Two days after the whole Alex Montel incident. Jim Street woke up at 05:00 and goes for a run on the beach with his dog Max when his cell phone rings. He looks at the caller id and sees it's his partner Chris Sanchez. He flips his phone open and says "street". "Hey Jim its Chris, my car won't start do you think you could pick me up on you way to HQ?" Jim looks at his watch and sees its 06:45. "Sure I'll be there in about 20 minutes". "Thanks Jim see you in 20 minutes' and Chris hangs up. Jim jogs back to his apartment and showers then goes out to his new ford f-350 and fires it up and drives to Chris's house. When he gets there he gets out and walks up to the front door and rings the doorbell. Chris answers the door carrying her SWAT gear bag and locks the front door behind her. "Ready" Jim asked receiving a nod from Chris and they both walk to his truck "wow new truck" Chris asked. "Yeah my old car finally died so I thought what the hell and bought this but with a few upgrades. No more driving the unmarked squad car this has the full police performance package lights, sirens, etc." Chris throws her bag in the back seat and climbs in as Jim starts up the truck and they head to LAPD HQ. Jim backs into the garage in front of the big SWAT equipment truck and gets out. He says hello to people as he walks to the locker room with Chris behind him. He puts his gear in his locker and then goes out and transfers all his and Chris's gear from their old squad car into the backseat of his truck when Hondo walks over "Street you buy a new ride" he asked looking over the truck. "Yeah I did and fuller isn't happy I'm not driving the worst car in the fleet anymore."


Jim and Chris along with the rest of the swat team are all siting at their desks talking. All of a sudden the alarm goes off. "Hostage situation reported shots fired and officer down at the elementary school down town SWAT assistance requested repeat SWAT requested" everyone jumps up and gears up. Jim notices Chris face and sees the fear in her eyes "Chris what's wrong?" My daughter goes to that school." Jim cusses under his breath and starts up his truck turning on the lights. Once Chris gets in, he floors it and speeds off with the siren blaring. They pull into the school parking lot and jump out leaving the lights flashing and run over to Hondo and the rest of the team as they arrive on scene. "Ok here's the situation two armed gunmen have a first grade class held hostage in its classroom here's a list of the teachers and students that are in that class." Hondo hands Jim the list and he scans it and stops dead on a name he knows and he looks at Chris and she notices he's shaking and has rage in his eyes so does Hondo. "Street do you know someone in there?" "Yes I do and so does Chris" he looks back to her and sees her eyes widen "what my daughters in there?" "Yes but I'm going to get her out safely one way or another. " Hondo goes over a plan and the team goes into action. Jim and Chis are outside the classroom door when they hear gun shots and children screaming. "street moving in ' he kicks the door open and draws the gunmen's attention away from the kids with Chris right next to him. One of the kids recognizes Chris and yells out "mom!" both Chris and the two gun men look over to the girl. The gunmen raised their ak47 to shoot her but Jim is faster shooting both in the shoulder. They both dropped their guns and Chris and Jim tackled them to the ground and cuff them. "Street to 70David code 4 all clear" Chris runs over to her daughter and hugs her and Jim notices a red dot on Chris's neck "Chris get done " Jim pushes her out of the way just as a bullet comes through the window hitting Jim the shoulder. Chris yells into her headset "OFFICER DOWN repeat OFFICER DOWN. Jim struggles to draw his sidearm. He hears gunshots outside then hears Chris calling his name as he blacks out.

Two hours after the surgery to remove the bullet from his shoulder Jim wakes up in a hospital bed seeing the entire swat team siting around him. He tries to get up but Chris noticed him and gently pushed him back down. "How you feelin' Street?" Hondo asked him. "Like I was hit with the SWAT equip. truck." Everyone left except for Chris. As soon as everyone is gone Chris sits on the edge of his hospital bed. "Thanks for taking the bullet that was meant for me I am in you debt." "How about a date?" Jim asked smiling. "Yes I would like that." Chris says. A doctor comes in "Chris Sanchez?" "Yes?" Chris answers. "We found your daughters biological father." "Where and who?" she asked. "Well his name is Jim Street and he's right there." Chris looks at Jim surprised and Jim looks confused and surprised. "I have a daughter?" Jim asked.