Kira gritted his teeth as his God Arc's blade started to crack underneath the pressure of his adversary's attack. The homunculus looked over to Alisa and Kuro briefly, his rage towards his opponent building upon seeing the pair's helpless states.

"YOU ARE ABERRATIONS TO HUMANITY!" the man screamed at the injured God Eaters as his saw blade pushed down more upon the homunculus' short blade. " AND I CAN'T BELIVE ALISA CHOSE TO STAND WITH SUCH MONSTERS LIKE YOU!"

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Kira roared as flames began to escape from his mouth as his skin became chalk white. "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!"

However, his face immediately turned to one of shock as he saw the blade of his God Arc shattering from the pressure, the serrated teeth of the saw digging into his shoulder straight to the bone.

Chapter 5: Monster

Kira's Room- Two hours after Kira waking up

Kuro sighed as she laid back on Kira's back while lazily kicking her legs up into the air, starting to become antsy over waiting for the homunculus to come back. Alisa was occupying herself with a fashion magazine that was written in Russian while sitting on Kira's couch. The two New Types received Kira's message from their supervisor upon returning to the Den from their mission. Once they heard what was said, they immediately made a beeline to his room, as they still had questions about the shared dream that needed to be answered.

The third occupant in the room, Erena, was busy at the computer terminal in the back right corner of the room, reading through multiple files of information on various topics in the NORN Database. Her entire left arm was covered with bandages while held in place in a sling. She found out while returning to the Den that her arm began to become unresponsive and throbbing in pain. She consulted with Tsubaki about it, but was immediately sent to the infirmary for examination. It was discovered that some of the tendons in her forearm were torn, which led to her current state of appearance.

"I see… The different species of Aragami are named after deities of human cultures and mythos…" she said out loud, too engrossed in her research to pay attention to the others.

"I wonder what's taking him so long…" Alisa spoke up in concern, closing her magazine and setting it down on the table.

Kuro sat up briefly to only shrug in uncertainty before flopping back down onto the bed. Erena didn't reply, instead intently reading a report of the mimicking ability of Oracle Cells.

"Dr. Sakaki said that Kira would be awake by now… but what if something bad happened to him on his mission?" the platinum blond girl thought out loud in concern.

Upon hearing the last part, Kuro immediately got onto her feet before running to Alisa and grabbing her hand. The Russian only blinked in confusion before she was forced against her will in following her friend out of the room, leaving the oblivious Erena alone to her own devices. When they were heading to the elevator, Alisa got an idea of where Kuro was planning on going.

Sick Bay

Kira slowly rose to his feet, his mind still remembering the blue haired girl who he helped earlier, only to be killed upon orders from the Director. The homunculus sighed and shook his head.

"I got to move on… this isn't the first time it's happened after all." he said in a solemn manner. "Besides, my blood may have turned her into an Aragami while retaining her humanity… Plus I wouldn't put it past the Director to be afraid of what I am."

The black haired God Eater gave a swift kick against the wall, causing a thud to reverberate through the air.

"What's with you?" a voice said from behind him.

The startled homunculus turned around, staring at a man that was taller than him standing at the doorway.

He had black hair that was kept in a manner where the long bangs covered his left eye completely. His face had a scowl on it while his sapphire blue eyes focused upon Kira. He was wearing the same kind of outfit as Kira, but was black and dark gray in place of the purple and white respectively. Like Kira, he had an red armlet on his right arm, signifying him to be a God Eater, however, the stranger's had all sorts of chips and scratches on it.

"Who are you?" the homunculus asked.

"Alexander Bates." the boy of seventeen years introduced himself while walking towards him. Kira immediately noted his accent to be one from America. "So, you're the infamous Masamune Kira."

Kira immediately frowned, immediately picking up the slight anger that lingered in the man's voice.

"So what if I am?" he asked, testing the waters.

"Despite being here for a short time, you've already made your move on my Alisa and Mayumi!" Bates said while pointing an accusing finger at the homunculus.

"What do you mean by that?!" Kira blurted loudly while balling his hands into fists. "Who said that they belonged to you?"

