It Wasn't Him

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of The Vampire Diaries.

Pairing: Caroline/Rebekah

Rating: M

How Dare You?

Caroline had spent the rest of the weekend attempting to contact Tyler, avoid Klaus, and keep her mind off of what had happened with Rebekah. She just wanted her boyfriend to return so that everything would go back to normal. He was her safety, Klaus was the unknown, and Rebekah was the impossible.

There was no way that she could have feelings for her. She had never had feelings for another woman before.

Her attempts at denying her feelings toward the other blonde worked for the most part, at least until she went to sleep. Try as she might, she could not hide from her dreams. Every time that she tried to rest, Rebekah invaded her mind. Sometimes it was just the British woman smiling back at her, or whispering something suggestive against her ear, and other times she had Caroline pinned against the wall with her fingers deep inside of her, or her head between her thighs.

She always woke up covered in sweat and extremely aroused and frustrated.

Caroline did not want to have these feelings toward Rebekah. She hated them.

"Wait? What do you mean she forced herself on you?" Elena asked with large worried brown eyes as she took a few steps toward her best friend. Caroline had just finished telling them about the fight between Rebekah and Klaus and then about what happened after the fight. She knew that she was pushing a lot of the blame on the other woman, but she could not accept that she had actually enjoyed it. It was not possible.

"I mean exactly that. I was leaning against the wall of one of the buildings around there after running away from the fight and then she just like came out of nowhere and next thing I knew she had me pinned against the wall and was touching me!" She rambled angrily, throwing her hands around.

"Why would she do that? I didn't know that Rebekah was into girls."

"Well, I'm pretty sure she's at least into me!"

"Did you try and push her off of you or tell her to stop? I mean, I know she's stronger than you, but, you probably could have got away." Elena pointed out. Caroline's strength often intensified when she was angry and she could have pushed her away and ran.

She paused and chewed on her bottom lip before admitting, "No…"

When her friends' faces covered in confusion and shock, Caroline quickly explained. "I didn't really have time to think about it. I mean, I was surprised and then she did it and then she just walked away saying she got what she wanted." She knew that she was lying. She could have pushed her off if she had wanted to. 'But you didn't want to…' Her mind teased.

Bonnie walked toward her and reached out a comforting hand, placing it on her arm. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm just really pissed off!" Caroline growled out, sitting on the edge of the bed with her arms crossed over her chest. "God, I hate her."


Caroline hadn't really wanted to go back to school, but her friends were convinced that it would be good for her to socialize and work on the dance committee, and cheerleading, and just focus on herself. The problem with this idea was that Rebekah was on the dance committee, she was in her classes, and she was on the cheerleading squad. So, avoiding her was going to be near impossible at the school.

'I should have just stayed in bed…'

Her stomach flipped as she witnessed the beautiful blonde down the hallway, talking with some of the other cheerleaders as she pulled her books out of her locker. She had her hair up in a ponytail and she was wearing an expensive outfit and heels. 'God, she looks gorgeous…'

"Sorry, Care. I didn't really think this through. I forgot that you would have to be around her a lot if you came to school." Elena said from beside her.

Rebekah turned and caught Caroline's blue eyes with her own, flashing her a devious smirk.

"No, this is fine."

"You sure?" She didn't sound convinced.

"Yeah, I think I'm gonna go over there and give her a piece of my mind." Caroline muttered under her breath as she clenched and unclenched her shaking fists.

She found herself growing angrier the longer that she watched the other woman. Rebekah looked more than proud of herself and what she had done to her. It wasn't fair. She had ruined everything. She had caused Caroline to second guess her feelings for Tyler and her sexuality, and all for what? Entertainment?

You couldn't just play with people like that. It was wrong.

The bell rang signaling that class was beginning and Caroline turned to look at Elena. "Go to class, I'll be fine. I'm just going to confront her about what she did."

"Are you sure? What if she hurts you?"

"I'll be fine." She insisted and with one last hesitant look, Elena and Stefan started down the hallway toward their class. Wishing their friend good luck.

Caroline strut toward the other blonde in an angry rage, throwing up her hands in the air she asked her, "How dare you do that to me the other night!? It was a complete violation of my privacy and my body, Rebekah!"

Rebekah turned and leant her back against her locker, crossing her arms over her chest and smiling down at her knowingly. She knew exactly why the younger vampire was attacking her. It was because she had enjoyed what happened and she did not want to enjoy it; she was confused and hated her for causing those feelings.

"You didn't seem to mind the other night, lover." The last word rolled off her full lips seductively.

Caroline scoffed. "Yeah, that's because I was surprised! I mean you were just there suddenly and you forced yourself on me, I didn't even really know what you were doing until it was too late!" She insisted. Despite her mind reminding her that she knew what was going on.

Rebekah pursed her full lips. "You were well-aware of what I was doing." She pushed herself off of her locker and took a step toward the other woman, watching as she took a step back. "That is, if your moans were any indication."

She looked away from Rebekah due to the embarrassment she felt. She hated that the original had caused such reactions from her.

"Why not just ask me what you really want to ask?"

Caroline looked back up at her with a furrowed brow and perplexed eyes. "What do you mean ask you what I really want to ask? What are you talking about?"

In a flash Rebekah had Caroline pinned against the lockers, her hands held in place above her head. She let out a squeak of surprise as her back was pressed against the metal, she hadn't been expecting it. Staring up into piercing blue eyes, Caroline could feel her body starting to react to the closeness of their bodies and the scent of Rebekah surrounding her. She watched as the British vampire's eyes filled with dark desire and she knew that she could smell her arousal again. 'Damn her and her super-senses! God, what is wrong with me, why am I aroused anyway!?'

