Author's Note:

This story is the sequel to my prior story, Repentance. If you haven't read that story, this story will not make sense. If you are sensitive to rape in any magnitude, you should NOT read Repentance. If you choose to anyway, don't leave me ugly reviews about how offended you are. You were warned. If you chose to leave ugly reviews anyway, thank you in advance for increasing my number of reviews. :)

The below preface to the story pretty much sums up where the story will pick up. Enjoy.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


In the past ten years, surprisingly enough, not a lot had changed. Edward and I were still deeply in love and we had three amazing children. Edward worked his way up to lead prosecutor for the state of Oregon. We still lived in the same house and I, much to my surprise, still taught elementary school. Once Molly and Masen were in school, and McKenzie was well on her way, it just felt better to be closer to them and to be on the same schedule with them. It certainly saved us money for after school care. While my dream had always been to teach at the college level, I was satisfied with putting it on hold until all of my children were out of the home. That thought was terrifying, yet a reality that was quickly approaching.

Masen had just turned 17 years old and was a high school junior. He was really into baseball and was the star pitcher on the high school team. Edward stayed on him about his studies and demanded straight A's, or else there would be no baseball.

Molly was 14 years old and turning into a handful. I'm not sure where she got her body, but it wasn't from me. At 14, she was stunning and had all the boys' attention. I felt certain she would give Edward a heart attack. Her clothes got smaller and smaller, while her breasts grew larger and her legs longer.

McKenzie was my sweet girl. At 11 years old, she was still my baby. She was different from her older siblings, or perhaps she hadn't yet discovered herself. She was shy and quiet. She liked to read and study. She loved animals and candy. She had no interest in boys, and very little interest in things that girls her age were interested in. She was genius level smart and all she cared about was succeeding and becoming a veterinarian. She gave Edward and I the least amount of trouble.

Unfortunately, while it felt like we had everything under control, we quickly learned that we didn't, and that our past would eventually catch up to us.