"I did. You may not know this, but no one has dared approach those girls ever since I kicked the ass out of that First Unit loser, Kohta after he attempted to approach my Mayumi." the God Eater boasted, hoping to intimidate the homunculus.

Kira only sighed before tilting his head to the side with his eyes closed, causing it to crack as the tension within the muscles were alleviated. He then opened them, glaring at the man.

"I'm not in a good mood… I just learned that someone I tried to help is dead." he said calmly.

"Tough luck, brat. I need to teach you a lesson." Bates said before reaching into one of the pouches. "One you will never forget."

Kira's eyes widened upon seeing the small serrated knife that was pulled up slightly.

"You… You wouldn't dare…" he said while taken a step back.

Normally, the homunculus wouldn't have been phased by the sight of the weapon, but with knowledge that he healed at the same rate as a human, he could probably die by the potential instrument of death.

"Don't worry brat, I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to make sure you know your place." the man sincerely assured Kira while putting the weapon away. "But if you resist, I might reconsider."

Kira felt slightly relieved upon hearing that, but was still quite nervous. The senior God Eater grinned before he stepped forward. However, Bates stopped when the door opened, forcing the man to stop what he was doing.

"Bates…" Kuro's voice rung venomously as she and Alisa came into the room.

"Mayumi-chan. What a pleasant sup-URRGH!" the man said before he was interrupted with a punch in the stomach by the normally quiet girl, forcing him to lurch forward while his air was knocked out of his lungs.

"STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM!" the New-Type roared furiously as she withdrew her fist, only to strike Bates in the jaw.

The teen fell to the ground on his back with a loud thud while Kira and Alisa both turned to look at their friend, whose face was now full of anger.

"You have no control over who I can and can't see, Bates." Kuro spoke, calming down slightly as she looked down at him. "If I could get away with it, I'd chop you up and feed you to the damn Aragami alive."

Both of her friends froze upon hearing the remark. They could easily tell that she was dead serious about doing it.

"Kuro-san, please calm down and think this through." Kira said softly as he approached her. "I don't want you to do something you'd regret."

The red-eyed God Eater turned her head and gave him a soft smile as she nodded.

"Thank you, Kira-kun. Don't worry though, even though I can't help but lose control of my temper whenever I see this bastard, I will not go to such extremes." she said as she turned her back to Bates. "Kira-kun, Alisa-chan, let's get going. We have better places to be at."

With that, the red eyed God Eater left the infirmary with Alisa following close behind. Kira however turned to look at Bates.

"Leave the girls alone." he warned before turning to leave the room, not even bothering to listen to the loud, infuriated scream that came from the Infirmary.

Sakaki's lab.

"Well I'll be, he really is quite an interesting specimen." the spectacled man said in interest. "His cells are similar to Oracle Cells, yet they aren't."

"So, you are still examining Masamune's blood sample, am I wrong?" the Director said calmly as he walked into the lab.

Sakaki looked up from the monitor he was looking at and smiled at him in a friendly manner.

"Oh, it's you Johan. Yes, I still am studying it. It's so fascinating how unique he is. I actually did several experiments, each of them yielded interesting results. Care to listen?"

"Of course, Paylor, like you, I am also intrigued with Masamune's physiology, although for different reasons." Johannes said before walking towards the scientist.

"I figured. Well first off, his cells actually preys upon foreign Oracle Cells, and apparently learn from them, but it leaves every other kind of cell alone. I don't know yet still what the purpose of this means , but who knows, depending on the compatibility of these kinds of cells, this could further enhance the abilities of God Eaters. As well as improving the Anti-Aragami shield." Paylor explained as he brought up a window containing the results of several different experiments.

The director leaned forward and meticulously looked at the information as a slight smile formed on his face.

"Very interesting. I will permit you to conduct further testing if you wish." he said as he stood up. " I will also permit you to use several God Eaters, in them, as long as the tests don't compromise their capabilities in any way, especially if they are New-Types."

"I see… you want me to do this as quickly as possible. Is that correct Johan?" the doctor said with a sigh.

"Preferably, but I will give you as much time as needed." the blond man said with a confirming nod.

Sakaki nodded slowly and looked at the screen as his smile faltered slightly.

