(Abygail's Point Of View)

Hi. I'm Abygail Jones. My sister is Jessie, the nanny of The Ross family. I was very sad when my sister moved to New York. Meanwhile, I stayed here in Texas. Now I'm going to visit Jessie and the Ross' in their penthouse in New York! I'm so excited!

"Ugh! How much longer," I started as I jammed my converse onto my feet. "Is this bus ride gonna be?" I asked Jessie's butler Bertram. "We are almost there, now stop complaining!" he called at me from the couch. I sat back on the comfy chair and laid my head down on the pillow. I think I drifted off to sleep but I woke up when the bus driver slammed on the brakes. "Ow!" I said when I hit my head on the seat in front of me. "Now let me go back to sleep." I said turning away and closing my eyes. Bertram came and shook my shoulder. "We're here." He said into my ear. I elbowed him in the stomach. "Ow!" Bertram screamed. "I'll let you have a room right next to your sister." He said as he stood up rubbing the spot where I elbowed him. "OK!" I said, sitting up so fast that I hurt my head. We ran off the bus and the door man took our bags. "Welcome back Bertram!" He said patting the butler on the back. "Hi Tony." Bertram said shaking off the pat. "Whose that?" I asked. "Who Tony? Oh he's the door man. He's also your sisters boyfriend." Bertram replied. I thought to myself, 'Ooh! Got some romance bubbling up in here!'. Then we entered the elevator with Tony and our luggage and headed up to our penthouse.