Abygail's POV

As I got into my PJ's and got into bed, I was thinking, 'I love it here. It's so fun to hang out with the kids and my sister again!' Then I rolled over and went to sleep.

In the morning, I got up a little earlier than the others because I wanted to start unpacking my stuff. I unloaded all my clothes and shoes and put them in the closet, then all my makeup, jewelry, hair accessories and all that in the vanity. I got dressed in a lacey dress with leather belt and jacket. Then, I curled my red-brown hair and put in a brown headband. Finally, I put on my chandelier earrings and put some shiny pink lip gloss on. I slipped into my brown leather knee-high high-heel boots and snuck downstairs. I was the only one who was awake in the entire penthouse.

"Hmm," I said aloud. "I think I'm going to make breakfast for the family."

I quietly got out the recipe and ingredients for French Toast and Blueberry Sauce. I made it successfully and set it out on the previously set table. A few minutes later, the family came downstairs.

"What's that smell Abygail?" Jessie asked.

"I made breakfast for y'all." I said as I led them into the kitchen. They all gasped in glory at the delicious looking food that was set beautifully on the table. They all sat down and gobbled the food right up.

"That was delicious Abygail!" they all told me.
I thanked them and then they headed upstairs to get ready for school.

When the kids got down from getting dressed, I offered to take them to school.

"Oh thanks sis!" Jessie said. Then she gave me a hug and ran upstairs to change.

"Come on kids! Let's go down to the bus stop!" I said as I pressed the elevator button and motioned for the kids to follow with their school bags and lunch.

"Bye!" we all said and waved as the doors closed.