"Very well then, Director." he said with slight reluctance. "I've already conducted some compatibility tests with the blood of several candidates, which includes the New-Type God Eaters stationed here. All results show each with high compatibility towards Masamune's cells, however, the only problem is for the cells to not consume the P53 bias factor used in Old-Types. Although, it appears to not be as serious for New-Types, as the bias is consumed at a significantly slower pace. A slight increase in the injection amounts will be all that is necessary to maintain the necessary amount for wielding God Arcs ."

Johannes nodded as he listened to his long time friend and colleague.

"I see… Is there anything that you want me to do?" he asked.

"I request only one thing, I would like you to allow me to create a team out of the God Eaters who are involved in the experiment. It'll be easier for me to conduct my research when everyone is together."

Johannes fell silent to contemplate over the request. He turned to look at the scientist to give his answer

"Very well then, Stargazer, I will permit you to create a team, as long as I am given frequent updates on their activities." he said. " Do you have a name in mind for this team already? Or should I name it for you?"

Paylor chuckled as his smile returned to normal.

"I infact have one already. Are you familiar with the Greek God of the North Wind?" he asked.

The Den

"HE IS COMING WITH US?!" Kuro cried out incredulously, causing multiple God Eaters to star in disbelief upon hearing the normally quiet girl talk.

"I understand that you are not on good terms with him, but he specializes in fighting the Aragami you are going after today." Tsubaki said with a frown.

"You know how dangerous Kongou are in large numbers." Bates said smugly as he looked at the now seething New-type. Alisa placed a hand onto Kuro's shoulder, shaking her head in disapproval. The red-eyed girl only nodded before sighing as she began to calm down.

"Kongou… they're those… monkey Aragami, correct?" Kira asked while glaring at the man.

"Correct Masamune. We have a report of three of them located in the Forgotten Carrier area." the advisor spoke as she looked over at the homunculus. "Normally we wouldn't send rookies like you on a mission with that many in one area, but there is nobody else we could spare. Besides, the director himself insisted for you to take part of this mission."

Kira frowned slightly and nodded without replying.

It must be to gauge my capabilities. He thought to himself.

"Who shall the leader of the group?" Alisa spoke up as she looked Tsubaki.

Bates' smile radiated just how smug he was upon hearing the question.

"I shall lead this mission, as I got the most experience." he boasted as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"I refuse to work with this bastard!" Kuro spat as her anger was reignited. "I would never work with the one with the highest fatality rate of all God Eaters!"

"It's not my fault that so many of my comrades died because of their own carelessness." Bates replied with a sigh.

"Enough you two." Tsubaki said while glaring at the two God Eaters. "You are all to deploy immediately. Dismissed."

All four God Eaters nodded and went on their way.

Forgotten Carrier - two hours later.

Kira sighed softly as he looked at the familiar sight of the ruined carrier, his mind recalling the events that transpired there the last time he was there. Alisa looked at the homunculus in concern as she shouldered her God Arc.

"Kira, are you okay?" she asked.

The male New-Type nodded solemnly.

"I just didn't expect to come back here so soon." he said before tightening his grip on his God Arc. "This time… I will not fail…"

"Sure, tell yourself that." Bates said dryly as he wrapped an arm around Kuro's waist.

"Get your hands off her!" Kira warned while pointing the blade of his God Arc at the man.

"You're not in charge here, Greenhorn." the squad leader said callously before grimacing in pain as Kuro dug her nails deep into his hand to remove it from her waist.

"So… How are we to proceed? Split up and search for the Kongou?" Alisa asked.

"I say you and Mayumi stay with me while the greenhorn goes ahead as the scout." Bates said with a smirk.

"Umm… no… How about Alisa and I go with Kira and you go solo as the scout? He's the rookie remember? And Alisa has only faced Kongou once before." Kuro interjected, smirking in satisfaction as she saw the scowl on the man's face. The man turned his attention to Alisa, who only shook her head in refusal.

"Fine… I'll go alone. But don't hold me responsible for what happens." Bates said bitterly before he lifted his God Arc behind his back. It was an Old-Type with a large rust colored saw for the blade with a single row of hooked teeth. Two halves of a bronze colored shield that was in the same shape as Alisa's was also present at the sides of the weapon. Like the other Old-Type God Arcs focused on melee, the weapon had a ribbed exhaust where the gun part of the New-Types would be located.

