stinging sensation 13

(with Jason)

Jason had been sitting on the couch watching his girlfriend basically get fucked threw her clothes on the dance floor. (AHAHAH)

"jay she just acting." caleb said eyeing the dried blood on Jason's knuckles.

"she doing a fucking good job." Jason spat in discussed.

"they're leaving." tim said switching over to the camera near the front door.

"alright she good he's hopefully taking her back to his house for the night, ill call the hotel front desk later to make sure she stayed out.

"did peyton call yet?" Jess asked walking into the main room not bothering to take his shoes off at the door.

"yeah earlier." Jason said his voice numb.

"she just left the club with nick we think shes in, apparently the guy she met the first time James was part of the gang and when nick saw he at the club the first night he send James over for some ground work." caleb informed turning his attention back to the screen.

"tim can you change these to the cameras in the house." Caleb asked spinning the computer his way.

after watching the cameras in shifts for a few hours the computer screen lit up meaning someone was home.

"sound." Jason snapped leaning towards the screen.

"Kayla get your tight ass in here." nick said before the guys could even see him on the screen.

"Kayla?" tim asked.

the boys kept their eyes on the screen until a girl with long brown hair a short skirt that barley covered her ass and a see threw shirt.

"Kayla must be the name she gave him." Caleb said now understanding.

"nice house." peyton/kayla said walking into the kitchen following nick.

(i hope you dont get confused at this part the guys r watching them on the screen and there also talking anyway hope you get whats going on)

moving to the island located in the middle of the kitchen peyton hopped up onto the counter watching nick grab a beer from the fridge and she declined when she offered her one.

"you realize we were just at a bar right?" peyton said laughing.

nick just shrugged his shoulders taking a couple swigs from his bottle before setting it in the sink walking over to where peyton was sitting putting his hands on peyton's knees he spreed his legs so he could stand between them. nick slid his hands up peyton's thighs and Jason was pretty sure that nick could see peyton's undies considering her skirt was pushed up not that it covered much to start anyways.

(in nicks thoughts.)

fuck Kayla was so fuckable i just wanted to take her james really did find a good prospect i needed someone like her to just fuck when ever i wanted and she looked more then happy to oblige. i placed my beer in the sink and walked over to her legs separating her legs so i could get closer to the pussy. her lips were swollen from our make out sessions earlier in the car and outside the club making them big and plump.

(back to the boys watching them on the cam)

Jason watched as nick man handled his girl the worst part was that peyton didn't make a move to stop him she thought maybe she would hold back but she was going all out with this new role of hers. Jason did not like sharing especially his girl even if it was going to help his gang no one should be touching that but him.

(with peyton as kayla :P )

nick's lips connected with her neck turning her on this new role of hers excited her its not like you get to start over and be someone else and a little happy that she could stick it to Jason at the same time. but Caleb must have forgotten that she had an ear peace in her ear so that they could talk to her.

"nick." peyton groaned letting her head fall back opening up her neck and he took full advantage kissing all over and down her chest.

nicks hand moved from underneath peyton's shirt pulling it off her just leaving her in her skirt and her bando that barley covered her C cup boobs. nick sucked on peyton's neck causing her to let out a moan dropping her head back giving nick more access to her neck and chest. nick moved his greedy hand to peyton's boobs grabbing them roughly biting hard on her neck causing her to cry out.

(with jason)

"i should have fucking went down there and got her while i had the chance." Jason growled in disgust pacing in front of the computer so he couldn't see but that didn't mean that he couldn't hear peyton's moans the moans only he show evoke and nick's lips all over her body.

"what about the ear set." Tim mutter to Caleb but Jason heard it.

"ear set?" Jason asked marching back over to the couch looking at Caleb.

Caleb sighed but handed Jason a small silver circular decide. " i gave peyton a ear peace so we could talk to her threw this mic i kept it off till now i figured is she could prove she could get in on her own she wouldn't rick doing anything too risky on the inside just to piss you off." jason flipped the device on turning his eyes back on the screen.

peyton's fucking boobs were now displayed full on the screen Jason groaned trying to resist the temptation to shut the screen and scratch out Caleb and Tim's eyes. nick had pushed peyton so that she was flat out on her back on the counter her arms above her head she he could have his way with her.

"PEYTON i know what your fucking doing and its not proving anything." Jason growled his voice dangerous

Jason watched as peyton smiled wide and cocky he knew it was her reaction to what he said.

"ohhh fuck." peyton moaned loudly for Jason's benefit knowing it would make him mad.

hearing the sounds coming from the computer jess walked back into the room. "fuck shes sexy this must totally suck for you." Caleb shot Jess a warning glare making him laugh and grab a seat on the couch with the rest of the boys.

"peyton your taking this too far, you prove your fucking point ok." jason snapped into the mic.

"damn i should have taped that while i had the chance." jess said not really under his breath.

"what'd you say." jason snapped putting the mic down.

"you didn't know? i thought that's what your last fight was about because of the video?" tim said clutching his head when Jess slapped his head.

Tim took out his phone and showed Jason the video of the night of the party with Jess and peyton.

"you really cant blame her though after i told her how many girls you fucked with when you started going out with peyton, she was just mad." Jess said putting his hands up in defense.

"i haven't done that shit in over 2 years." Jason snapped he didn't think he could take much more of this without killing someone Jess being his first choice.

(back with peyton/kayla and nick.)

after getting felt up by nick for the last 20 minutes or so peyton figured that was enough torture for Jason for one day.

"alright i need to get back." peyton said pushing nick off her and sliding off the counter moving around him to get her shirt and pulling up her bando that had been pushed down to her stomach.

"your joking right we haven't even started." nick growled hungrily and clearly horny from his boner.

"sorry but I've got other plans." peyton said walking to the front door leaving nick in awe. "i'll catch you later." peyton leaned up kissing his lips making sure to push her thigh into his crotch before leaving out the door.

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