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001. Beginnings

Jade knew that after that night at Karaoke Dokie and Give it Up, Cat wasn't just an airhead anymore.

Well, she was still an airhead, but the difference was that Jade felt she was her airhead.

The next day as they went to go pick up frozen yogurt to comfort Tori after spending the night taking care of Trina, Jade couldn't keep her eyes off Cat the entire time. Even as she was driving, her eyes kept glancing over so she could see Cat smiling out the window watching the scenery go by.

They picked up Tori after Jade came up with a plan, and that night at Karaoke Dokie, she was somewhat jealous when Tori got to hug Cat and she didn't. Although, that was mostly her fault. Cat had learned years ago that she didn't like people invading her personal space, so she kept the sporadic hugging to a minimum now.

A little while later after a resounding success and several minutes of excited celebratory dancing, Cat plopped back down into a seat, broad grin on her face, and Jade took a seat beside her, just close enough so their arms would brush.

"We should sing together more," Jade told her, settling herself comfortably on her seat.

Tori had left with the two girls – Jade honestly hadn't cared to remember their names – to go pick up the guys, leaving the two of them to lounge around and relax until she returned. Jade reclined back against the table, kicking her feet out, and smiled when Cat looked back at her.

If the genuine smile or overall physical closeness unnerved Cat at all, she didn't show it. "We should! I had fun last night!" She beamed, and Jade's smile grew slightly.

"Yeah?" Cat nodded enthusiastically before turning back around. "Me too," Jade added quietly, too low to be heard over the music. Beside her, Cat danced in her seat, head nodding in time with the music, blissfully ignorant of the look she was receiving from her friend.

I finished this the other day and thought I'd actually post it an achievement in and of itself. Using a list of one hundred prompts I found by randomly googling, I wrote a short piece – nothing more than a thousand words – for every prompt. Some of them are bad and/or really short, and some I'm actually really proud of.

The stories are set within a certain time range: Freak the Freak Out until approximately seven years after graduation (I'm a little fuzzy on years, to be honest. My apologies.), and despite every piece being centered around Cade, there are smidges of other pairings. Nothing major.

By the way, these aren't set in chronological number. I just hit a button on a random number generator, and it pops out the number of the next prompt. All episodes after The Blonde Squad have not been taken into account.

So thank you for giving me a chance, and I hope you enjoy!