The remaining three waited until Bates was out of hearing range.

"That bastard…" Kuro seethed as she tightened her grip on her God Arc.

"Kuro, if you're okay with it, can you fill me on your problem with Bates?" Kira asked softly. "You usually aren't like this."

The red-eyed girl sighed and looked at the homunculus with a sad look.

"Alexander was one of my chief tormentors from when I was a kid…" she said while holding her God Arc at the side. "He was always praised by his friends and family for whatever he did to me… he once broke two of my fingers in front of his mother, and she was actually proud of him for it…"

"Kuro…" Kira said as he stepped towards his friend, but stopped as she resumed talking.

"Everything changed once Lindow entered the picture. One day he caught him and some of his friends beating me up. After being scared to death by Lindow's God Arc in predator mode, he stopped. Afterwards, he began attempting to keep others away from me, and succeeded for the most part. The bastard is also a womanizer, so he does the same with Alisa. If he couldn't get away with hurting me physically , he will do it psychologically."

Kuro looked down at the ground as tears began forming in her eyes. Kira dropped his God Arc and gently wrapped his arms around the girl, startling her slightly.

"If he ever tries to hurt you or Alisa in anyway, I will stop him." the homunculus reassured her.

Alisa smiled softly as she walked to her friends and looked at Kuro, who was now blushing slightly from Kira's words.

"I will do the same for you, Mayumi. We're friends after all." she added.

Kuro smiled softly and nodded.

"Thank you… Kira… Alisa." She said with a relieved tone.

Kira removed his arms and stepped back as he knelt down to retrieve his God Arc.

"So, you ready to kick some monkey ass?" he asked in a joking manner.

Kuro smiled slightly before nodding.

"Let's do it." she said as she walked forward.

Kira and Alissa looked at each other and both smiled as they followed their friend.

Several minutes passed when the trio looked upwards as they saw a signal flare fly up not far from where they were, leaving a trail of red smoke. The God Eaters picked up their pace and ran towards the location, knowing that it was Bates who set it off.

However, upon their arrival, they froze upon what they were seeing.

Bates was smirking as he looked at a dismembered arm once belonging to a civilian who was curled up in a ball and whimpering in excruciating pain.

"About time that you three showed up. I was getting pretty tired of messing with this pathetic man." he said in a bored tone.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Kira spoke up as his God Arc transformed into its gun mode. "Where are the Aragami?!"

"There are no Aragami. I had a friend create a false report to draw you three out here." Bates explained before he walked towards Kira and the others. He raised up his bloodstained God Arc as a smirk formed on his face. " I now can finally free Alisa and rid of the two monsters who are corrupting her."

He pulled out a Stun Grenade and threw it towards the group quickly. The grenade detonated, blinding all three of the God Eaters as Bates made his move. He ran forward and slammed the side of his weapon against Kira's chest, knocking him down to the ground. The man then raised the God Arc above his head, attempting to strike down the disoriented Kuro in one strike. However, the blade was parried by a silver blade.

"It appears the Director's suspicions were correct." Erena said as she forced Bates back with only her good hand.

"You… How dare you interfere!" the male God-Eater hissed in anger.

"Erena?" Kira asked as his eyesight began to return to normal.

"It is me, Masamune Kira." the former Aragami replied as she glared at Bates. "I was sent here by the Director to check up on you three after it was noticed that your assigned mission was only a fraud. I do not understand why he specifically wanted me to go investigate, despite my current condition. Regardless, based upon what I heard, I believe Alexander Bates is part of a cult…"

Bates chuckled as he listened to Erena.

"A cult? Please. I don't believe in such nonsense like gods or anything. Humanity is now plagued with monsters who look like them. I became a God Eater to eliminate such monsters." Bates explained in a calm manner as his God Arc's blade was shrouded in a purple aura.

He swung the weapon at the former Ogretail with all his strength. Erena held up the God Arc as the sheild was formed. However, the force of the weapon caused her weapon to start spraying blood as the shield gave way, allowing the tip of the saw to cut deep into her left shoulder.

