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It was two months before the wedding. Karin knew in that period of time many things could happen. It was one of these moments where you'd meet your future relatives. Judging from Rukia's looks one would simply assume that her brother would also be… short like Toshiro and by the way that she glorifies her nee-sama she could only assume that the older Kuchiki would be the sickly but kindest soul just like she mentions the captain Ukitake one. As Ichigo mumbled and rolled his eyes, Rukia hit him hard on the forehead saying something about 'respecting nee-sama for personally visiting us' which produced Karin the thought that maybe the other Kuchiki was an old man which was supported by the fact that Ichigo doesn't go by the book, even older authorities ex. Dad. As the two lovers bicker enveloped in their own world Karin just looked at her sister who was sighing happily saying something about 'couple's first fight' stuff.

"Yamete!, geez get a room you two", Karin said raising her eyebrows and pointing at the Urahara Shoten.

They were welcomed by Ururu, now also 16, and by Jinta, 17, who immediately ran after seeing Yuzu. Karin greeted Ururu and then took hold of her twin's hand and went in. They passed the stalls containing the candies and finally reached the decent seized room. Urahara-san was there with his black cat at the top of his hat and a fan covering his face.

"Ohayou Urahara-san and Yoruichi-san" Karin said then bowed with Yuzu. Yuzu wondered who was the Yoruichi-san they've greeted but she was sure that the cat was cute. Then came Ichigo followed by Rukia at their backs.

"Urahara-san, Yoruichi-san" Ichigo greeted while Rukia bowed.

Soon they were at a vacant lot. They left Yuzu with Ururu at the shoten playing go in the care of the black cat. The reiatsu might attract unwanted visitors. As for Karin she insisted on going and was granteed after teasing that the might go lovey-dovey that ws shy they were gonna leave her alonely-lonely.

Karin waited for the old, short and sickly but kind-faced Kuchiki she was assuming, and at that moment she saw a senkaimon gate appeared right in front of them. A tall figure in the bright light emerged with a hell butterfly at his side.

Karin's eyes were glued at the figure moments after, well who wouldn't. He was not short like Toshiro, hell he was not even old, and he was certainly not the sickly but kind-faced man she assumed. He was gorgeous with his short raven hair and matching collared haori.

Rukia immediately greeted his brother with a bow then Ichigo, even though remembering his stay at the 4th division, gave a little nod and then greeted.

"Yow Byakuya what took you so long?"

"Disrespectful as always, Kurosaki."

"Pardon me but please don't generalize the Kurosaki's" Karin who was now out from her dazed situation intervened.

"And you are?"

Karin immediately looked away as the creature's gaze bore on her.

"Ka…Karin I'm Karin Kurosaki"

"ahaha Welcome Kuchiki-san. Now we had introduced properly can I please lead the way to the shop, then you could put on your gigail…your reiatsu's attracting some visitors." Urahara broke the akward moment then moved on followed by Kuchiki, the pair then a flustered Karin.

Karin looked one last time at the closing senkaimon gate shaking away her flustered cheeks.

To be continued….