Don't Cry Fluttershy

The weather was dreadful, as I biked home from work at my local skating rink. It was nine-o-clock at night, cold, and pouring with rain. It was bad enough it was cold and raining, and the last thing I needed was some wind.

The roads around me were completely deserted, and empty. I begun to see street lamps on the side walk, and small shops. I passed the library, then the bakery, and finally, I passed The Checkers Inn, before approaching my little house I paid to live in.

It was only a small house, but that was all I needed. It was cheap, reliable, and had an Ideal location, right next to the high street, where the market, bakery, butchers, and just about everything else was.

I hopped off my bike, and reached into my pocket for my keys. The hissing of rain was quieter than before, and almost made the scene peaceful, but somehow, it was disturbing, and almost too quiet.

I put the key in the lock, and twisted it, unlocking the door. As soon as I took the key out of the lock, I heard a faint pout, coming from around the corner, where the neighbors and I put our trash bins.

I peaked around the corner, and the sound became more vivid, and I realized it sounded like a small child crying. The dark alley made it hard to see, so I retreated into my home, and returned with a flashlight.

I turned it on, and slowly walked towards the cry. With the third step, I heard a gasp, and the crying stopped…"Hello…"I quietly said. "I don't want to hurt you."I looked left, then right, and pointed the flashlight into a corner, and I saw where the cry had come from.

In the corner, with a face streaked with tears, soaking with rain water, sat a small horse looking creature. However, it was smaller than a horse, and was probably four feet tall on all legs.

The creature tried to back away, and found itself cornered, and begun to shake. "Don't…"I heard. I could barely manage to make out what the creature said, and realized how scared he, or she was.

"You…you can talk?"I said. I realized that there were better things to deal with than asking how she could talk. "Look, I don't want to hurt you."

"Where am I?"It asked.

"Um…your in south east England. Who are you?"

"Where's Equestria?"Its voice begun to broaden, and get louder.

"Equestria…I've never heard of the place."I felt awfully bad for the creature, and gave myself a thought. "Look…it's really cold out here. Come inside."I offered the innocent thing. She didn't respond, and hid more in the corner. "Come on…I promise not to hurt you."

It came out of the corner slightly again, and sniffed, looking at the ground, before angling on its hooves. "Promise?"It asked.

"I promise…"I reached out, and it walked slowly towards me. I led it into my house, where it looked about with curious eyes. "Would you like a towel?"I asked. It looked at itself, seeing his or her fur was dripping with droplets of rain.

"Yes please…"it quietly said. As I returned from the bathroom to get the towel, and gave it to the creature, I decided to start a conversation.

"So what is this place you asked about?"

"Equestria? Oh it's wonderful. It's almost like a dreamland."

"Sounds like one. Do you have a name?"I asked. It fiddled around, wrapping the towel around itself.

"Of course. My name is…um, Flutter…shy."I assumed then, she was female, and finally stopped calling her "it" in my head.

"Fluttershy…quite an unusual name don't you think?"

"Oh no. Where I come from, there are lots of names that even I giggle at."

"Like what?"

"Well, there's my friends, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack."

"Wow. What a load of fun that is."

"So what's your name?"

"Call me Derek."

"Back home, names like those just got too boring for some ponies. It just wasn't to fun."

"That's one thing this place lacks is 'fun'. It's like it's forbidden. Thank god it's not."

"Oh dear. Well what we do for fun…um…actually, the fun normally comes to us, and we end up having some sort of adventure, where at the end, all of us, or one of us learns this lesson about friendship. It's more fun than you think."

"Here, most of us watch football at the pub, play games, and anything in between."I said. Fluttershy remained cuddled up in the towel, and let out a yawn.

"I guess I'm pretty tired. Would you mind if I slept here?"Fluttershy asked. I stared into her eyes, knowing what answer I couldn't say. I don't know why, but it was virtually impossible to reject the question.

"You stay here as long as you want."I said. She smiled at me, and laid down on the floor, huddled in the towel, slowly closing her eyes. "You don't have to sleep on the floor. I'll let you sleep in my bed."

"Oh no worries. I find this carpet quite soft anyways. Besides, I was never comfortable sleeping in other ponies beds. It just felt weird."

"I know how that feels. It's just because your not used to it. That and the fact that you can smell the other person in the sheets."I said cringing at the thought. Fluttershy giggled, and grew quiet.

I turned to look out the window, and watched as the rain fell in the night. Thoughts rushed throughout my head, in and out, as if there was a direct tunnel from ear to ear, wind blowing straight through.

I knew another mouth to feed would be hard…but I couldn't just leave her in the streets. Neither her, nor I would ever forgive me, for doing such a thing. What to do…oh what to do…oh Fluttershy.

I made a decision, that would change my life, forever…I would take care of this innocent creature, until we found a way to fix this, and make this all right.

I promised myself, never to put in harms way, and never to let go…not of her…even if it meant my fate. I couldn't believe how attached I grew to her, in such little time.

My heart pounded, as I looked down at the pony…and it felt as if my heart, filled a void within it, and I made my decision final