Erena screamed in pain as Bates smirked in satisfaction. He twisted the weapon from side to side, causing the teeth to dig deeper into the shoulder of her already injured arm. He then took the saw and slammed it against her ankle, shattering the bone in the joint and causing the girl to crumple to the pavement.

"ERENA!" Kira screamed as he ran forward. Bates withdrawn his God Arc and swung it at the homunculus, who in turn held up his God Arc to parry the blow. "Damn you Bates…"

The traitorous God Eater smirked before calling out his own shield to block several shots fired from Kuro and Alisa's God Arcs.

"Bates, why would you betray us like this?" Alisa asked. "Kira and the others here are your comrades."

"I heard about that freak Kira being able to transform into an Aragami from my friend." Bates explained. "That alone makes him a threat to humanity. He after all, had to have devoured Itaru's comrades."

Kira's blood ran cold upon hearing the name of the blue haired girl he failed to save. He looked at Kuro and Alisa with a stunned look on his face. The red-eyed girl shook her head and smiled reassuringly at him.

"That's all a lie! Kira will never do such a thing!" Alica said in protest as she aimed her firearm at the traitor. "You don't know him like I do. True he is not human, but he is not a mindless monster! He values the lives of others…"

"Alisa… I thought you knew better… After all, a monster devoured your parents…" Bates said in a saddened tone

The Russian became tense upon hearing what the traitor said. Seeing his opportunity, he kicked Kira to stun him before flipping his God Arc and slamming the dull side into the girl's leg with a sickening crack following the impact.

Alisa screamed as she collapsed to the ground, tears streaming down her face as she abandoned her God Arc to grasp her now broken leg. Bates then kicked the blonde in the chest and forced her to lie on the ground with the saw held near her neck.

"ALISA!" Kuro screamed as she switched her God Arc into sword form and raising it above her head. However, the girl immediately collapsed to the ground as the flat of the saw struck her in the face, rendering her unconscious.

"I'll deal with you first, Mayumi… You have plagued humanity for far too long." Bats said as he raised his God Arc above his head. He looked at the helpless girl before bringing down the blade.

"I WON'T LET YOU!" Kira screamed as he got in front of Kuro with the God Arc above his head. The blades of both weapons connected with one another. The homunculus grimaced upon feeling the force of the saw pushing down upon the knife like blade.

"Don't interfere, you monster…" Bates warned. "This is for the sake of humanity."

"By murdering my friend because you see her as a monster?" Kira asked skeptically before he felt more pressure being applied to Bate's God Arc. " What makes her a monster, you bastard?!"

"Normal humans don't have red eyes." the traitor replied.

Kira gritted his teeth as his God Arc's blade started to crack underneath the pressure of his adversary's attack. The homunculus looked over to Alisa and Kuro briefly, his rage towards his opponent building upon seeing the pair's injured states.

"YOU ARE ABERRATIONS TO HUMANITY!" the man screamed at the injured God Eaters as his Saw blade pushed down more upon the homunculus' short blade. " AND I CAN'T BELIEVE ALISA CHOSE TO STAND WITH SUCH MONSTERS LIKE YOU!"

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Kira roared as flames began to escape from his mouth as his skin became chalk white. "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!"

However, his face immediately turned to one of shock as he saw the blade of his God Arc shattering from the pressure, the serrated teeth of the saw digging into his shoulder straight to the bone.

"Kira!" Alisa screamed as she saw Bate's God Arc dig its teeth across his chest starting from his shoulder down diagonally to the waist, causing the clothing to become dyed red with his blood.

The homunculus slumped to his knees before his broken God Arc slipped from his hands. The last thing he saw before everything he saw became white was Bates smiling as he raised his weapon up for the final blow.

However, a loud roar could be heard from behind. But he never gotten to see what it was.


Kira gasped as he awoke, panting heavily as if he woke up from a bad dream. However, he froze upon seeing several Ogretail looking down on him. When he noticed one of them was missing a tusk, he relaxed slightly, remembering them to be some of the Aragami that were different.

He slowly sat upright as the Aragami stepped backwards and fell silent upon seeing Kuro and Erena laying nearby him. Bates however was nowhere to be found.

