."

"I wasn't implying such a thing." Kira said while blushing slightly. "However, I will not betray their trust… no matter what, I'll be right there for both of them."

The homunculus took a step forward as he glared at the glowing eyes. All he got in response was a low growl before the orbs vanished. Kira looked forward and began walking.

"Mommy… Daddy…" Alisa's voice said weakly.

"Why? Why is everyone being so mean to me?" Kuro sobbed.

"Alisa… Kuro… I understand you're both in pain, and it can hurt so much that you just want to disappear from the world… but you are not alone. I'll be there for both of you. If you need someone to lean on, or just talk to… just ask me and I'll do what I can. I can't promise to protect you from everything, that's simply impossible. But I will be at your side to help you through it the best. " Kira said with a steeled resolve as tears formed in his eyes.

"Please… all I'm asking is to trust me and let me be your friend…"

Both voices immediately fell silent after he finished. Kira lowered his head while struggling to keep himself from crying. Minutes passed, yet only silence persisted. The homunculus sighed in defeat as he slumped to his knees. "I guess they didn't hear me after all…"

"You sure about that?" Kuro's voice asked without warning.

The homunculus raised his head and noticed two silhouetted figures appear as they walked towards him.

"We heard you alright." Alisa remarked as she appeared with a smile.

"Ditto." Kuro said as walked up to Alisa's side.

"I feel like a fool right now… saying stuff like that." Kira quipped as he smiled sheepishly.

"But did you mean all that?" Alisa asked skeptically. " Will you be there to help us?"

Kira chuckled before nodding. "I meant every word of it." he replied sincerely.

"You better keep your promise." Kuro warned while offering her hand out to the homunculus.

"If you don't, we'll never forgive you." Alisa added before offering her own hand as well.

Kira nodded before grinning. " I always keep my word, girls." he said before taking both girls hands with his own before they helped him up to his feet.

"How touching… you just professed your love for each other." the gravely voice spoke provokingly.

Alisa and Kuro jumped slightly upon hearing the voice while Kira only snarled.

"Can't you ever leave me alone?" the homunculus spat.

"Only when you're awake." the voice said before a sword of flames manifested in the clawed hand of the monster. "These humans will only interfere with you accepting us, therefore they must die…"

The sword was swung down at Kira , who didn't even flinch as he glared at the glowing eyes.

"I am not you…" he said before holding a hand up. A defiant roar was heard before a blade of a blue aura appeared and collided with the sword of flames. " I am not you, nor ever will be."

The black Abyss began to give way slightly, revealing a gigantic bipedal dragon with a glowing chest. It had a long whip like tail as well as a bronze arm bracer fastened to its left arm. Its draconic head lacked any lips, revealing its gray needle like teeth. The long serpentine neck twisted as the dragon lowered its head to look at Kira eye to eye.

The two girls stepped backwards in fear as Kira stood his ground.

"What is that thing?!" Kuro cried out.

"That thing looks like an Aragami!" Alisa added.

"I think it is… that is my other half…" Kira said.

The white dragon opened its mouth and began laughing.

"You finally acknowledge us!" it said with mirth. However, it stopped when the homunculus spoke up.

"I don't have much of a choice, but it doesn't mean you're in charge...Hannibal" Kira said as he stepped forward.

Hannibal roared as it charged forward, only to be tackled by a glowing silhouette of a blue Hannibal.

"I won't let you hurt Kuro or Alisa, you bastard…" the homunculus said as he kept on walking.

The white dragon roared as it rose to its feet.

"Fine… We'll leave your mates alone… but we will become one very soon." it said before it receded back into the darkness.

"Like to see you try." Kira taunted as the only remaining feature of Hannibal were its yellow eyes. Once the orbs vanished. The homunculus sighed in relief before turning around to look at his friends.

"Gomen for dragging you two into my personal matters…" he apologized while bowing slightly.

"It's alright Kira." Kuro said with a grin.

"Still, this is one bizarre dream…" Alisa commented.

"Agreed." Kira said in agreement while Kuro only nodded.

"So… what now?"

Kuro thought for a minute before smirking a bit. The blackette went to Alisa and whispered into her ear. The Russian blushed slightly before nodding.

