I Missed You

"Oh hey Lenalee, you're back. Have you seen Allen today?"

She smiles, "No, not since we got back last night, why?"

"Oh, I was just looking for him, if you see just tell I'll be in the library."

Lenalee watches as the redhead walks off, "Uh, okay." Lavi settles himself in one of the chairs in the back, in between the tall stacks of books, hoping Allen will come see him soon.

"Oh Allen," Lenalee stops Allen as he's coming out of the cafeteria. "Hey Lavi's looking for you, he told me to tell you he's in the library."

"Huh, I wonder what he needs, did it seem important?"

"Yeah I think so, he looked pretty disappointed when I said I hadn't seen you."

"Oh, okay thanks Lenalee." Allen walks off making his way to the library, he smiles when he gets there, the strong smell of parchment and ink making him think of Lavi. "Lavi?" He walks through the library, checking behind the shelves for his redheaded boyfriend. He smiles again, remembering all the times he spent with the redhead in here, reading, while Lavi did his bookman work. He finally finds Lavi behind the last set of stacks, sitting in an armchair, the redhead looks up with a smile at Allen. "Hey, Lena told me you were—mmph!" Allen goes silent as Lavi pulls him down by the collar for a kiss. Allen pulls away, "oh that's what you wanted, Lenalee made it sound like it was important."

Lavi smiles, brushing their lips together gently, "what you don't think this is important? Besides we have both been busy with missions lately, I'm glad you're back. It's been almost a month since I've seen you, I missed my little moyashi-chan." Lavi smirks, knowing the nickname will annoy Allen.

"I missed you too Lavi." He pulls Lavi up out of the chair so he can hug him properly. "Wait," he pauses, "Little Moyashi? I am not a bean sprout nor am I little!"

Lavi raises his eyebrows playfully, "Oh yeah? Prove it." Allen smirks pressing Lavi against the bookshelf behind them roughly, capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. Lavi pulls his white-haired lover flush against him as he feels Allen's tongue running over his lower lip. The redhead opens his mouth gladly, letting the younger one explore his mouth a little before he captures the other's tongue in a fight for dominance. Lavi smirks into the kiss, grabbing Allen's waist, flipping him so he is now the one pressing Allen into the shelves. Lavi moves his thigh in between Allen's legs, placing a slight pressure on Allen, making the younger moan into the kiss.

They finally break the kiss, both breathing hard, "You're right that was important."

A/N: Wow this is the shortest one I've written, but I kind of like it short. Who know I might make this into something, or maybe not. Just a little drabble of Allen and Lavi, I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave me a review to tell me what you think. Laven Romance

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