He looked down to see him without his shirt and jacket, allowing him to see the long diagonal gash that was present across his chest. The wound was closed, but looked like it could be reopened easily with any sudden movement.

"Damn… what the hell happened?" he muttered.

He heard a familiar coo and he looked up to see the Sariel. The feminine Aragami landed nearby him and offered him its hand. Knowing what it was wanting to do, he slowly raised his hand and placed it against the Aragami's own.

"Are you alright?" the Sariel asked.

"I will be alright… my wound doesn't seem to be lethal." the homunculus replied. "What happened?"

"We scared off the God Eater who was injured you. We all prioritized in protecting you and the other God Eaters who are with you." the Sariel explained.

"Thank you." Kira said while nodding.

"We are concerned about one of your comrades… she is hostile towards us, but we can

tell that she is only afraid, as she only attacks when we approach her."

"Can you tell me where she is at this moment?" Kira asked.

The Sariel nodded and pointed towards a large rock.

"Your comrade is hiding behind that."

Kira nodded and removed his hand before carefully rising to his feet.

"Alisa? Are you there?" he asked as he approached the rock.

"K-Kira?" Alisa's voice asked weakly.

"It's me, Alisa." he reassured her.

"Wh-What's going on here?" the Russian asked in confusion. "Why aren't the Aragami eating us?"

"It's a long story, but you don't have to be afraid. These Aragami are not here to harm us. They're different from the rest." the homunculus explained.

Alisa remained silent as she listened to her friend.

"We've… We've been here for over a day…" she said as she peered from behind the rock slowly. The cabbie hat she was known to wear was missing. The girl's eyes were filled of concern and fear as she looked at the homunculus. "K-Kira… are you okay?"

"As long as I am careful, I'll be fine." Kira said with a smile as he went over towards the platinum blonde. " Alisa… I can see in your eyes that you are scared right now, but don't worry. Until Fenrir finds us, we'll be safe with these Aragami."

"But… They'll devour us…" the Russian replied softly as the concern gave way to pure fear.

"Alisa… We'd already be dead if these Aragami were like the others. Regardless, I will never let them hurt you or the others. You're all precious to me." Kira said reassuringly.

Despite her fear, the girl couldn't help but blush slightly at the homunculus' choice of words.

Kira carefully sat down next to the platinum blonde and looked at her ankle.

The stockings she normally wore were being used to hold a makeshift splint together around her shin, where the bone was broken. The sight of the injury unnerved the homunculus slightly, brewing up guilt within his conscious.

"Are you alright?" he asked his friend.

"If we are found in time, I will be alright…" Alisa said solemnly. "Otherwise I'll get an infection."

Kira clenched his fists as his eyes began to turn color.

"The bastard is going to pay for what he did… I'll tear him limb from limb…" he said with venom. "He calls us monsters… but he's the real one…"

A loud hiss came from behind the pair, getting their attention. The Ogretail with a single tusk peered its head from the left, looking at them. Alisa began to tremble slightly as she grabbed onto Kira's arm.

The Homunculus looked the Aragami in the eye and nodded, having a good idea what it was trying to imply. The Ogretail nodded back and retreated from view behind the rock again. The male New-Type turned his attention to Alisa and smiled reassuringly.

"See what I mean?" he asked. "Anyway, I think they need to speak to me…"

Alisa did a double take upon hearing what Kira said, her fear replaced with shock.

"S-Speak to you?!" she asked incredulously.

Kira nodded in confirmation and smiled.

"Yeah, there apparently Aragami who are more than just mere beasts that only think about eating." he explained. "And the way they can communicate with me is through this Sariel."

Alisa was silent as she listened to the homunculus' explanation. It took her a moment to calm down enough to organize her thoughts, despite the fear still present in the recesses of her mind.

"I… I don't know… what to do…" she admitted. "I'm…scared…"

Kira gently turned to carefully wrap his arms around the girl, grimacing briefly from the jolt of pain that came from his left shoulder.

"It's okay to be scared Alisa… Fear is something that not only helps keep you alive, but makes you human." he said gently while using his right arm to softly stroke the back of her head .