"It makes sense…" Alisa said. "This is a dream after all…Alright… I'll do it…"

"Hey Kira." Kuro called out.

The homunculus blinked before walking over towards the two friends. Once he was close enough, both girls blushed slightly before they ensnared him a loving embrace.

"Thanks Kira." the pair said before releasing the now furiously blushing Kira.

"A-Anytime. " the boy said in a daze.

"Wonder if we're going to wake up…"

"I think we just need to walk." Kira said before smiling at the pair. "shall we get going?"

Both girls nodded silently before the homunculus turned around and began walking.

"Let's go girls." he said. "But still… to think that stupid newt called you my mates!"

Both girls flushed deeply upon hearing Kira. They quickly looked at each other in uncertainty before they followed him into the Abyss.

Once the trio vanished into the darkness, Hannibal's eyes reappeared as it chuckled maliciously.

"Kira…You continue to impress us with your resolve… but the next time you three slumber together, will those two handle witnessing all the tragedies that you've went through, as well as you seeing theirs first hand? " it asked out loud.

The dragon began laughing as the eyes vanished back into the ebony abyss.

Final Thoughts: Devouring Edition

Blazorna: *stands triumphantly upon a pile of giant Aragami while holding up a blue version of Alisa's God Arc.* FINALLY! I HAVE CONQUERED THE STORY! ALL SHALL BOW BEFORE ME NOW!

Kira: * stands at the base of the Aragami pile with Alisa and Kuro while facepalming self* Oh God… He needs to be taken down a peg or twenty…

Alisa: Agreed… but he needs to get it out of his system… or else he'll never live it down…

Kuro: *nods in agreement before turning to viewers* still…he's terrified of Thor's Banquet.

Blazorna: *turns stark white as a face of horror appears.* Not the Vajra herd… ANYTHING but the Vajra herd!

Kira: Thanks Kuro.

Kuro: anytime Kira. Anyway, we're on.

Kira: Oh, we are! Sorry about that. Welcome to Final Thoughts: Devouring Edition. As you could see, Blazorna successfully managed to finish the storyline.

Alisa: Now he has the Challenge missions to complete. And let's not forget the DLC.

Kira: *Gets nosebleed while drooling at the image of the human half of Venus*

Kuro & Alisa: PERVERT! *both punch Kira at the same time to the face*

Kira: BWRFF! * flies through the air before landing into the Aragami pile head first*

Alisa: Can we get to the question already?

Is the Scarred Vajra the main antagonist or will it be someone else?

Kuro: I don't know…

Alisa: Same here…

Blazorna: *leaps off of the pile and lands face first to the ground before getting back up.* Ah, that's a very good question. Originally, I thought I would've had that Aragami be the main antagonist through the entire story… but after (finally) finishing the main game, I learned of a few new things that intrigued me, so I might do two story arcs. Anyway I won't talk anymore about the storyline directly, but instead, talk about a subplot I have in mind.

Idea is that Soma has girl troubles of his own after a teammate he was partnered with develops an crush on him.

Alisa: Wait…isn't he supposed to be with… you know… her?

Blazorna: I have other plans with her in this story, even though the bond between them will remain intact. Besides, it wasn't proven they were lovers…

Alisa: I see… it's understandable, unless they are hooked up in canon, or there's any strong implications of romantic interest towards someone, you will do whatever you wish.

Blazorna: *nods* correct. I'm one who usually doesn't like messing with romances if they exist. On another note. The God Eater the Scarred Vajra rescued wasn't some random character. She has a role in the storyline, which will be explored further in the near future.

Kuro: *nods*

Alisa: Alright, but what about that love triangle you mentioned?

Blazorna: Well, I already implied the three who will be involved. But I will confirm that Erena isn't one of them.

Kira: *head pops up from the Aragami pile* Good… that would've been awkward… VERY awkward in more than one way…

Blazorna: Anyway… I would like to thank everyone who took their time to leave a review, and as for the one who suggested me to branch the longer paragraphs, I actually try to do so. But I have trouble trying to find a good point to split it up. But thank you for the advise, I greatly appreciate it. *bows humbly*