Because obviously I have no life, I decided to write what I desperately want to see happen in Young Justice. Because it should happen in Young Justice. Because why the heck not? I need it. This is very short and takes place in season two with the team, you know, Blue, Impulse, Lagoon Boy, Tim Drake Robin and all of the others. ONE SHOT.

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"we did it." He said in utter disbelief and wonder. His team surrounded him in what could only be considered joyous celebration. The building only meters away was in flames – roaring, cackling, dying away to ashes – but they were alive. Dick placed his hand on Tim's shoulder in equal parts pride and relief. The light had been vanquished, once and for all.

When the team first arrived at the skyscraper they'd been fighting for their lives, trying desperately to save their friends as well as the innocent teens still locked in those godforsaken pods. The tide of battle had turned almost instantaneously, with his team on the losing side of that spectrum.

Then, with a flash of blinding light the battle was won – the Justice League had arrived. All of the Justice League. The team that had gone to trial had returned, with Superman taking up the charge to stand beside Superboy. They fought in near-perfect rhythm, only outmatched by the synchronized movement of the reunited Bats.

Together, mentors and protégés, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters; they beat the advancing lines of the alien race. Once past the doors, the speedsters had hurriedly removed all the captured pods with kidnapped teens resting inside.

Then the fire had started.

The aliens, fearing the primitive weapon, beat a hasty retreat.

Leaving the Justice League as the victor.

As the two Bat brothers watched the flames, Bruce approached. "Nice night for some fireworks huh, B?" Dick said jovially.

Bruce smirked, but paid the comment no other acknowledgement.

"Batman! You better come have a look at this…" The bats turned as one to the voice of Flash, who stood by the newly retrieved pods.

The red sealer was mechanically removed to reveal…

No. That couldn't be possible.

A familiar boy with black hair slumped forward into the arms of Flash, his face too close to the one in Dick's memory to be false. He had aged, but his features were unquestionably similar. Bruce was there in a heartbeat, pushing the red-clad hero out of the way.

The Bat placed his gloved hands on either side of the young man's face as they sunk to the ground. Bruce held the boy close, keeping his head elevated and waiting for some response. In moments the boy opened his teal-blue eyes and then there was really no doubt left in the burning air.

The Joker had taken Jason away. He should have been able to connect the dots. Joker was working with The Light. The Light needed test subjects. Oh god, Jason had been left at the mercy of those freaks for four years. Dick's heart seized in his chest as he watched the scene before them, his brother returned in a blaze of heat.

"Jason?" Bruce asked. His voice was choked with emotion as the two stared at each other in painful reminiscence.