Alisa began to relax slightly as he held her. She closed her eyes and rested her head against his shoulder.

"Thank you Kira." she said softly as the fear began to recede. The fingertips that brushed against her hair was soothing, helping in her to calm down.

"Anytime, Alisa." the homunculus replied as he stopped. " Alas, I can't keep them waiting any longer."

Alisa opened her eyes as Kira slowly, perhaps begrudgingly in her eyes, pulled himself from the girl.

"Kira…" she said as her eyes focused onto the homunculus' own.

"I'll be alright." he said as he began to get up to his feet, leaning against the rock to keep his balance.

When the homunculus turned his back to begin walking, he felt Alisa grab onto his right wrist. He looked over his shoulder to see the girl looking down at the ground, her hair partially obscuring her face.

"I… I want to come with…" she said nervously as she raised her head up, revealing her cheeks to have a red tint to them with her face showing slight unease.

"You need to rest. You have a broken leg remember?" Kira reminded her.

Alisa's blush grew deeper as she let go of the wrist.

"I know… but I don't …want to be alone.." she admitted. "Besides… you're injured as well."

The homunculus nodded and offered his right hand to the Russian, who took it without any hesitation.

The Den

"Damn it…" Tsubaki cursed under her breath as she watched Bates head out for his newest mission.

Ever since he returned from his mission, he had reported that they were ambushed by the very Aragami they looked for and his team was devoured. He also mentioned Erena showing up, but due to her inexperience, she too fell to the Aragami.

Both Tsubaki and Johannes didn't believe the God Eater's story, as it was filled with lots of inconsistencies. However, they couldn't fully dismiss it as the God Arcs of the missing were found unattended with one heavily damaged.

The Advisor frowned as she turned her attention towards Soma, who was standing next to her.

"So… you want me to find the four who are missing…" he recapped in a bored tone. "I doubt I'll find them alive, especially with their God Arcs recovered."

"I know… but the Director believes that there is more than Alexander is letting on. Licca reported unusual damage found on the blade of his God Arc. Around the center area, it was missing some teeth, and based on the damage, it could only be caused by colliding with the blade of another God Arc." Tsubaki explained. "It is also worth knowing that the blade on Masamune's God Arc was broken in a way that no documented Aragami could achieve. "

"Hey, what are you talking about?" a voice asked from behind them. "Is it about that Bates guy?"

"About time you showed up…" Tsubaki said with a frown. "You're to search with Soma for the missing God Eaters, understood?"

"You can count on me then." the newcomer proclaimed proudly. "I'm worried for little Mayu. She wouldn't go down that easily by an Aragami."

"I agree. You trained Mayumi after all." the advisor said in agreement. "You were the closest thing to a father-figure to her after all."

"Yep, she stuck to me like glue when she first became a God Eater. Though I'm glad she's finally with friends who don't judge her."

"Enough talk, you two are to deploy immediately." Tsubaki said, switching back to her professional tone. "Report anything directly to the Director. Understood, Soma, Lindow?"


Bates grinned as he shouldered his God Arc as he walked towards the awaiting helicopter. He then paused and looked over his shoulder at the entrance to the Den.

"Three monsters down… Two to go." he said softly, "I'll be waiting for you to make the next move…"

Final Thoughts: Devouring Edition

Blazorna: Sorry for not posting sooner, but I had a bit of the dreaded Writer's Block with this story for a while. I finally overcame it and this chapter is finished. At least you all know that I haven't abandoned the story.


Why is the story not following the summary?

Blazorna: The story is actually doing that, despite how things look at the moment. Bate's the main antagonist of this first arc I'm doing, which I'm dubbing "Welkin's Embrace". This arc will lead to the main storyline that is mentioned in the summary.

As for Bates. I created him to further show that not everyone is okay with Kira for who he is. As much as I hate to admit it, not everyone will accept others based on who they are. Be honest, if you encountered someone who can turn into a monster, you will be afraid of them, or see them as monsters, even if for only a split second. It's human nature after all to be afraid of what we don't know.

I really don't have anything else to talk about so this will be cut short. However, I will be heading to AniMinneapolis next month. If you want to find me, look for someone who is cosplaying without a face.