Stinging Sensation - Part 1

Peyton and Jason have been dating for over 2 years he is 17 and she is 16 Peyton fay James has long brown hair with natural high lights and soft brown eyes. Jason calls her Peyton but he uses her middle name fay for a nick name. Peyton goes to high school and is living at home with her parents but spends a lot of time at Jason's house with his gang. Peyton and Jason fight a lot about Peyton's safety and what she should or shouldn't do but they really love each other.

"Peyton where is my gray sweater with the purple writing on it!" Jason yelled to Peyton from the bathroom.

"I don't know Jason where did you put it?" Peyton asked looking threw her phone lying on Jason's bed.

"I don't know, never mind ill just wear my black one." Jason said coming out of the bathroom and walking over to the closet grabbing the closest black sweater to him.

Jason and the gang had another mission they had to go on again leaving Peyton behind to do nothing but sit and worry.

"Jason-." Peyton started to say but was silenced by Jason.

"Peyton don't." Jason said his voice stern as he looked at her already knowing what she was going to say because it happened every time he had to leave for an assignment.

"What I was just going to say be careful." Peyton said pouting a little bit sitting up on the bed.

Jason rolled his eyes and shook his head making his way over to the bed and the girl he loved, taking hold of her waist.

"Peyton it's only a few hours." Jason said with a sigh.

"A lot can happen in a few hours." Peyton muttered under her breath looking up at Jason threw her eye lashes. Jason groaned letting go of Peyton's waist and paced the room.

"What? I'm sorry if I don't want you to end up dead or worst." Peyton said raising her voice as she stood off the bed.

"Peyton how many times do I have to tell you-." Jason said but got cut off by Peyton.

"Peyton I've done this a million times and I always come back bla blah bla blah." Peyton said in her best Jason impersonation looking into his eyes.

Before Jason could reply with a snappy comment a voice cut in from down stairs.

"JASON WERE LEAVING!" Paul yelled from down stairs his voice rushed ad strained like it normally is when they leave for this sort of thing.

"COMING." Jason yelled back turning towards the door pulling on his black sweater.

"Look I've got to go I'll be back in a few hours, I love you." Jason said grabbing Peyton's face pulling her in to give her a passionate kiss.

"I love you too." Peyton whispered against Jason's lips giving him one more peck before he took off out the door leaving her all alone in his room.

Making her way into the bathroom Peyton opened her drawer looking around for the fabric pouch she kept hidden at the back. Opening up the pouch Peyton picked up a blood stained razor blade walking over to sit on the edge of the tube Peyton lifted the razor to her wrist making the smooth slice across her skin. Blood spilled like a water fall into the tube after a few seconds of watching the blood drain Peyton grabbed a cloth holding it tightly upon her wrist until the bleeding stopped.

Taking a deep breath Peyton put the blade back into the pouch making sure it was well hidden, before making her way into the bedroom changing into some comfy green short shorts and a black tang top. making sure she put her peace bracelet back on to hide her cutes before climbing under the covers Peyton let herself fall asleep to the sound of silence.