It Wasn't Him

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of The Vampire Diaries.

Pairing: Caroline/Rebekah

Rating: M

It Wasn't Him

Klaus and Caroline were currently taking a walk outside of the Mikaelson estate. She knew that it was wrong of her to be spending time with him, but she was alone and she missed Tyler, and the original vampire brought such intrigue with him. He spoke of Paris, London, and Italy, traveling the world together and doing everything that any woman would dream of. He sketched pictures of her and he sent her gifts, he was so romantic and she could not help but feel drawn to him, despite knowing that he was a terrible individual.

Still, she loved Tyler and she did not plan to take Klaus up on any of his offers. She would never hurt her boyfriend that way.

"Well, well, this is interesting. Are the lovebirds having a nice evening?" An accented voice floated through the air, drawing Caroline out of her conflicting thoughts. She recognized the voice immediately. It was Rebekah. Turning, she looked over her shoulder at the blonde vampire and then over to Klaus, expecting him to speak.

There was no way that she was saying anything. Rebekah was intimidating.

"Let us be, Rebekah. We are busy." Klaus stated with a glare at his younger sister.

"I can see that." She responded spitefully, walking toward the couple and staring them down with angry blue eyes. Even if she did not understand her reasoning, she hated that her brother was showing interest in Caroline.

He took a step closer to Rebekah and stared down into her eyes with hatred behind his. He was not going to allow her to ruin the evening with her petty problems. She could be such a desperate brat, always searching for attention and validation. Well, not tonight. Tonight was to be his and Caroline's night. "I said, let us be."

"And if I do not wish to let you be?" She asked with a raised brow.

Suddenly, Klaus lashed out, wrapping his hand around Rebekah's throat and lifting her off of the ground. He stared up into her eyes and watched as she squirmed in his grip. "If you do not wish to leave us alone, then I could always silence you again with a dagger to the heart."

Caroline watched with wide eyes as the two of them fought with each other. She did not know what to do. She hated seeing this side of Klaus, it made all of the romanticism disappear and he became the man who would kill his sister to shut her up. That was wrong on so many levels. He acted power crazy, like he owned Rebekah.

Rebekah set herself free from his grip with a lot of struggle and lunged at him, throwing him across the street. He slammed his head into the curb and lay there for a moment dazed, before quickly jumping back to his feet and running at his sister. The blonde original growled out and bared her fangs as she once again lunged at him, knocking him back against the concrete and straddling his chest as she held him down by the throat.

"Rebekah, is this any way to treat your brother?" He asked in a strangled voice.

"If I have learnt anything from you, then yes." She responded tightening her grip around his neck as her eyes darkened to a deep black. For so many years Klaus had hurt her, killed her over and over again, and she had always forgiven him, but she was tired of forgiving him.

Caroline could feel her body reacting in a strange manner as she watched the siblings fight, she found herself particularly interested in watching Rebekah. Her strength was terrifying, yet also exciting, and her British accent was extremely attractive. Her dress was tattered and revealing a good amount of perfect skin, and the muscles in her long legs continued to tense under stress, she was absolutely gorgeous. 'Oh god… why am I thinking like this… and why is my body reacting like this?' She internally questioned as she felt an ache forming between her thighs that she recognized as arousal.

It was bad enough that she felt like she had already cheated on Tyler with Klaus, now she was growing aroused by watching Rebekah attack him?

'This is so messed up, what the hell is wrong with me? This is sick. I can't find her attractive, especially not because she is hurting someone.'

The fighting vampires both halted what they were doing and turned to look at the blonde vampire who was watching them, her eyes were dark with desire and they could smell her arousal. It was intoxicating. Rebekah could not describe the sensations that she felt as she took in the scent, it was unique to Caroline, delicious. Suddenly, everything was starting to make sense to her. Why she wanted to steal Caroline's life, why she hated that her brother was going after her, that Tyler was dating her, she wanted her.

'She could never want me though…' She thought to herself as she and Klaus watched the younger vampire run away from the scene. Her eyes were dancing with terror and confusion before she disappeared into the darkness.

"You scared her off." He growled out as he threw his sister off of him and watched as she flew through the air and slammed her head against the pavement. Bleeding momentarily before her wounds healed.

"I don't think that I am what scared her off." She muttered to herself, knowing that he could hear her, but not caring. She ignored her brother and stood to her feet walking in the direction that Caroline had left, Klaus looked as if he wanted to strangle her to death. She ignored him.

