Holly was casually walking around her neighborhood in the outskirts of Manhattan. It was a bright and sunny day as she gazed at the sky freely while clutching her bag on to her shoulder.

"It's going to be a nice day, today," thought Holly as she glanced at a little bird flying right by her.

She was getting very good at her new business as a shoe maker. Holly was a natural prodigy when it came to making designs for her own shoes. Not the usual ones like a pair of sneakers but mostly heels. She just had a successful sale where she sold three shoes to a woman and two shoes to a professional department store. Both have praised her for her exceptional work as the shoes had very detailed, intricate colors and labels on them that were just amazing as they would say.

Holly was feeling pretty proud of herself from her accomplishment that she decided to just take a stroll around Manhattan and absorb the fresh air. She was in her happy state and nothing could ruin her mood.

"Excuse me?"

Someone had just interrupted her train of thought. It was a rough yet soft voice that she heard. She stumbled for a moment as she turned to face the man behind her.


Holly fell silent. When she turned to face the man she couldn't believe her eyes. She dropped her bag on the cement pavement and turned into a statue with her eyes in disbelief and her mouth wide open with uncertainty.

After mourning for so many months she accepted that he was gone and that she had moved on with her life. She wouldn't cry whenever she heard his name, his voice, and even remember what his cute, rugged face looked like. His strong, muscular body that held her in his arms...

The jokes he said whenever she would come home, angry, and take it out on him. They were so funny to her even if she was raging a storm at him he would still try to make her feel better. Like she was the only girl in the world. Holly wouldn't laugh at them because then she knew he wouldn't take her seriously. He was a leprechaun, for god's sake! She knew he had a pot of gold waiting around somewhere... but definitely not at the end of a rainbow that's for sure.

The thought was amusing to her as she stood narrow and solid trying to figure out whether she was in a dream or if this was reality right now. She knew with, every bone in her body, that it was impossible for the dead to come back alive... and if so... How...?

The letters that she had received once a month were proof to her that he was gone... especially the last one... Her sorrows had disappeared when she finally realized the truth that he was in a better place now and that she could move on with her life.

If there's one thing that he's taught her, it's that she shouldn't be afraid to fall in love all over again. The last letter she got had open her eyes to the facts that lay in front of her. She would be fine without him and she knows how to take care of herself without him...

But... she was starting to have doubts because the man that was standing right in front of her looked like none other than Gerry Kennedy.