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Tony DiNozzo passed the security guard and walked up to the elevator and waited for the rest of the people to get on with him. When they went into the bullpen he walked up to his desk, put his backpack on the floor, sat down and powered up his computer. He was reading his emails and responded to them. He watched as McGee and Ziva made their way to their own desks.

Getting hungry he went into the break room and got himself a candy. He turned around to find one of the Agents there. He had given him some trouble before and so had a few other people have been bullying him.

"I see you still can't get your own team."

The man walked up to him and pushed him. "You're so stupid and don't even deserve to be on Gibbs's team. I don't know why he picked you to be on your team."

Tony ignored him and brushed off the push and smiled pretending that it didn't hurt him that he was saying these things. He went back to his desk and sat down again. Gibbs answered the phone and said those famous words. "Grab your gear."

Tony grabbed his things and made his way towards the elevator. When they got to the crime scene he started to bag and tag and got everything into bags and labeled each one of them.

When they got back he walked into Abby's lab, or rather Labby. When he went inside he saw Gary Brantley who had also been bullying him too. He put the box on the table and didn't even glance at Gary. As he turned to leave he heard Gary walk with him. He really didn't want to have him there. It's been only an hour since his friend Nathan did the same thing. He pushed the button and walked in and of course Gary walked inside too.

"I can't believe that Gibbs hired someone like you. You're not even a good Agent. Look at what Gibbs, McGee and Ziva do. They are much better Agents that you never could be." He said as he stepped out the elevator. Gary turned to sneer at him, but all that Tony did was smile back at him. As soon as the doors closed Tony stopped the elevator and slammed his fist into the metal wall. He tried to calm himself before he stepped out into the bullpen.

Tony pulled his mask up, so nobody else could see that he was crying in the inside. Finally he walked out of the elevator and went back to his desk and sat down. He began to do background checks on Henry Madison the Petty Officer that was killed and why he was killed.

They began asking questions to his friends and found out that his one friend was angry with him for not returning the money he promised him. When they picked him up and was in interrogation room he confessed that he had killed him because of money problems.

They began their reports on what happened and began going home.

The next day they were on cold cases. Tony went down to go get them and this time it was another man who bullied him. "Look who it is." The man said as he pushed him. "I know why you're on Gibbs's team because he feels sorry for you. You don't deserve to be on his team at all. You're stupid and can't even solve a case."

"Stop." McGee's voice yelled out into the cold room storage. Tony and Alex hadn't heard him come inside.

"You need someone to stand up for you because you can't do it yourself. What a big bad Agent you are, DiNozzo." The man sneered at him and pushed him again.

Tony of course smiled and then turned to McGee. "What are you doing here, Probie?"

"I don't know." McGee shrugged.

Alex glared at Tony. "You may have stopped me now, but me and my friends will be talking to you again." He said as he brushed past Tony and McGee.

"Why do you put up with their bullying, Tony?"

"I've had experience with bullies McGee. I just don't let them see they are hurting me and maybe they will stop."

"How long has this been going on?"

"For a couple of months."

"You never told anyone?"

"No. It just reminded me of my boarding school days. Good times." Tony said as he smiled.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Probie."

McGee had kind of hated that Tony called him Probie, but when Gibbs said that his team leader Mike still called him that it meant something to him now. Now it didn't bother him at all.

"Does Gibbs know that you were bullied as a kid?"

"Yes, he was the one that I told when I tried to talk to John Smith."

"Tell him that you are being bullied then."

"I will,"

McGee nodded and helped Tony find cold cases that they could work on and then brought them back up. Tony had told Gibbs what had happened and video backed him up. They were fired for what they did to Tony. Nobody found out what had happened because it was only between Vance, Gibbs, Tony, McGee and the guys that had bullied Tony.

The End