It was extremely easy for Rebekah to track the other vampire; her arousal was strong and enticing. She could feel her stomach flip with unease and she suddenly felt sick as she thought about the possibilities of why Caroline was aroused. It had probably been the fact that Klaus was hurting her, not the other way around. 'Why would I arouse her?'

She stopped walking and her ears perked up as she heard soft whimpers in the distance.

'Is that Caroline?' Rebekah thought to herself as she looked around for the source of the sound. She did not dare move, knowing that the other woman's superhuman hearing would catch her in an instant and she would run again. Just as she was about to give up her search, she caught the sight of movement out of the corner of her eye. Turning she squinted her blue eyes and attempted to see whatever it was that had moved, but it was difficult to see the person in their entirety.

What she could see was enough to tell her that it was Caroline, though. Blonde curls framing a beautiful face, pink lips, a long pale neck, and a small frame. She was absolutely stunning.

'What is she doing?'


Caroline leant against the wall of a building that lined the street and stared down at her hands and she clenched her thighs together tightly, trying to alleviate some of the desire that had built between them. It was insane. She was not supposed to feel that way about anyone aside from Tyler, yet watching Rebekah fight had caused her womanhood to throb with need and want.

"There is no way that this is because of her…" She muttered. "I'm probably not even that turned on."

Glancing up, she looked around the street in order to see if anyone could see her. When she knew that she was alone she returned her gaze to her hands and started to trace her fingers down her stomach and under the waistband of her skirt. Inching her fingers beneath the fabric she moved them under her panties and traced them over her womanhood, letting out a gasp and a moan as she felt the wetness there.

"Jesus." She closed her eyes as she made contact with her swollen clit. Caroline did not want to touch herself, especially not with Rebekah's image in her mind, but she could not help it. She was so aroused and she needed desperately to get rid of the ache.

Gently she started to move her fingers against her clit, letting out soft whimpers and gasps as she imagined that Rebekah's head was between her legs and her tongue was tracing over her most sensitive area. "Mm…."

"Ah-hah. I see that I was correct." Rebekah's voice jolted Caroline out of her pleasure and she quickly pulled her hand out of her skirt, her eyes snapping open and catching the original vampire's eyes.

"Wh-what do you mean, you were correct?"

"When I assumed that you had grown aroused due to our little quarrel." She stated with a smirk on her lips and devious glimmer in her eyes. Rebekah took a step closer to Caroline and tried to suppress her own desire as she smelt her arousal all over her. 'What I wouldn't give to taste her…'

"I was not!" She said in a defensive tone of voice as she tried to move away from the other blonde, only to be cornered against the building.

"You were too. It is useless to deny it Caroline; it is blatantly obvious that you are attracted to my brother."

"No. It wasn't him, it was—" She cut herself off as she realized what she was about to admit, there was no way that she wanted Rebekah to know the reason that she had been so turned on. "—I mean, yeah, of course it was him, totally him, who else could it have been?"

Rebekah's eyes widened as she listened to Caroline ramble on and on about how it was Klaus that had aroused her, she was obviously trying to convince both of them that this was the case. But, she had already allowed a slip of the tongue and now Rebekah knew otherwise. It had not been him that had caused the reaction, and considering that Tyler had not been anywhere in sight she doubted that it was him either, which only left one person. 'Me…'

Caroline looked away embarrassedly after her rambling died down, she could feel the original's eyes on her staring her down and it was intimidating. She prayed that she did not hear her mistake and that she believed that it had been Klaus.

"Too late darling, the cat is out of the bag." Rebekah stated. "But, this still begs the question, if it was not Klaus, nor was it Tyler, then who was it that caused you to become so deliciously aroused?" Her voice deepened and her accent drove Caroline wild as she stared down at her lips and shivered as she felt her breath rush against her skin. The word 'deliciously' embarrassed and excited her to no end. She wondered if Rebekah could smell her, if she liked it as much as she sounded like she did. This thought caused the aching and wetness to intensify.

"It was him!" Caroline insisted frantically.

"For some reason I find that most difficult to believe, my sweet." Rebekah purred out as she leant down and hovered her lips directly over Caroline's, allowing them to move against them as she spoke.

"Well, it's the truth." She breathed out. Her voice was no longer frantic or demanding, instead it came out a soft whisper. Her body was reacting to the proximity of those perfect full lips and she had forgotten why she was arguing her point when all she wanted to do was lean up and capture those lips with her own.

