It Wasn't Him

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of The Vampire Diaries.

Pairing: Caroline/Rebekah

Rating: M

Fuck Me

Caroline was lying in her bed, staring up at her ceiling, trying her hardest not to think about the person who consumed her thoughts constantly as of late. She did not want to give Rebekah the satisfaction of even thinking about her. But, she could not stop. No matter how hard she tried to force her mind to focus on her boyfriend, to focus on school, to focus on anything else, it always returned to the other blonde.

Rebekah had gotten into her head and she didn't seem to be leaving anytime in the near future.

She was convinced that that was exactly what she wanted. That Rebekah was trying to get into her head and consume her, planting all of these thoughts in her head about wanting her and needing her, until she finally gave in and took her. That was what she wanted. She wanted to push her to the point of breaking. To the point of aching and longing to be touched by the original so badly that she had to make a move.

She wanted Caroline to crave her and to indulge in her.

Caroline just didn't understand why.

Was it some sort of revenge tactic on Klaus, was she trying to teach her brother a lesson for the numerous times that he hurt her physically and emotionally? Was it revenge on her, or a way to show her dominance? Was it just to have some sick fun and mess with her head? Or was it something more?

Did Rebekah actually crave her? Did she think about what it would feel like to have her fingers deep inside of her late at night, like Caroline did? Did she wonder what it would be like to have her head between the younger vampire's legs and run her tongue along her clit, devouring her arousal?

"Mmm…" Caroline's clit throbbed at the thought.

Groaning out in frustration, she rolled over in her bed and slammed her fist into the pillow as she pressed her thighs tightly together. She did not want to be aroused by such thoughts. It should not turn her on so much thinking about Rebekah between her thighs. It should disgust her. "God, what the hell is wrong with me!? Why can't I stop thinking about her! I don't like her, I hate her!" She screamed out against the pillow.

Letting out a small sigh, she turned her head and stared off of her bed at her bedroom door. "I can't like her."

She wondered how many times she would have to tell herself that before she started believing it.

Caroline rolled over onto her back and stared back up at the ceiling as she chewed on her bottom lip and recalled what she had been thinking about. The thought of Rebekah thinking about touching her while she touched herself, lying in her bed, with her legs parted and her hand between her perfect thighs, her fingers deep inside of herself. "Mm… fuck." She felt her swollen clit throb with need again, as her eyes fluttered closed and her mind filled with inappropriate images.

'Would it really be so bad if I did give in…?' She did not dare say the words out loud, but she had been thinking them a lot lately. 'It wouldn't have to mean that I am a lesbian… I could just be bi-sexual; it could just be about the sex… it doesn't have to mean I love her or anything… I mean, just because I want her to fuck me constantly doesn't mean that I have feelings for her. She's just so sexy, with those full pouty lips and that freaking accent…'

Biting down hard on her bottom lip she subconsciously lifted her hips off of the bed. She could practically feel Rebekah's body on top of hers, her skin grazing over hers, the weight of her, as she imagined the other woman straddling her hips and pressing her wetness down against her own.

"Fuck…" Caroline groaned out and threw her head back against the pillow, extending her neck and running her fingers down it. Picturing Rebekah's fingers being the ones touching her, running down over her collarbone toward her breast, before teasing it gently through the fabric of her shirt. She twisted her own nipple between her fingers and moaned at the sensations that coursed through her body.

Her other hand made its way down her flat stomach toward the waistband of her shorts. In her mind, Rebekah was running her tongue down her stomach where her fingers touched and it set her body on fire.

She could practically see those blue eyes, darkened by desire, staring up at her as she pulled down her shorts and planted full-lipped kisses along the insides of her thighs. Caroline pulled down her shorts and ghosted her fingers along her inner-thighs, where she longed for Rebekah to run her tongue.

"Mmm… Rebekah… more…" Caroline was practically panting at this point as she tugged her soaked panties down. The cold air of the room rushing against her wetness and making it obvious. She knew that she was aroused.

Internally, she visualized Rebekah dipping her tongue between her folds and she dipped her finger between them, running it over her clit in a circular motion. Her moans were now louder and she continued to mutter out Rebekah's name. Her fingers were coated in her own arousal and the scent of it filled her room. Moving her fingers to her entrance, she gasped out loudly when she felt just how wet she truly was. It amazed her, honestly. Teasing her entrance she imagined that Rebekah's fingers were touching her and that her tongue was still working its magic on her clit.

After a few seconds of teasing, she thrust two of her fingers deep inside of herself. Twisting them and curling them deep inside at a fast pace, as her thumb ran over her swollen clit. She was close to coming already and she picked up the pace inside of herself. Hearing Rebekah's accented voice in her mind, picturing her full lips tasting her, her beautiful eyes, and that long blonde hair, it was all in her mind, but it was so real.

And with that last final image of Rebekah between her thighs thrusting her fingers deep inside of her, she came all over her hand and her bed. "Rebekah!" She moaned out loudly, her body convulsing for a few seconds before going completely limp on the bed.

She could not move her muscles, and she did not remove her fingers from inside of herself right away. She just lay there, shaking and breathing heavily.

'Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to give in…'


Blue eyes watched as Rebekah walked off of the field after going to the locker room and changing after practice. Caroline had decided to wait until she was done before going down into the locker room herself. She did not want to risk being teased by the original vampire again. Today, she could not handle it. She would give in. With how sexually frustrated she was and the fantasies that she had been having, it would be impossible to tell her no.

She wanted her.

When the coast was clear she snuck toward the locker room and opened the door, heading down the stairs. She still had an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach as she looked around the empty room. No one else was around.

Caroline moved toward her locker and put in the combination, before swinging open the door and pulling out her gym bag. Gripping the bottom of her shirt, she pulled it over her head, leaving her clad in only her sports bra and shorts.

Just as she was about to reach for her shirt, she felt something push her from behind. Slamming her body face first into the lockers and holding her in place. There was a familiar scent surrounding her and she could see the nail-polish on the feminine hands that were holding her wrists in place above her head. 'But it couldn't be her…she left…' The wetness building between her thighs disgusted her. She should be terrified, not aroused.

"Mmm… I do not think that I will ever get over how utterly delicious your arousal is." Rebekah whispered hotly against her neck, causing the hairs to stand up and the other blonde to shiver beneath her. "So bloody intoxicating… I just want to eat you up." She sang playfully, her voice low and seductive.

Caroline whimpered out and attempted to close her thighs to alleviate the aching and prevent some of the scent of her arousal from surrounding them. It was embarrassing.

But, Rebekah was not going to allow for her to hide the delicious scent, and she thrust her knee between her thighs prying them apart. Her thigh brushing up against Caroline's wetness through her shorts. The touch was so subtle that she could barely even feel it, and she found herself rocking against the thigh, but Rebekah would not allow her to make contact with it. She did not want her to receive any pleasure until she gave her what she wanted.

Until she begged to be touched.

"Someone is a bit frisky." She teased in her accented voice.

Caroline didn't say anything. She could not think of a proper defense. Because, she was frisky. She wanted to turn around and rip off all of Rebekah's clothing and make her scream out in pleasure as she convulsed beneath her fingers.

Rebekah leant forward and brushed her full lips against Caroline's ear from behind, her body pressing flush against her back. "You see." She whispered, extending her tongue and running it over the bottom of her ear. "I could take care of that problem, you know. I could stop teasing you and give you what you truly want, lover, all you have to do is ask."

"I—I don't want you." It took all of the strength and will-power that she had to mutter out those words. She wanted her more than she ever wanted anyone.

"Yes, you do. You simply refuse to admit it." Rebekah growled out, a little frustrated. She hated that Caroline was being so stubborn about her feelings. It wasn't like she could hide them. They both knew that she wanted her.

Rebekah traced her fingertips over Caroline's back, down toward the waistband of her shorts. Pushing her hand beneath the fabric, she moved her fingers down over her bare ass and smirked when she realized that she wasn't wearing any knickers. She wanted her just as badly. Some deep subconscious part of Caroline had been hoping for this. Rebekah cupped her ass in her hand and squeezed, allowing her fingers to slightly tease the heated entrance to her womanhood as she did so.

"I could thrust my fingers deep inside of you, until your body aches in the best way possible, and your legs buckle beneath you." Rebekah spoke confidently. She knew her capabilities. "All you have to do is ask."

"Rebekah, I can't—I-I'm not a lesbian—I have a boyfriend." Caroline whimpered out breathily.

Rebekah swiped her fingers over her entrance, dipping them into the wetness. "Mmm, fuck." Caroline groaned out as her body shook at the contact.

The British vampire did not press inside of her though, she pulled her fingers away from the wetness and her smirk widened. "Sorry, love, but your body disagrees."

"Rebekah…please…stop." Her voice was barely audible and definitely not confident. She didn't want her to stop. She wanted her to thrust her fingers inside of her and give her that mind-blowing orgasm she continued to promise her.

"I would, if I truly believed that you wanted me to, but I don't. Haven't you been wondering what is missing when you are with Tyler?" Rebekah returned her fingers to her dripping entrance and teased her. "I could show you."

"Wh-what do you want from me?"

"I want you to beg me to fuck you senseless." She chuckled under her breath as Caroline moaned out at her words. Rebekah dipped the tips of her fingers inside of her, but did not push them all the way in. It was just enough to make her crave more. "That is all that I want from you and then I will give you what you so desperately crave. That isn't too difficult, is it?"

Internally, Caroline's lust was fighting with her pride, but one was definitely winning the argument. And as Rebekah pushed her fingers even deeper inside of her and reached around her front, ghosting her free fingers over her clit, she couldn't handle it any longer. She needed her. She needed to find that release.

"Mmm… Please…"

"Please, what?" She pursed her lips playfully.

"Fuck me, Rebekah."


Authors Note:

I decided to add another chapter for all of y'all! Because you are all such amazing readers! Thank you for all of the reviews and I hope that you enjoy reading this chapter. I know that I ended it with a cliffhanger, but y'all can guess what is going to be happening in the next chapter.

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