Ok I know I'm working on "This is Me " but I saw a few high school fics and wanted to do one of my own plus I like to give myself challenges. This is a modern version of HTTYD in a town named Berk and Hiccup is your typical loner that his own FATHER doesn't talk to him, but what no one knows is that Hiccup is a DANCER! And not your average dancer… he is known as the 'The Dragon'! Want to know how he got that nickname? Well to bad you have to read XD. Astrid will have more to do with this soon so…ENJOY.



Hiccups P.O.V

Hi… I'm Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, ya what a great name huh? I am 15 years old and this is what I do.

It was a Saturday evening as usual I tell my father I'm off with my friends. How my father believes that I have friends is beyond me… but I do and his name is Toothless and he's well… a dragon. I know what you are thinking… 'This is the present! How is there still dragons'? But it's beyond me as well but no one knows about him and I'm glad. But what I do every Saturday night is my freedom. Here in Berk (where I am from) is all about what you do. During the day I am a klutz, a loser… a loner but on Saturday nights I am the 'The Dragon'. Cool huh? Actually not really… the clubs gave me that name. Why? Well I have a secret side of me… I am a dancer. How I became a dancer is thanks to my mother before she died. She was a dancer while my father was/ and still is a very important business man. He hated how when I was younger I wanted to be dancer, my father believed I should be just like him, but my mother encouraged me to continue my dreams. After my mother died my father thought I would stop thinking about my dreams and start looking at his point of view. But never did, I couldn't give up on my dreams, so I let him believed I did.

I stop where I was and looked up at the sign… 'The Beat'. It is the most popular dance club in Berk and I love it. The owner Gobber was the only one who knew my identity when I became 'The Dragon'. I saw that the line to get in the club was starting to get long but thankfully Gobber gave me a spare key to the back way. Sadly to get to the back way I had to pass the line of people and well they hate me. They call me Hiccup the Useless or Hiccup the Pest but I didn't care. As I walked pass them some of the people I knew that went to my school 'The Performing Art Dragon High' gave some dirty looks… then I pass them. It was Ruffnut, Tuffnut (The Twins), Fishlegs, Snoutlout and his girlfriend… Astrid. Man was I in love with her but she was dating Snoutlout my cousin… but he didn't deserve her. Like a bunch of other guys they wanted to go out with her for her looks. I tried to walk past them but…

"OH MY GOD you're not really going to wait in line to get in this club are you Useless?" shouted Tuffnut.

'Shit…' I thought.

"I hope not but we shouldn't worry he's such a loser they won't even let him through the door" said his sister.

I tried to continue on walking but my cousin grabbed the back of my shirt and holds me.

"What's the hurry cousin… we just wanted to say 'hi' and 'goodbye'." He said as he threw me on the ground. Luckily my backpack that had my stuff broke my fall. In an instant they all started laughing at me. I got up and wipe off the dirt on me.

'Man I hate them' I thought.

While they were busy laughing at me I got up and walked past them. Well as you saw that's my life on the outside. I hurried up to the back to avoid more conflict. I got to the back and made sure that no one was looking and went in. I headed straight to the office.

"Well, well, well looked who made it. I thought your father didn't want you out again." Said Gobber.

'Man Gobber is way better than my father.' I thought.

"You really think my father can keep me locked up?" I asked while changing into my gear.

"No… but how should I know what your father is capable of." He stated.

"True… but I doubt he's gonna find out." I said with a smirk.

"Well just be careful with your father Hiccup." Gobber said.

I rolled my eyes.

'Ok I'm done' I thought.

"Ok I'm done." I turned "How do I look?" I asked.

I was wearing what I normally wear to cover my identity. I wore a black cap with white words that said 'Berk' in graffiti on the side, a black hoodie that I put over my head so it can help cover my face more in the shadows with a design of a 'Night Fury'/Toothless on my back with a pouncing stance, white skinny jeans and my lucky Nicky dance shoes. (They are the same ones from Step Up 3 that Muse wanted and got in the end of the movie)

"You look great and the same as always" said Gobber.

I smiled

"Thanks Gobber" I said "Oh what time do I start my 'entrance'?" asking like I didn't knew.

"You know as well as I do you start at 10pm and remember don't show off too much" he said.

"Oh please it's like you don't know me" I said in a smirk like manner while leaving out the door.

Outside 'The Beat'

Normal P.O.V


"Don't worry you guys were almost there and we still have 10 minutes before he starts" stated Fishlegs

"Well I don't care" Snoutlout stated "I wanna see if this guys dancing is better than mines"

"Snoutlout you've seen the videos… this guy is a dancing god" Ruffnut stated.

"Whatever…" he said.

Inside 'The Beat'

Astrids P.O.V

"Yes we made it just in time" yelled Ruffnut.

"I know I thought we would never make it" I said.

It was one minute till 10pm and we were in the front row getting our cameras ready to record his amazing moves.

To tell you the truth I am a huge fan of 'The Dragon'. I've seen how he dances on the internet but this is our first time coming to see him live.

Then we heard the beat of a song we knew that I loved so much. 'On the Floor' by Jennifer Lopez Featuring Pitbull. The beat played as the host came out on stage. It was the club owner Gobber.

"ALRIGHTTT! WHO'S READY TO SEE 'THE DRAGON'?!" he yelled through the mic.

Me, Ruff, and everyone else yelled.


"ALRIGHT LET'S GET STARTED!" He yelled getting off stage.

Ok first Chapter of The Beat. Hope you enjoyed and loved. IDK what gave me this idea to write this story but I don't care! I'm enjoying it. Oh and I'm gonna need more song ideas like which ones should I use. This is probably gonna be updated at the same time as 'This Is Me'. Hope you enjoyed this. Please, Please, PLEASE READ AND REVIEW. UNTIL THEN MY FELLOW READERS