From down the hall, the Doctor could hear a strange bumping noise issuing through the walls. Curious, he followed the noise until he found himself in one of the many sitting rooms in the TARDIS. There, in the middle of the floor; stood Bree, paddle ball in hand. On her face was a funny look of concentration, eyebrows scrunched together and lips pursed as she tried to bounce the ball off the paddle towards the floor time and time again. The Doctor just peeped around the corner, watching her amusedly.

Her brown eyes watched the ball like a hawk, squeezing shut in anticipation when the ball flew a little too close to her face for comfort. Her expression got even funnier as time went on and as the ball was flung different ways on the elastic back, going every which way other than the way Bree wanted it to. Eventually she got fed up, flinging it to the carpeted floor like a child. She glared at it as if to make it smarten up, and as she looked at it, she did not notice the pair of black boots appearing behind the paddle. When a pair of hands picked up the paddleball, she snapped out of her faze to see the Doctor studying the child's toy, the ghost of a slight smile visible on his face.

"No luck then?" He asked, still studying the toy. Bree nodded.

"I can do it!" She cried in protest, yet still agreeing with the Doctor's statement. The pair of eyes met, one challenging the other.

"Prove it." He held the paddle out to her. Accepting it, she tried once again to no avail.

*****20 MINUTES LATER*******

Bree still made no success. Then, thrusting the paddle into the Doctors hands said "Fine then! You try!"

Which he did, the paddle, arm, and ball worked as one. Bree watched in amazement as the Doctors eyes left the toy to look at Bree; he smiled when he saw the look on her face. "Well?" He asked.

Bree rolled her eyes, "Do you have to be good at everything?" She replied with another question. He just laughed and shrugged.


The girl muttered something incoherent under her breath that wasn't so "Bree" like. The Doctor smiled even wider. "Sorry, didn't catch that. What did you say Bree?"

She just glared at him icily before leaving the room in a huff. He laughed at her jealously before chasing off after her.