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"I am!"

Everything was silent. Jaws were dropped, eyes were wide, and from what Elizabeth could see, everyone held their breath. Kurt and Blaine's faces were frozen, both holding each others hands, squeezing hard.

"That ultrasound is mine. I'm pregnant." And here come the tears.

Along with the rest of the family, Elizabeth began to cry, "I'm sorry." She ran out of the dining room and up to her room without another word.

"Lizzie, wait!" Blaine called, but she didn't stop. A few moments later the sound of her door slamming echoed through the house.

Nobody knew what to say. What was there to say?

"I'll go get her." Aria said, standing up.

"No," Kurt said, "give her a minute. She probably wants to be alone for a minute."

"She's pregnant?" Finn said in disbelief.

"That's what you heard." Blaine said.

"How far along is she?" Burt was the one to speak up next.

"Thirteen weeks."

"Lizzie doesn't even look pregnant." Ben said.

"She wore some pretty loose stuff to hide it. She didn't want anyone to see." Blaine explained.

"She knows that we love her, right?" Carole asked, "She knows that we're just shocked but that we love her no matter what, right?"

"I'm sure she does, but she's so scared of disappointing anyone that she's probably beating herself up right now." Kurt put his face in his hands.

"Well, go grab her!" Burt said, "She needs to know that we're here for her."

"Just give some space. She needs to be alone for a minute." Blaine said.

"Hey, it's Blake! Leave a message!"


"Blake?" Elizabeth sniffled, "It's Elizabeth. I know you're not too happy with me right now, but I really miss you and I really wanna talk to you. Please call me back."

Elizabeth hung up the phone and placed it on her bedside table. Face first into her pillow, she sobbed. She really wanted to talk to Blake, other than her parents Blake was the only person she really felt comfortable talking to about the baby.

"Lizzie? Lizzie?" A tiny voice came from outside her door. Elizabeth heard the door knob turn and the door creak open, "Lizzie?"

It was Millie. Her arm was extended completely over her head to grab the door knob. Her yellow dress had food all over it. When Millie had finally gotten the door open, her face lit up. Her feet padded across the door and hopped up on the bed.

"Mil, go back downstairs." Elizabeth's voice was muffled from under the pillow.

"What's wrong?"

"It's complicated, bud. Why don't you head back downstairs."

"No," She said sternly, "Wanna stay here."

Millie was certainly Rachel's daughter. Elizabeth scooted over to make room for her little cousin. Millie crawled under the blankets and cuddled next to Elizabeth.

Millie and Elizabeth were now both under the blankets looking up at her celling. There were little green stars that had been stuck up there when Elizabeth was little and had trouble sleeping. Blaine had stuck them up there in hopes that it would calm her down enough to finally sleep. It did. Elizabeth felt comfort in them to this day.

A cold hand found Elizabeth's stomach. She had taken off the sweater, leaving her in a white tank top and a belly that stuck out a few centimeters in front of her.

"There's a bump in your belly." Millie said, rubbing her hand around it.

"Yeah," Elizabeth turned her head to look at her cousin, "You know what that is?"

Millie shook her head.

"It's a baby."

Millie thought this was a joke and started giggling, "That's not a baby!"

Elizabeth giggled back, "Yes it is! There's a baby growing in there."

Millie looked amazed, "A baby?"


"When she going to come out?"

"You think it's gonna be a girl?"

"It's gonna be a girl," Millie said confidently, "I wanna see her."

"Well, bud, she isn't going to be around for a few more months."

"Then I can see her?" Millie asked.

Elizabeth's heart sank, "Sure, bud. You can be the first to see her."

That was a promise that Elizabeth didn't think she could make.

Millie had fallen asleep on Elizabeth's chest a few minutes later after asking thousands of questions. Elizabeth continued to stare at the fake green stars.

Her phone buzzed loudly on her bedside table. Elizabeth felt Millie squirm a bit, but then settle back into her chest. Elizabeth moved slowly off her bed, moving her cousin gently in order to not wake her. After tucking Millie under the covers, she picked up her phone.

1 missed call – Blake

Elizabeth quickly called back, moving into her bathroom so her talking wouldn't wake up Millie.

"Hey." Blake picked up. There was still a bit of anger in his voice.


"Um," Blake said after a moment of silence, "you okay? You didn't sound okay in that message."

"Let's just say that this was possibly the worst thanksgiving that I've ever had... and ever will have."

"What happened?"

"My aunt found my ultrasound."


"Yep. She got really excited and shouted 'an ultrasound?!' and the entire family thought it was my dads, thought they were having another baby. I kinda stood up and told them that I was the one having a baby."

"How'd they react?"

