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Chapter 45

Friday 24th May 2013

He and Bella haven't told anyone yet of their engagement. They got back late Wednesday and he had to get back into work and she had to get back into school.

He was surprised to get a call at the hospital from his Grandfather requesting he and Bella come and see him.

Bella holds Edward's hand now. "Why did I not know this was your building?" She whispers.

"It is CW's building"

"Semantics Edward" She rolls her eyes at him. His cocky smile or smirk makes her heart beat just a little faster.

Edward really doesn't know what is going on; his father didn't have a clue when he called as soon as the phone conversation ended on Thursday with his Grandfather. Carlisle simply said 'Maybe he wants to just get to know Bella better' Edward just feels like it is more.

Bella looks around as they walk through the huge very modern lobby.

"Ah Mr. Cullen"

"Demetri" Edward greets and pulls Bella closer. He doesn't think anyone working for his Grandfather would hurt Bella, but he knows his Grandfather has a lot of pull and money in this state. It is strange how powerful one man can be. To see how powerful and strong his Grandfather is at his age is very odd.

Demetri stands as Edward and Bella get to the large double doors on the top floor of CW's building. His office lies behind there.

"Ah Edward, Isabella" CW smiles from behind his desk. "Thank you Alec" CW nods off the other man in the office. Alec his left hand man, Demetri is his right hand man. It is nice to feel secure when going out and going home. He wants his family to feel that same secure feeling in their lives. The trusts that he has for all of them is a huge part of it. He doesn't think Esme and Carlisle use enough. Bu they are safe and happy, it is all he can ask for now.

Edward smiles, his hand on Bella's lower back. "Grandfather"

"Isabella don't you look lovely my dear, ask this hoverer to get lost so we can talk"

Bella smiles and turns to Edward.

"Will you be okay?" He whispers he holds her hand and her back keeping her close.


"I'm just asking"

CW clears his throat. "Hoverer like his mother"

Edward glares at his Grandfathers smirking face. He kisses her nose lightly. "I'll be…"

"Go keep Demetri company" CW laughs a bit. "He is rather lonely sitting out there, or go down to the café and get something to eat" CW eyes his very fit looking grandson. "Have you been feeding him Isabella, he looks thin?"

Bella smiles and nods. "He is well taken care of"

Rolling his eyes Edward winks at Bella and heads from the office a bit concerned as to what his Grandfather wants to talk to Bella about.

"Sit dear" CW indicates the chair across from his desk, he watches her watch him carefully as she takes her seat.

"Calm down Edward" Carlisle laughs; he doesn't know what CW wants, or why he wants to see both Edward and Bella. Well according to Edward just Bella.

"Well wouldn't you be a bit worried?"


"Because of her past, I just don't want that to keep hurting her or haunting her"

"CW is if nothing but a fair decent man" He can honestly say that now. They have all moved past the history of what went on years ago between the three of them when Esme got pregnant.

"I just"

"Edward if he knows what is the worst that can happen, he could probably make that part of her past disappear, not saying he should do that, because it did make Bella who she is"

"You're right" Edward sighs and stops pacing the hall. Demetri was eyeballing him something fierce he had to leave the waiting area in CW's office.

"Relax, I'm sure Bella will tell you all about the conversation, your mother wanted me to ask if you are both coming to the house Sunday?"

"Yes" He confirms what they always do.

"She will be thrilled she missed you last week"

"One Sunday the woman is a crazy person"

"Don't I know it" Carlisle smiles. "See you Sunday"

"I bet you are wondering why on earth I asked you here"

"Sort of yes" Bella answers softly; she crosses her legs at the knee and holds her hands in her lap.

"I had a visitor this week, a Mr. James"

Bella's eyes widen. She shakes her head and bits her lip. "I can, I can explain"

"Nonsense Isabella, do you love Edward?"

"With all my heart"

"Then you have explained enough"

"I just, I can explain about James" She hisses his name.

CW smiles. "I couldn't help notice the ring when you walked in"

Bella looks down at her hand. "Edward, we, um"

"I'm happy the boy is finally getting his act together and putting that ring to good use, you are good for him Bella"

"You barely know me"

CW smiles and shakes his head. "Let me tell you a story, if I may?" He arches an eyebrow and looks at her.

Her breathing takes a backseat and relaxes. She needs to remember this family is amazing, and have only made her feel wonderful and safe, wanted and loved.

"I met a woman, a girl a long time ago…and this girl, god she was the most beautiful creature that walked this green earth"

Bella smiles as he speaks because she can feel the passion and love.

"I have never loved another as much as I loved, still love her, and rest her soul"

Tipping her head to the side she watches and listens to him from across the desk.

"She was just a young thing when we met, but I had to have her, and CW he gets the girl" CW winks making Bella smile. He was worth a lot not as much as he is now but he was worth a pretty penny at the time. "She was so closed off to me, but when she finally opened up, she dare tell me she wasn't good enough" He makes a face. "Didn't she know I was not good enough for her, women, I know you put that man out there through the ringer, you and my Isla are so much alike it is fascinating"

"That is a lovely name"

"If you would have known her Isabella, let me tell you an amazing woman" CW smiles and shuts his eyes. "My lovely had a past before we met and she let it haunt her, finally she let me and all my damn money deal with it, and I did for her" He would have done anything for Isla.

