""Excuse me, miss?"

"He has an American accent..." Holly thought...

Gerry had an Irish accent. Holly loved hearing Gerry sing to so many of his favorite songs. Even one he dedicated to Holly called "Galway Girl".

She didn't even realize that she was still staring at the man who resembled Gerry in so many ways. Holly was still questioning the possibility of the dead being brought back to life.

No one could ever see how hard it is for Holly to believe that the man standing in front of her is Gerry. They weren't there when she saw Gerry die right before her eyes.

When Gerry was in the hospital and was dying from a brain tumor she stayed there all day, all night being by his side when he goes.

The last moment when she saw his eyes slowly close she planted a kiss to his lips. She felt his lips come in contact with hers and she kissed him until she could no longer feel his lips interacting with hers.

That's when she knew he was gone from this world completely.

"I love you, Gerry." were her last words as she shed a tear. Her face was still smushed into his and she stayed there hugging his body and crying until the doctor asked Holly to get off of Gerry.

Holly was resistant and wouldn't let go of Gerry. The doctor had to call security in to pry Holly off of Gerry. She was crying and screaming Gerry's name the entire time as the security guard was taking her away from the room.

Holly snapped out of her flashback and was grateful to still see his face right this second. She was beginning to cry and she softly said "Gerry?"

The stranger just stood there. He didn't know what to do right there. A woman was crying in front of him and he didn't know the reason why.

"Um, are you okay?" He asked with a rough voice, full of concern.

"I'm so- sorry... I... It's"

The man slowly took a small grip on Holly's chin raising her face to meet his. He started to wipe off the tears flowing from Holly's eyes. This just made Holly want to cry even more. Gerry practically did the same thing when he was still alive.

He would take her chin, just like the stranger, and start to wipe away the tears on Holly's face. Whenever she was sad and was weeping he would always do that. Then he'd tell Holly a joke about the problem she's been having and then she would smile all over again.

"Hey, don't be sad. A pretty girl like you should never be seen crying. I just wanted to ask you where the coffee shop is. I've been looking all over this city for it and I just want one cup of coffee!" he said, trying to sound funny.

Even though the stranger tried to exaggerate his problem and make it sound humorous, to Holly it wasn't. She was still a little happy as it reminded her of Gerry but made her sad again.

"Um..." Holly paused and then continued wiping her face. "It's down on fifth avenue..."

The stranger looked relieved and thanked Holly. Then he left toward the coffee shop leaving Holly stunned to what she just experienced.

She saw her husband in real life and heard him talking to her once again. Even if he doesn't sound the same the man could've passed off as Gerry himself if Holly was ever beside him.