Okay, before you read this story, read this: To anyone who has read my other story, "Confessions", this story is set CENTURIES prior to it. Just thought you should know. Enjoy :)

Today was just not Leon's day—yet again.

"Oh, Leeeeon!" a high pitched girl's voice cried out from down the hall. Leon felt his body chill in fear as his legs got a sudden boost of energy, propelling him farther down the hall. He really didn't want to have to deal with Gwen today. Why can't I just have a day to myself? the young Prince thought, wheeling it around a corner. Why can't she just get Cyn or Alex to play with her? Why can't I—

His thoughts were interrupted as he ran head first into a Prinny. The penguin-like demon fell over, dropping the pile of papers it held in its flippers. "Hey, watch it, dood," it said, frantically gathering the fallen papers. "If Master Etna finds out I'm late, I'll—"

"Yeah, whatever," Leon muttered, getting back to his feet and running. "I've got bigger problems right now."

The Prinny watched as the blond haired demon disappeared around the corner, wondering what could have been worse than an angry Etna, when it sensed a presence behind it. Turning around slowly, it paled as it saw a blue haired girl standing over it, a gleeful smile painted on her face. "Oh, a Prinny!" she squealed in delight, lifting the Prinny up and squeezing it. "You're SO cute!"


Leon smiled faintly as he heard the Prinny's cries. That would buy him enough time to hide before his sister remembered what she had been doing. Maybe today would be the day he was free of the humiliating "game". As he ran towards the gardens, he saw another girl sitting on one of the benches, her dark purple hair draped over the back of the bench. She held what looked like a book in her hands, slowly flipping through the pages.

"Hey, Cyn, if Gwen runs by here, tell her I went to the throne room, okay?" he asked as he ran past her, turning and going in the opposite direction of the throne room.

Cynthia simply glanced up from her studies, her deep purple eyes glaring at her brother as he ran by. "Idiot," she mumbled as he disappeared. She returned to her studies. "I do not wish to become involved in your simple problem. Why does he not just grow a spine and stand up to Gwen?"

"Yeah, like that would ever happen," a voice from behind Cynthia said, causing the Princess to jump slightly in surprise. She looked behind her and saw a teenaged boy standing her, a smile on his face.

"A-Alex," she stammered, her face taking to it a faint rouge. "H-hello…"

Meanwhile, Leon had managed to reach his room, running in and closing the door behind him, locking it. Now that he was in the safety of his room, he could enjoy some peace and—

"LEON!" a voice cried out as he was tackled from the side. "I found you!"

Leon cried out in fear, struggling and squirming, trying to break free of his sister. "Gwen, leave me alone!" he pleaded. "I don't want to play!"

Gwen smiled sweetly, a long pink dress in her hand. "Oh, don't lie, Leon, silly. I know you love tea time. Now, time to get dressed."

Leon's eyes went wide at the sight of the dress. "Gwen! NO!"

"More tea, Miss Leonela?" Gwen asked, extending a small tea pot out.

Leon—now dressed in the pink dress and poor make-up—mumbled under his breath. "Yes, please," he said, his voice sarcastic and venomous. He swore, one of these days, he'd get back at his sister.

Although, even though he wouldn't admit it out loud, he did think the dress suited him fairly well.

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