Authors Notes

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this story, as many ponies have.
This story has made a major breakthrough for me, as it has reached 700 views in
the last 4 days.

A few people told me this would be the next My Little Dashie. I never actually
read that story, but I do know that it is very well known.


-Story, Englands' constant rain.

-Chapter 2, Steyning, a town in England.

-Chapter 3, The downs of South England

-Chapter 3, When Derek sings the lullaby for Fluttershy, from a song called,

"Lullaby For A Princess", by Christina Larson Full credit goes to her for that.

-Chapter 4, Brighton, the South Coast, and Palace/Brighton Pier

Thanks too…

Fanfiction for having this wonderful sight.

Christina Larson for the song lyrics

"Adventures In Equestria" for the invitation.

And all of the readers who'v made it this far.

Future plans

For my next story, I'm either doing a period of Equestria relevant to Earths' WWII.

Or, a story about the lost elements. Both of these stories will be written from Dereks'
point of view again.

Story without Derek

A story, where Twilight finds her idol, Starswirl The Bearded, and learns magic she
never knew was possible.

Other stories from Dramatic Stories.

-The War Of The Worlds (MLP)

Twilight and Spike are left behind after Martians attack, and fight to survive.

-Blu Beard, A cross between Pirates, and Rio (Rio)

Blu Beard, the feared pirate of South America, faces many different encounters on
his journey to expand his empire. Instead, he finds love, and lives a happy life.

-We Never Change (Bambi)

A man joins Bambi and his friends, to live in peace and harmony in the woodlands,
to protect the forest, and those who live among it.

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I might do a dramatic narration of this story.