There will be drama/romance/angst/heartache all that stuff – so you have been warned!

Actually I don't really know, I sort of do as I've done this before but with 'real people' ANYWAY since it was with 'real people' a lot has to be changed to fit these Twilight characters. I thought Hooked Edward & Bella style would be fun.

So I don't know how it will flow, I have a plan but blanks have to be filled.

Ah what else do I need to tell you…oh there will be sex aka lemons?, mind you I have been kind of a fade to black type in WMTI:Life a few times. So I guess that is up in the air.

I have a whole word doc page of 'back story' but you don't need that, I will be pretty clear throughout the story. Just ask if anything get confusing…I am normally confused myself HA so we need to work together!

On with it now eh?

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Disclaimer :-

I own NOTHING besides the idea. S. Meyer is the creator of this Twilight Saga. I am merely using it to further entertainment.


Chapter 1

Edward walks through the hospital with his white coat on. Knowing that each day he is doing something good is amazing. He loves his job. All the years of school, all of the tests and grueling days have boiled down to this, being thrilled with his job.

His personal life is another story. There have been plenty women. Everyone loves a doctor. But the hassle that comes along with a girlfriend and keeping her happy is just too much. He doesn't have the time.

"Dr. Cullen" Jessica coos as she stands at the nurses' station.

Edward tips his head and walks past her. She was a good lay. Very energetic and willing. But she is too clingy. Too loud, too happy.

Edward makes his way to the elevators of the massive immaculate hospital. He is going up to see Dr. Aro Volturi Chief of Staff…looking for a new Chief. Edward smiles, he has been called to meet with him. He hopes it is good news. Or the start of good news.

Being a doctor is something he has always wanted. His mother was the perfect, is the perfect doctors wife. She doesn't fret when Carlisle comes home late, she takes things in stride, she is relaxed. Perfect. Finding the perfect doctors girlfriend is near impossible. He knows Dr. A Volturi is all about over all appearances. He knows he would prefer his new Chief of Staff to be married, or at least be settled, have someone to take to the hospital functions, the charity events, and benefits. But again…everyone is too much work, on top of his full time job. He doesn't have the time to work on a relationship.

Tanya. Dr. Tanya Denali was his longest. She is amazing. Blonde, blue eyes, legs perfect face. Stunning body. But her being a doctor didn't help. They were ships passing by each other. It would never work. On top of that she was too demanding.

Maybe it is him; maybe he needs to grow up. Maybe he is asking for too much. He needs a woman to have sex with, a woman to take out. That's it.

He needs a woman to please Aro enough that he gets the position that he damn well deserves. He deserves it because he is always here, he is always working, and he is always trying to improve himself and go forward, be a step ahead in books and new discoveries in not just his field of study but all fields.

"Dr. Cullen" Victoria smirks as he steps into the elevator.

"Dr. Sutherland" Edward responds with a smile. She was amazing in bed as well.

"What floor?" She arches her eyebrows at him.


Victoria smiles. "Meeting with Aro huh?"

"Yeah" Edward nods glancing at her. She is a beautiful woman. But again, two doctors don't work. She has demands and needs he doesn't have time to fill. Flowers and candy, romance. It's a fulltime job for sure.

"Edward" Aro greets, his hands clasp. "Come in and sit"

Edward moves through the grand office. He takes his place. He would love; his dream is to become Chief of Staff. He loves being a doctor, but this, being Chief is his dream.

"As you know we are looking for my replacement"

"Yes Dr. Volturi"

"I like you Edward; I think you have the balls for this job"

Edward cringes internally but smiles externally.

"You have to go get'em way about you, the drive the dedication"

"Yes sir"

"You just lack the family aspect, everyone loves a happy story" Aro frowns he pulls a face. "I would like to see my new Chief settled, happy, ready to get married have children"

"Well my girlfriend and I have been talking about…" The dumb ass words are out of his mouth before he can even attempt to make his brain catch up with his lips.

"What a pleasant surprise, you are just working so often I didn't know, we didn't know" He speaks of the board of trustees, his peers.

Edward watches Aro rest his elbows on the desk and lean forward like Edward is about to tell him a sordid but amazing story. His finger touches his thin lips and the older man smirks.

"Well this changes everything"

"Oh" Edward says.

"Yes, you must introduce your lovely lady at the Children's Benefit next weekend" Aro insists.


"Wonderful" Aro claps his hands together again like a happy child.

"Indeed" Edward smiles. Fuck he whispers internally.

Bella walks up the street. "Hey Bree"

Bree pulls the cigarette from her lips. "Bella, hey"

"Anything?" Bella looks around the street is pretty bare right now.

"No one is biting tonight"

Bella sighs, she sits up on the top of the bench next to her friend. "It has been slow lately"

"Yeah" Bree agrees. "Want one?" She offers her pack.

"Nah, I am really trying to do something right and quit" Bella smiles, she watches Bree shrug and take a nice long drag.

"I haven't seen you much?" Bree mentions.

"I am saving" Bella announces. "Get out of Seattle" Saving is not going to go over well if she doesn't 'work' but she can afford to take some nights off due to it.

"Smart girl, where you headed?"

"No plans as of yet, but somewhere warm…where I can get a tan" Bella smiles when Bree laughs. "I don't know really, but I don't want to do this forever"

"Who does?" Bree mutters.

Bella sighs. "I'm gonna head home"

"I am going to give it another hour see if Prince Charming arrives, then I am gonna go"

"I'll see ya" Bella pushes off and down, she smiles before holding her coat tighter around as she makes her way down the street.

He is seriously gonna kill Emmett. Movie night at his parents, his one day/night off and he is spending it with his food crazy brother and his sister in law, his sister, her husband and his parents. This is not the issue; it is the number of things Emmett asked him to bring on his way from the hospital. It has caused him to stop twice already. He pulls on the side of the street and presses his GPS.

'Taco Bell'

Edward shakes his head listening to the instructions.

Bella's eyes widen. She looks at the sporty yet safe Vovo. Laughing a bit she quickens her step. Leaning down she grins and knocks on the rolled up window.

Edward looks to the side at the brown hair hanging down and the flawless face looking back at him. He fumbles with the button.

"Hey, you looking for a good time?"

Edward looks to his side like she is talking to someone else. Now he has had a lot of sex, but never has he been 'picked up' in such a way. He is a well respected doctor.

This woman is stunning. Edward stares at her for a moment before he chokes out like a pre-pubescent boy. "What?"

Bella laughs a bit at his squeak of a voice. "I said are you looking for a good time?" She cocks an eyebrow up at him.

I KNOW that was short, but I wanted to get a tiny bit of 'intro' here so we know what we are all dealing with. Small back stories. We will get more of Bella's and why she does this later. We got a ton on Edward and his 'women' And what he wants. Hope all that is clear.

AND I hope you liked it!