His Kisses

(Laven fluff!)

Lavi's kisses were always different depending on the mood he was in. When they had been apart for a while, Lavi kissed him very passionately and hungrily, using a lot of tongue. When he was frustrated or angry the redhead would press him hard against the wall and kiss him. These kisses were usually very rough and left Allen's lips sore from all of Lavi's biting. Those were never the white-haired exorcist's favorite, but sometimes they were the hottest. When he was happy, Lavi would kiss him for as long as he could or he would give Allen a series of quick, chaste kisses. When Lavi was sad the kisses were desperate and needy. It was when he was upset that he smothered Allen with affection. The redhead would hold him tight, kissing and sucking on his neck, looking for the comfort he never had before Allen.

Today's kisses were by far Allen's favorite and his favorite of all of Lavi's moods. When Lavi was relaxed his kisses were very gentle and loving. His rough hands ghosted over Allen's face as lightly as possible, like little flower petals floating in a spring breeze. He caressed Allen ever so gently, brushing his white hair out of his face so lightly that Allen could hardly feel it. Lavi would also make a habit of leaving those soft kisses, like whispers, on every inch of Allen's face and neck, sending shivers down the younger exorcist's spine.

Lavi hadn't always been the best at showing his emotions, because it went against everything he'd been taught, but what he couldn't say with his words he said with his kisses.

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