"[Name]. It's good to see you again." You smiled, setting down a stack of papers with a thump.

"Giotto-san. It's been a while." He chuckled.

"Yes, a whole summer." You sat in the revolving chair at your desk. You tapped the wood of your desk with a pen, before realizing something, and looking up at Giotto again.

"Was there something you needed? I can do something to help get ready for the new students." He chuckled, shaking his head.

"There's only one thing I need you to do." He said, taking note of your puzzled expression. "There seem to be quite a lot of new students this year. They know each other well, so they should get along, but I need you to be cautious. Their personalities might clash a bit, and we need to be sure everyone if safe. Of course, you can talk to their homeroom teachers if anything is wrong. Some of the new students might oppose, since you're about the same age as them." You nodded, feeling a little nervous. He smiled.

"Very well then. Good luck, [Name]." You nodded again, watching him leave.

"Wait…" you suddenly thought aloud, "what did he mean when he said 'good luck'?"

Guess you'll find out.

Very, very soon.


1. Shy Student!

2. Short-tempered Student!

3. Oblivious Student!

4. EXTREME Sports Student!

5. Violent Student!

6. Obnoxious Student!

7. Clumsy Student!

8. Seductive Student!

9. Mischievous Student!

10. Quiet Student!

11. Polite Student!

12. Nerdy Student 1!

13. Nerdy Student 2!

14. (Unwillingly) Helpful Student!

15. Sexy Student!

16. Scientific Student!

17. Innocent Student

COMING SOON: Weather Reports (7)

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