"Really now?" Rebekah teased as she traced her fingers along Caroline's long perfect neck, while her other hand landed on her hip and held her in place. Unable to respond anymore, the younger vampire weakly nodded her head to emphasize on her point. "I see." Rebekah whispered hotly against her lips before extending her tongue and tracing it over Caroline's sweet bottom lip and then pulling it between her teeth and sucking on it.

"Mm…" Caroline gasped and moaned out as she stared into the other vampire's eyes, watching as they darkened with desire. Her eyes undoubtedly matched them. She had never wanted anyone as much as she wanted her in that moment.

She knew that it was cheating and she knew that it was wrong, but she could not control herself. Her body was reacting to Rebekah's touches despite herself.

"That is quite the compelling argument darling." She said as she pulled away and smirked down at Caroline. Her own body was reacting to their closeness, but this was not about her pleasure. This was about Caroline and proving that she was the reason for her arousal.

Gently, Rebekah traced her fingers under the other blonde's shirt. One of them let out a moan as her fingertips connected with Caroline's toned abdomen, neither knew who it had been though, they were both lost in the heat of the moment. No one had ever touched her like Rebekah was and she never wanted to lose the contact. Once she lost the contact everything would be too real again, and reality was terrifying.

"Mmm…" She groaned out in pleasure as Rebekah's fingers teased the bottom of her breast, she arched her back into the touch begging for more.

Rebekah obliged as she moved her fingers up further and circled them over her hardened nipple, smiling victoriously as she watched Caroline crumble beneath her. Her legs buckled and she almost fell down the wall, but Rebekah was quick to hold the other woman up as she continued to flick her fingers over the sensitive bud. Once she finished teasing, she lifted up Caroline's shirt and leant down. Her eyes connected with the younger vampire's dark eyes as she extended her tongue and ran it over the hard nipple, tormenting her.

"Mmm... god… Rebekah… more…" She moaned out, tangling her fingers in blonde hair and attempting to pull her closer to her body. Needing more contact as her hips started to move against Rebekah.

"Ah-hah, don't you know that patience is a virtue?"

Caroline pleaded with her eyes and the sight drove Rebekah wild, then she asked in the most desperate tone of voice, "please?" That pushed her over the edge. Leaning in, she wrapped her full lips around the hardened nipple and sucked on it, moaning out as she heard Caroline groan out in pleasure and tangle her fingers in her hair.

Slowly her fingers started to move beneath Caroline's skirt, moving up her toned thighs toward her heated center. She could feel the heat radiating off of her womanhood and it made her ache. Caroline's body shook as she ran her fingers over her clit through her panties, and Rebekah gasped as she felt the amount of wetness that she had caused.

"You most definitely hate this, right? I do not arouse you in the slightest?"

Caroline did not answer the question, knowing that she was only teasing her for what she had said prior to their intimate interaction. She knew that it had been Rebekah that had turned her on, but she had not been willing to admit it. Even now, she was not willing to admit that this was happening.

"Still stubborn I see."

With that statement, she pushed the other blonde's panties to the side and then pressed her fingers against her wetness, hissing at the contact. "My god. You may deny it, but your body does not. You are so bloody wet it is ridiculous, Caroline." She practically moaned out the sentence, catching Caroline's eyes she watched as realization and worry flashed in them, but she did not allow her to second-guess what they were doing. Rebekah plunged a finger deep inside of the other woman, causing her to scream in pleasure and throw her head back against the wall.

She could feel blood trickling down her head from where she had slammed it against the cement, but she could not feel anything but the deafening pleasure of Rebekah's finger moving slowly in and out of her heated center. Slowly, she picked up the pace and added another finger, watching with excited eyes as Caroline moaned out her name and shook in ecstasy.

Then, without warning, she removed her fingers and pulled away from Caroline.

Caroline started to fall to the ground, but she caught herself and forced herself to stand wobbly, as she stared at Rebekah with confused eyes. "What—why—why did you stop?" She asked through labored breaths.

Rebekah lifted her fingers to her lips and ran her tongue along them, cleaning them of Caroline's delicious arousal, moaning out at the taste. Caroline moaned as well as she watched the scene before her. Then, Rebekah opened her eyes and stared directly into the other's eyes before she stated in a matter of fact tone, "Because, I already got the answer to my question."

"What do you mean by that?"

"It wasn't him." She stated and then turned and disappeared down the street, leaving an extremely aroused and confused woman staring after her.


Authors Note:

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