Oh the joy of my first real steal.

We are all going to our places. We had some slight adjustments made. So, now, its Curly and Nibs are chasing Tootles and I. Slightly and Twins are coming in at the cue that Peter sends and Fox is our back-up. You know, incase anything happens.

Tootles and I are running and yelling for help. Tears are brewing in my eyes. I'm actually scared by the threats Curly and Nibs are yelling at us. If only they knew...

We run into the crowd of men and begin slipping things from there pockets. I dont exactly know what I was taking. I just know that I'm shoving things into my slacks. I hear the call for Slightly and twins. I feel their bodies intertwine into the mass group of bodies. I hear peter's signal stop so I run out of the group and around a corner to the designated meeting place. While I wait for the others, I try to control my breathing. I hear footsteps and my breathing picks up again. I wrap my head in my arms.

"Anne?" I hear Tootles ask cautiously. I know I should be calm but I just spazz. I start crying into my knees and try and push myself into the wall.

"Go away!" I shout. "Please dont hurt me..." I mumble. I mumble something else, but I'm not sure what it was. Even if it was important, I doubt they could here me. I feel someone crouch infront of me. A small hand is put on my knee. I shakily look up to see Fox.

"Are you alright, Anne?" he asks soothingly. I nod and stand up.

"I'm fine. Just got lost somewhere." I say as I walk off and wipe my eyes. I am the first to White Chapel Fencing Academy, the boys following behind me at a fair distence. I see Jimmy working with some men on the practice floor. I swiftly walk along the wall and go downstairs. I hear the boys come in behind me. As I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, I go over to the fireplace and light a fire. They all come in shortly after.

Curly and Nibs go and sit at a chest. Fox comes in and sits next to me, Twins goes and starts cooking sausage links or something, Tootles comes and sits on my lap, and Slightly is by the window. Peter comes in and starts to walk by us. As he does, Fox congratuates him and drops and a note in my lap. I unfold it and start to read it and role my eyes:

Anne, you did a good job today. I can't wait to see what you knicked! -Peter

Really, Peter? Really?

Jimmy comes downstairs as Twins sits with Curly and Nibs and Peter cooks the sausage.

"I've got a nice job for you boys... and girl." he adds with a smirk. I smile and adjust Tootles hat. He looks flushed.

"How nice?" Curly asks, sitting up, interested.

"Harbottles Antiques." he says proudly. My eyes widen. I push Tootles off my and set him in my chair.

"Are you mad?" Curly and I ask.

"You're ready." Jimmy says.

"No we're not!" I shout. Everyone looks at me shocked. That was my first outburst. Ever.

"That place is tighter than the tower." Nibs says. I walk over and stand next to Slightly.

"We'll get knicked for sure." Curly says. "Sorry, Jimmy. Too dangerous." he sits back down. I walk over next to him.

"I think its a brilliant idea." Peter says. I laugh and turn to him.

"Of course you would think that. Have you ever even tried getting in there?" I ask. He stands with a confused expression.

"What do you mean?" Tootles asks.

"I mean, thats where I got stabbed. I was trying to rob the bakery next door and I was running past when the night guard came out and stabbed me. It is too dangerous." I said in a semi-monotone voice.

"Are you serious, Anne?" Curly asks, bewildered.

"Dead serious." I turn around and walk up the stairs to Jimmy's office. I pace around and wait for him to come up, knowing he would.

"Jimmy, we're ready." Peter says as he and Jimmy walk in.

"Jimmy, no. Dont let them." I say as I stand from my seat.

"Anne, why would you even care?" Peter asks.

"Did you not hear me down there? I got stabbed by the night guard at Harbottles. The guards are vicious," I say to Peter. "Dont let them, Jimmy." I say in a whisper. I dont know what I would do if Tootles or Twins or Slightly or Nibs or any of them got hurt. I dont know...

Its been ages, I know. I got grounded from my computer, but I got it back! Yay! So, here it was. Surprising quick back story about how Anne got stabbed.

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