Leaning forward, Rebekah purposely pressed her entire body flush against the other woman's, smirking as she heard her let out a soft moan of pleasure. She was attempting to hide her arousal, but it was impossible to do so. Rebekah hovered her full lips directly above Caroline's ear, their cheeks brushing against each other, and her lips barely ghosting over the sensitive skin as she whispered against it.

"The question you wish to ask is most obvious, dear."

Caroline did not say anything. Her muscles tense and her body stiff.

"How dare you leave before bringing me to my climax?" She paused and chuckled softly, her breath rushing against Caroline's neck and down over her shoulder causing her to shiver. "Isn't that what you are really upset about, after all?"

"What? No, of course not." She declined the accusation with little force behind her words. It came out strained and uncertain.

"Really now? So, you have not thought about it at all this weekend?" Rebekah sounded astonished.

"No." Caroline breathed out as Rebekah started to trace her fingers delicately up her exposed thigh, teasing the sensitive skin beneath the bottom of her skirt. Her blue eyes fluttered closed before snapping back open as she swallowed hard, it was becoming most difficult to deny that she wanted the original vampire to touch her again. 'Control yourself Caroline… this is exactly what she wants…'

"Not even for a moment?"

"Not at all." She lied.

"You were not curious in the slightest about what it would feel like to have me trace my fingers up your thigh and under your skirt…" Rebekah's voice was slow and deliberate, her fingers matching what she was saying as they moved gently up her thigh and under Caroline's skirt. The younger vampire was no longer fighting it as she bit down on her bottom lip and closed her eyes. "Beneath your knickers…"

Caroline gasped out as she felt Rebekah's fingers move her panties out of the way before pressing her fingers beneath them. She could not believe that she was once again allowing her to touch her in such an intimate way, and in the middle of the hallway of the school. She was a terrible person. She was cheating on her boyfriend with another woman in public.

"Before moving them toward your clit and circling it delicately…" Her voice deepened as her own body was reacting. Rebekah was so aroused. She wanted to take Caroline then and there, make her scream her name and admit that she wanted her.

When she felt Caroline's wetness coat her fingers she groaned out loudly against her ear, her body shaking. "My god, once again you are so bloody wet it amazes me. How you can deny that I am the cause of this is beyond me."

Rebekah started to trace her clit with her fingers, moving them in slow circles around the sensitive bundle of nerves. Giving her just enough to stimulate and tease her, but not enough to bring her to her climax. Caroline's body was shaking and she was letting out soft whimpers. She needed more, and Rebekah planned to make her ask for it.

Caroline had to bite down hard on her bottom lip to not beg for more contact as she moved her hips against the fingers in hopes to attain it. 'Caroline… you're in school, someone could see you… god… but it feels so good…' Her mind was battling with her body.

"After which I would thrust my fingers deep inside of your heated womanhood that would be drenched in your arousal." Rebekah did not do as she said this time though. Instead she moved her fingers toward her entrance and traced it teasingly. She was desperate to hear her beg for more, to hear her tell her that she wanted her like she knew that she did.

Caroline whined out shamefully.

"All you have to do is ask, sweet Caroline. And I can guarantee you the best orgasm that you have ever had." Her confidence served to turn Caroline on even more so.

Rebekah watched with amused eyes as Caroline squirmed with each movement of her fingers, she looked like she was just about to break and give in. Which was good, because Rebekah wanted to feel her warmth surround her fingers again more than anything.

Just as she was about to give in to the original, Elena's voice drew her out of her arousal and sobered her.

"What the hell do you think you are doing!?"

Rebekah let out a frustrated groan as she stared over her shoulder at Elena and Stefan. "Caroline and I were just about to have a little fun, weren't we?"

Caroline did not say anything. She could not think. Her body was on fire and she was still extremely aroused, her body aching to be touched.

"Like hell you were! Let her go!"

"Now, now, Elena. Shouldn't we allow Caroline to decide if she wants—" Her voice was cut off as she felt a pressure around her neck and she was slammed against the lockers. Stefan was holding her in place by the throat and glaring into her eyes. While Elena rushed to Caroline's side and asked her if she was alright.

The pressure around her throat hurt, but it was nothing that she had not felt before. She stared over at Elena and Caroline listening in on their conversation and ignoring Stefan. Rebekah was not scared of him. He couldn't kill her.

"Did she hurt you?" She asked looking over her friend.

"No, I-I'm fine." Caroline responded with a shake of her head as she looked over at Rebekah and Stefan. Her stomach flipped at the sight and she was worried, worried that he would hurt her. 'Where did that come from… since when do I care if she gets hurt?'

"Brava, Elena." Rebekah spoke in a strangled voice. "You saved the day again. Poor Caroline here was in so much danger. If you wouldn't have come along she just might have suffered through a mind-blowing orgasm. That would have been terrible, wouldn't it?" Stefan's grip tightened around her throat serving to silence her.

"Rebekah! You need to back off! Maybe Caroline was enjoying whatever you were doing, maybe she wasn't, but regardless, it isn't your place to force yourself on her. She has a boyfriend and she doesn't want you! So get over it." Elena growled out defensively.

"Elena, just let her go." Caroline said from behind her.

"Wait, what?"

"Just let her go."


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