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030. Death

Nobody knew exactly why Jade had changed the ending to Well Wishes, all they knew is she had. Truth be told, Jade felt kind of ridiculous that her play now ended with the father's kiss bringing the daughter back to life, but it had to be done.

When she had learned that her father was going to actually attend the play, she hadn't thought it was a good idea for him to see it when the ending was that the daughter died before the father could save her.

At least, that was what she expected Tori to believe. Not that it hadn't been true, but Jade also had another, deeper, more awkward answer. She didn't want to see Cat play a character that died; she wouldn't be able to stand it.

So she changed the ending, and no one asked why. She was extremely grateful for it, because she was still getting accustomed to feeling so mushy around Cat and wasn't keen on explaining her irrational thinking.

And she had to admit, she was so relieved that she got to do the actual Well Wishes and not the horrible disaster that was Mrs. Lee's "changes". Tori had gained her appreciation for at least the rest of the night, even if Jade herself hadn't earned her father's. Well, he had thought her play was excellent, and that was enough for her.

As the last stragglers were leaving, Cat reappeared, the makeup wiped off of her face, and at the sight of her, Jade beamed and grabbed her in a tight hug. Cat squeaked in surprise, but wrapped her arms around Jade, face nuzzling into the crook of her neck.

"He liked it?" Cat asked with a giggle, and the sound of it made Jade's heart sing.

"He said it was excellent," Jade replied, rocking Cat back and forth, her excitement getting the better of her.

Cat let out a happy squeak and squeezed Jade tighter. With what she knew was a dopey grin on her face, Jade buried her face in Cat's hair, just enjoying the moment, and was grateful Tori wasn't around.

Another one of my favorites. I'm not really sure why.