"What was her past?"

"Well she went through a tough time much like you" He says staring at her, James' didn't get to talk much but he did some poking around this week. "She thought if anyone found out when we got together it would ruin me" He shakes his head in disbelief. "So she tried to push me away, push the natural forces of our attraction, we were like magnets, moths to a flame" He says his voice full of disbelief like all these years later he still can't believe it. "As if I would let anyone or anything ruin us" He was not him alone anymore, the moment he met her they became an, us. "Us as we were in it together…she didn't get that, but" He smiles. "I made sure she got it in the end"

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because you need to know, and I think my grandson has done a fine job or making sure you know, but I will be the cherry on top, I do like to take credit"

Bella laughs a bit.

"Your past doesn't need to haunt you Bella, it has been dealt with, and there is nothing to be ashamed of or hide from" He can tell she is not fully there yet when he said the name James. "I made sure Isla's past didn't come to light, for her not for me" He tells her. "I was not ashamed of her in anyway, but she didn't want anyone to know" He tells her. "Then I became a jackass father to Esme" He shakes his head at his past behavior.

"You seem like you have been an amazing father to her" Bella confirms. She knows the history Edward told her so she knows that even CW fights with his own history.

"That remains to be seen, but I'm trying now" CW smiles warmly.

"Isla and Esme are, have been very lucky"

CW clears his throat; he feels a little knot in it from her kind words. He continues. "She didn't have a choice in the matter of me loving her though, she was mine for the long haul" He smiles. "And what a great haul it was"

Bella smiles. "I love Edward" She wants the long haul with him.

"I can see that, and he loves you"

"I know" She touches her face and smiles.

"Esme doesn't know about her mother's past, once I took care of her demons we just never spoke of it again, at times I could still see her doubt, her questions, wondering why I loved her, don't live with that Isabella, the doubt and questions" As happy as she was throughout her life he did see those doubts at times behind her eyes. The eyes her knows so well. "It is not worth it, just enjoy life, accept the love that comes to you" He shakes his head.

Bella nods in answer. She feels more confident each day with accepting what she went through. She feels confident in accepting the love from Edward and his family despite her past. Also accepting the love from her father, accepting him wanting her, all of her past and all.

"You are worth it, you deserve everything good that comes your way, and if I know my grandson, if he is anything like me" CW chuckles. "You have only good coming your way, because he loves you like I love Isla and Carlisle loves my daughter" He still holds so much regret for treating his only daughter the way he did even more so with Isla's history, he should have accepted his daughters path as he accepted Isla's. He should have been more understanding, but he is a stubborn man. He at the time unfortunately lost himself in the money and power, the prestige. He thought Isla had no choice but Esme was just careless. Isla helped him find himself. He also knows she was giving Esme and Carlisle money, sneaky woman. CW chuckles at the memory of her acting as though she didn't know what he was saying when he confronted her. Esme turned out to be just as stubborn as him; she is a strong brave woman. He is proud of her.

Bella sighs and offers him a smile.

"James has been dealt with"

She blinks a few times.

He smiles. "Now I would appreciate it if you didn't fill Edward in on his Grandmother"

"I understand"

"Thank you" CW smiles.

"Thank you" Bella says staring at him. She gets up and moves around the desk and places a kiss on his cheek. "You are a lovely man"

"He just told me James came to see him" Bella tells him the truth.

"He what?" Edward nearly bellows.

Bella places her hands on his chest stopping him in his tracks. "Calm down, it is fine, he took care of it"

"So CW knows about you?" He rubs his hands up and down her arms. "Are you okay?" He doesn't want her to flip out and worry, pull away from him.

"More than okay" She smiles pushing up to kiss his mouth.

"Really?" Edward cocks an eyebrow up at her.

Bella nods. "Edward"


"It is fine, I'm fine, we are happy" She snuggles when he holds her with both arms, her body molds to his and she feels how perfect they fit together.

He rests his chin on the top of her head and smiles at how far they have come, come together in such a short time. He has grown and she has opened herself up. Her father is back in her life and he is so thrilled for her. He is ready to start his fairytale with her.

"What are you thinking about?" She mutters softly into his chest. They are standing together on the side walk.

"About Sunday, I'm thinking about wearing earplugs when we tell Alice and Esme"

Bella laughs and rubs her nose into his chest. "Can we call Charlie together before we head over?"

"Sounds like a plan" He agrees to the idea, Edward lifts her left hand and kisses her knuckles lightly.

"What else?"

Edward bends and nuzzles her ear and cheek. "I love you"

Bella smiles and turns her head and kiss his mouth lightly. "I love you Edward" She grips him tightly.


Looking up at him she makes a 'hmm?' sound.

"Tell me a secret"

The End

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