A/N I don't own any of the Unusual's but believe you me I wish I did cause Jeremy Renner would be shirtless a lot more. This is a scene that happened in the episode with all the favors after Walsh finds Casey asleep at the counter.

She'd just gotten the trophy back for Walsh and had decided to go and get a bite to eat. She walked in he left it unlocked, she could almost swear it was for her. She set the trophy down in front of her, ready to gloat on how she had gotten it back. She sat down on the seat and laid her head on her arms, careful not to disturb the new cuts well day old cuts on her arms. She just set her head down and quickly fell asleep.

Walsh had just woken up, he was going to go open up the diner and try to get a few bucks. He walked around the corner while throwing a gray t-shirt on when he saw her. She was draped over the counter using one arm for a pillow and the other extended in front of her, next to the trophy. THE TROPHY! He was shocked he never thought he'd ever see it again. And here it was right in front of him, well her. He walked up behind her, grabbed his jacket off of the hook and rested it on her shoulders, patting it gently to keep it in place. He walked around and made a pot of coffee. It was wonderful not terrible, like she said it was on an almost daily basis, usually after drinking at least two or three cups of it. He leaned against the counter when he saw them. He slowly grabbed Casey's jacket sleeve and rolled it up careful not to disturb Casey. Jason looks at her wrist, he looks at all of the scars and what really worries him is the new ones. 7 of them all are red and inflamed, he knows that there from either yesterday or the day before. He moves her sleeve up higher and sees where Casey has carved words into her arm, he thinks there from when she was a teenager. Casey slowly starts to move Jason moves away from her and sets her cup of coffee right in front of her nose.

"Ugh what is that awful smell."

"Oh ha ha Case. It's coffee now drink it."

Casey just smiles and drinks her coffee.

"So Casey how'd you get the trophy back?"

"Enh not important."

Casey sets her coffee back down and lays back down on her arm. Jason just looks at her.

"Hey come here let's go get you to someplace comfeyer."


Casey gets up and Jason walks around the counter and wraps his arm around her waist and helps her to the back bedroom. He lays her down on the bed and kisses her forehead.

"Thanks Jason."

"For what?"

"For taking care of me."

"Enh no biggie."

Jason hears the faint sound of snoring.

"Im not done taking care of you yet Casey."

Jason takes off his shirt and lays down next to Casey. He pulls her to rest against his chest. She curls up really close to him.

"Hey Casey?"

"Yeah Walsh?"

"Your not unwanted or worthless. You are very wanted and loved."

"You saw the cuts and the words?"

"Yeah I did."

He pulls her chin up and forces her to look at him.

"And I never want to see them again, let them just be physical scars not emotional and mental."

He runs his hand through her hair. He feels a wetness on his chest.



"I love you and I don't want to see you hurting yourself for any reason. Got me."

"Yes Jason I understand you."

Casey smiles and repositions herself on his chest and he runs his hand through her hair.

"I love you too Jason."

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