I'm running down the street clutching my side, trying to keep it from bleeding. I had gotten stabbed in the side by an angry jewelry saler. I was attempting to get anything I could sell or trade for food. I'm starving! My stomach has far from caved in. It has practically eaten every bit of fat I had in by body that could be eaten.

I am stumbling up stairs to a fencing studio. I fall on all fours in front of the door. I shakily life a hand and bang on the door so whoever is there can hear it oved the rain. My hand fallsand slaps the wood planks.

I hear the door slide open. I look up. Although its burry, I make out a tall lanky male figure with unkept brown hair and has a hat over it. He crouches down by me. I grab his arm before he gets up and walks away.

"H-Help m-me..." I say before I collapse.

Could I be dead?

I watched this ('Neverland' 2011, Syfy) and was like, "Oh my gosh! Best version next to the original of Peter Pan ever!" and so i made a FF. Another Neverland FF will be up in a while. Maybe after this is done. Sorry its short. It's a bit of a sampler.

If you read my Harry Potter FF, I feel horrible! I have severe writer's block on them! I'm trying my best! I'm so sorry!

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