Stinging sensation 16

"Kayla nicks looking for you." ray one of the gang member said walking threw the kitchen where kayla was snacking on strawberries.

sliding the bowl of berries into the fridge peyton sighed making her way down into the basement where she'd last seen nick.

"nick?" peyton called out hating how dark the basement was.

"over here." nick called from the back wall.

"ray said you wanted to see me." peyton asked hugging her arms around herself cold since she was only in her pj's

"yeah do you know of a gang about 2 hours from here up town?" nick asked looking at her from his chair behind the desk.

peyton froze for only a second not sure of what to say. "umm no i don't really know anything about other gangs other then things you've told me." peyton covered.

"well i was thinking about the spy they sent in a little while ago." nick said his voice sounded weird to peyton.

"oh yeah about about him?" peyton asked shifting her weight uneasy.

not saying a word nick opened the lab top and spun it around so that the screen faced peyton. it was a video from the first night at the club a video of her and their spy jeff talking and then it ran into another video of them meeting up a few days later. peyton's heart was beating heavy in her chest flinching when nick slammed the labtop shut.

"i knew i'd seen you before at the raid in Kenton last year, your mccann's little bitch." nick spat standing up quickly from the table. peyton was at a loss for words and she was scared all she wanted to do was run back to jason and let him protected her like she should have let him do in the first place.

"i dont like to be fucked with peyton and your boyfriend and his gang have fucked with me for the last time." moving faster then peyton expected nick moved around the desk and grabbed peyton head butting her. peyton past out before she could let out a cry.


"what do you mean no ones home i though you said peyton was going over there today?" Jason asked Caleb looking at the empty house displayed on the computer screen.

"oh wait i think i just saw someone." celeb commented.

and sure enough nick walked into view but he was looking directly at the camera a smirk on his face. "the fuck?" celeb commented keeping his eyes on the screen until it went dark.

"he knows." Seth muttered into the room.

Jason started to panic. "get it back." Jason growled referring to the camera.

"i'm trying OK but it looks like he didn't just shut down one camera he got the main breaker." celeb said also stressing about the situation he knew what was at stake here.

before Jason cold reply once of the cameras opened up onto the screen the room was dim making it harder to see what was going on in the shot. "hello boys." nick's voice came threw the speaker his face coming into view seconds later.

"i thought you'd like to see what happens to the people that fuck with me, and instead of screwing you right back i decided to well screw your girlfriend in front of you instead."nick chuckles Turing the camera around to the lighter side of the room, Jason gasped taking in the sight of peyton naked and tied up to the bed posts.

"fucking prick!" Jason yelled hot with anger.

nick got off the floor slowly walking over to the bed that held peyton's body, sliding his pants off nick climbed onto the bed sitting beside peyton slowly he ran his hand down peyton s body causing her to stir and her eyes to flutter open. not waiting to see anymore Jason ran out the door Seth and celeb right on his heels hopping in the car they sped off to nick's house.


peyton's eyes flickered open at the feeling on someone touching her. the memory of nick knowing her out only an hour before played back in her memory.

"please don't do this." peyton whimpered looking a nick who's eyes were stuck to her body.

"smile for the camera baby mccann is watching." nick smirked drawing peyton's attention to the video camera placed on the decking looking in their direction.

letting her head fall back onto the bed peyton sighed letting a tear escape her eye.

"don't worry baby this will be fun." nick clucked moving so that he was straddling her hips only clothes he had on were his boxers.

"no!" peyton yelled knowing what was about to occur.

leaning down over her nick captured peyton's breast in his mouth sucking hard causing her to yell out.

(because A i dont want to write a rape scene im going to try and make this fast with less describing words)

peyton thrashed around screaming for nick to stop but he kept going sucking, pulling, touching all over. it had been over an hour when he finally stopped leaving the room to go shower.

peyton cried she could feel sticky cum running onto the sheets from between her legs but it wasn't hers, her whole body ached and all she wanted to do was cry but she couldn't. peyton pulled on the roped that tied her hands to the head board but she couldn't pull free they were too tight. "fuck!" she yelled pulling at the ropes and thrashing on the bed.

"ready from round 2." nick said walking back into the room his hand behind his back.

peyton eyed his hand not taking her eyes away as he walked closer and closer to where she lay on the bed, stopping when he got to the foot of the bed nick pulled his hand from behind his back reviling a small silver knife.

"nick." peyton said panicked using her legs to sit up against the head board getting as far away from him as possible.

"don't say my name you whore!" nick yelled pissed and betrayed holding the knife up moving to kneel on the bed taking one of peytons ankles in his hand nick pulled peyton down so she was laying flat on the bed for him to see.

"don't worry baby its not for cutting." nick assured leaning to his dresser pulling out a small black lighter.

peyton watched as nick moved the knife over top of lighter making the metal hot like a fire poker. with a smirk on his face nick moved the small hot knife around in the air before moving it over to peyton's left thigh pressing the knife into peyton's lag chuckling when she screamed out in pain. it didn't take long for the smell of burning flesh to fill the room.

"you son of a bitch." peyton screamed once nick removed the knife reveling a 3 inch long flesh wound.

"life's a bitch sweetheart." nick replied while heating up the knife again before placing it back on the same spot making peyton arch her back in pain.

the pain was endless and peyton was starting to see spots form in her vision as the pain soon became almost to much to bare.


"turn, turn TURN." celeb yelled giving Jason directions to nicks house as he drove way over the speed limit. "third house on the right." celeb informed as they pulled onto nicks street.

the boys brang the truck to a stop nicks house was going up in flames there were multipul police cars, fire trucks and ambulences.

"Peyton!" jaosn yelled moving to get out of the van but celeb grabbed him keeping him in place with a struggle.

when a bunch of fire fighters ran out of the house carrying a gurney with peyton laying lifeless on it, peyton was rushed to a waiting ambulence which quickly took off towards to hospital with the boys following close behind it.