This story is based on "the secret of immortal nicholas flamel" series , or more likely between 5th and 6th book , but my fic will be more twisted and well dark , maybe? Since while reading all series I thought well that Josh was basically treated like I don't know? Not really importantly? Or that there might have been more from his point of view?BUT I do love those series! well here is my version of story! P: enjoy. ;)

r/r *puppy eyes* pleasseee it makes me write even faster knowing someone wants to read my story haha :) oh well til next time.



Josh was sitting in dark room, knees against chest and head in his hands. He was tired, angry, frustrated and lost. It was 19 days since he joined Dee and left Flamel`s with his sister behind. He thought he did right thing choosing Dee, but now he was not so sure. When they left Dee had simply knocked him out with something and dragged to this cold, dark room Josh was sitting. Pulsing pain in his head was making him dizzy. It felt like thousand of needles were being slowly punched in his head. Suddenly it felt like there was red sheet in front of his eyes. Pain even became more worse than it was before. It felt like it was filling his veins, like battery acid running through him, making him shake to his core and scream in pain. His whole head throbbed – it felt like his heart was in his head, making loud "thumb-thumb" with each heart beat. For a moment Josh thought there was voices screaming in his skull, but it was to hard to think straight, everything felt like on fire, throbbing, aching, ripping him inside. Josh was scared about what might happen next, and what was happening already it felt ten times worse than being almost drowned.

Josh holds his knees even closer to his chest while watching tears run down his cheeks to floor and crashing there – crashing like all his life, all his hope, all his sanity, by now Josh feels like all the pain he feels will surely kill him, but God how much he wants to see his sister once again tell her how sorry he was, for leaving her, for making this mistake.

Josh thought Dee this magician was going to help him. He thought that Flamel`s used him only, but how deep wrong he was. Dee was evil- twisted sick evil.

Dee simply had beaten him- to the point where Josh felt like he was half dead. He had barely eaten anything. Josh felt like his own magic was slowly leaking out of his veins. Disappearing... like someone was sucking it out of him. Sometimes Josh would wake up with his heart beating loudly in his ears and metallic blood taste in his mouth. Sometimes Josh would wake up because he was being kicked in stomach, head, back. He no longer knew, everything just hurt to much to the point that it was impossible to know what hurt more.

Sometimes Dee would fire blast of flames harshly at him, making it feel like everything inside of him was on fire, he would scream beg for mercy... even beg for death. But he never got what he begged for only more beating.

Josh didn't know why Dee even kept him alive any more. He was no use. He could not control his magic. He could barely move. Or even breath some times.
At least his arms were more free now – from chains he was chained to for first week, because he tried to fight back. Even when his wrists were so bruised that bleeding corn syrup dyed red slowly ran down – it felt like with every single drop of blood- his memories also faded, maybe it was death? Already knocking at the front door? Just waiting for his last breath? Josh wondered.

Josh wanted to be able to beat and destroy Dee, but he was just scared by now of that magician.. Dee. Masochistic. Sadistic. Psychopathic.

Josh wondered that maybe Dee kept him alive, just to break him? Leave him empty? And then what..? Josh did not know, but he knew even when it scared him that this battle he was slowly loosing. He felt everything slowly slipping away.

Josh felt like all happiness had left his soul, leaving him dark and cold. At first he tried to hold on hope that maybe Sophie is looking for him, maybe trying to find him... Josh hoped for it so much... He could no longer carry on. Half dead, half alive. Just lying on cold stony floor or being chained to wall, while Dee had beaten him, there was times Dee would sometimes bring Mother of the Gods. Josh no longer remembered name of that creature... but it would suck his blood out. Bite deep into his neck – while his screams of pain were stopped by strong blows to his stomach. After while Josh would only pass out with tears running down his already tear tracked cheeks.

Slowly he lost hope of Sophie finding him, maybe she no longer cared? Maybe she thought Josh sided with Dee now and would become maniac? Killer? Evil? Maybe Sophie thought he was worthless selfish bastard? Maybe his sister no longer called him her brother...

No matter how hard Josh tried to stop these thoughts it was impossible. They were always with him. Nagging him. Breaking him even more – because after two weeks and more Josh gave up on hope of Sophie finding him...

Josh no longer hoped for survive. He patiently waited for death to take him away from this paradise.

He was no good. At anything. He never listened to his sister, he thought Flamel`s were bad people, but how fucking wrong he was. Josh knew now. But it was late for it. He let real monster take him- destroy him. He let some creature drink his blood. Like he was food. Maybe that's why Dee kept him alive? Josh knew his eyes no longer showed any interest in life he saw through small window above his head. Josh felt like he was simply prisoner of life now, nothing more. With only death hanging by his side. Waiting for his last shallow breath. Josh knew was coming soon.

Suddenly Josh snaps his head towards noise he hears in the end of room. He can feel himself start to shake.. It cant be Dee. It is to early. It CANT! Even when Josh waits for death by now he is still scared- scared to face Dee and more of beating... Josh tries to curl into corner even more, but his painful body is no longer obeying him. He is to scared to lift his eyes that traveled down to look at floor. Josh is ready for more punishments more beating, but he hears voice he thought he would never hear...