"I have a daughter?" Jim looks at the doctor then to Chris. Then it dawns on him "wait Chris as in Christina Sanchez my ex-girlfriend from high school?" "Yes Jim I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier…" Chris says. Jim holds up his hand to stop her. "I'm going to be there for my daughter and you now that I know I can't standby but know this I'm not just helping because of my daughter I'm helping because I'm falling for you Chris." Chris looks at Jim surprised. "Really because I'm falling for you Jim' Chris leans down and kisses Jim and then helps him up "your truck is parked outside in the lot." Jim gets dressed and walks with Chris out to his truck Jim gets in and drives to the LAPD and gets his gear and waits for Chris to get hers. "Ok shall we go pick up Elise from school?" "Yes let's go" Jim drives to the elementary and gets out and waits at the truck while Chris goes inside to get Elise. Chris comes out holding Elise hand in her other hand is her car seat. Jim takes the car seat and straps in in the backseat then help Elise into it and buckles her in while Chris climbs in. Jim jumps in and drives to Chris's house and parks behind her SUV and gets out and helps Elise get out then he grabs their gear and follows Chris and Elise inside. Once inside, Jim sits on the couch and waits for Elise to put away her school things. Chris walks over and sits down on the couch but leaves a space between them for Elise to sit. Elise come from her room and sits between them "Elise there is something that mommy needs to tell you." "Is Jim going to marry mommy?" "Maybe but there is something you should know I am you father Elise." Elise looks surprised and hugs Jim tightly. "Elise will you let me be your father from now on?" "Of course papa" "ok, Elise goes do your homework I need to talk to your father for a while." "Ok mommy." Elise runs to her room and Jim pulls Chris to his side. "Jim would you move in with us?" "Of course I will Chris" Chris smiles and leans in for a kiss then gets up and starts to make dinner. Jim goes to spend some time with Elise.

It's Saturday morning and Jim wakes up before Chris "god she is beautiful when she is sleeping" he watches her sleep in his arms. About five minutes later Chris starts to wake up. "Morning sleepy head" "what time is it Jim?" "Its 07:30 Elise is watching cartoons and eating cereal. At that moment Jim's phone starts ringing. "Hello?" "Hey Jim its boxer I'm at your apartment, where are you?" "Why are you at my apartment boxer?" "Laura asked me to come and talk to you." "Ok I'll be right over "Jim hangs up the phone and cusses under his breath "Jim need any help?" Chris said "yes would you mind riding with me to my apartment to explain to boxer I is not getting back together with his sister?" "Sure I'll go get dressed could you get Elise dressed?" "Sure" Jims gets dressed then goes and helps Elise get dressed and into the truck and starts it up so It can warm up while they wait for Chris. Chris climbs in and Jim drives to his apartment and sees boxer standing by his car. Jim climbs out and grabs Elise. Boxer looks confused and asked Jim. "Babysitting Jim really?" "No I'm not as it turns out Elise is my daughter" Boxer stopped laughing and looked between Jim and Chris standing next to him. "So this means I have to tell Laura no right?" "Yes boxer I'm taken." He shakes his head and leaves. Jim looks at Chris and smiles before putting Elise back into her car seat then climbs into the truck and drives to LAPD. Once there Elise is picked up by her babysitter and Jim and Chris go into the locker room and change. Then they walk to Hondo's office. Two hours later Hondo tells them that someone is waiting for them by their truck. Jim and Chris walk over to his truck and then see Laura standing there. "Laura what are you doing here?" "To do this!" Laura pulls a gun on Chris "you dare take Jim away from me?" Jim hit a button on his belt and the klaxon goes off and he raises his side arm and aims it at Laura. "Drop it Laura! NOW!" boxer comes running all geared up, but stops dead when he sees what's going on "LAURA drop the gun now!" Laura fires at Chris and Jim shoves Chris out of the way and tackles Laura. He knocks the gun out of her hand and cuffs her. Jim walks over to Chris. "You ok?" "Yeah I'm fine" Laura is walked to a waiting car to take her to processing. "Jim walks over to his truck and takes out a first aid kit and patches up his arm. Chris walks over and hugs him "Thank you again Jimmy." "You're welcome but I realized something when she had that gun pointed at you." "What did you realize Jim? Chris looks worriedly at Jim. "I realized that I have deeper feeling for you than I thought I've fallen head over heels for you." "Same here Jim" Everyone around them cheered.