"Don't know. I ran out of the room before they could say anything."

"Damn," Blake sighed, "I'm really sorry."

"It was bound to happen sometime I guess." Elizabeth shrugged her shoulders, "Thanks for calling back. Just hearing your voice makes me feel better"

"Yeah, well, when your best friend is crying in your voicemail you don't really have a choice, do you?"

Elizabeth smiled, "We're still best friends?"

"We never stopped being best friends. Friends fight, right?"

"Right." Elizabeth felt a sudden sense of relief, "I'm really sorry."

"Don't be. I take way too much to heart, I should've just let it go."

"Well, I should've just told you. I'm sorry for making you feel like I didn't trust you."

"Look," Blake said, "We can play the blame game all night, but let's not. Let's just say it's both of our faults and we make it up to each other by you coming over and letting me make you lunch."

Elizabeth wanted to jump in excitement but calmed herself down, "That sounds wonderful. Tomorrow? I can be there around one."

"Wonderful." Blake's voice sounded as excited as Elizabeth, "Goodluck. With your family I mean."

"Thanks. See you tomorrow. Happy thanksgiving."

"Happy thanksgiving, Lizzie."

Elizabeth hung up her phone and backed into the wall and slid down the wall to the floor. She wanted to scream in excitement, but she remembered her sleeping cousin outside the bathroom.


Or maybe she was awake..

"Hey, bud." Elizabeth left her bathroom and climbed back into her bed, "Have a good nap?"

Millie yawned in response.

"You wanna go downstairs? Smells like the dessert is done."

That got Millie excited. She shot out of bed and made it to the door before turning around and asking, "You comin'?"

"Um, maybe in a second. I'm not really ready to go back downstairs." She knew Millie wouldn't understand why, but it just slipped out.

"But there's pie." Millie tilted her head in confusion.

"Valid reasoning." Elizabeth said under her breath, "I'll be down later."

Millie marched over to Elizabeth and grabbed her hand before attempting to drag her to the door, "Let's go!"

"Mil, stop."

"No! Let's go."

Elizabeth was actually pretty impressed, Millie was a persistent little thing.

"Lizzie!" Millie grunted, trying to pull her out of bed.

"Okay! Okay!" Elizabeth got up and let Millie drag her out of her room. Elizabeth grabbed her sweater before leaving the room.

"Well, I can't ignore them forever I guess." Elizabeth thought to herself, "Let's get this over with."

Everything was as it was before dinner started, Blaine and Finn were in the living room watching sports, Rachel and Kurt were in the kitchen talking and getting dessert ready, and Burt and Carole were talking to Ben in the living room.

Elizabeth's heart began to race as she rounded the corner to the kitchen.

"Mama! Mama!" Millie ran up to Rachel, grabbed her legs and pointed at Elizabeth.

"Oh," Rachel's eyes widened, "Lizzie. Hey."

"Hi." Elizabeth kept her gaze down, "I couldn't hide from you guys forever."

"You never have to hide from us, honey. We're your family, we love you." Rachel said, picking up Millie, "Let me go get everyone else. Are you okay with that?"

Elizabeth nodded. Kurt walked over to his daughter and wrapped his arms around her, "I love you."

"I love you too." Elizabeth said into his shoulder.

Everyone gathered around the breakfast bar in the kitchen, Elizabeth sitting at the end, feeling everyone staring at her.

"Um," She started, "I don't really know what to say."

"I do." Burt said, "We all love you Lizzie. We're here for you. No matter what."

Elizabeth nodded, wiping her eyes with the back of her sleeve.

"You have nothing to worry about. We're all just a bit shocked, but that doesn't mean we're angry," Carole said, "I'm sure your fathers have already gotten plenty angry for all of us."

Elizabeth cracked a smile, "You have no idea."

"There she is," Finn said, "There's Lizzie, we were wondering where she went."

"I'm sorry that I ruined thanksgiving." Elizabeth croaked out.

"You didn't ruin anything." Rachel said.

"You certainly made it more interesting though." Ben said, who was standing next to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth pushed his shoulder playfully, "Shut it. Thank you guys for being so great."

"You don't have to thank us. We're acting like any sane person should act." Burt said.

"Well, still, thank you." Elizabeth said.

"Lizzie, this is going to be so much fun!" Rachel said, "I'll take you to the mall and we'll get everything ready for the baby."

"Aunt Rachel..."

"I can give you some of Millie and Ben's old baby clothes. I have old toys and some bottles."

"Aunt Rachel..."

"This is going to be great!"

"Aunt Rachel!"


Elizabeth closed her eyes tight and took a deep breath.

"I- I'm not keeping the baby."